3 Advantages of Seeking Outpatient Rehab for a Heroin Addiction

3 Advantages of Seeking Outpatient Rehab for a Heroin Addiction

Individuals seeking treatment for heroin addiction benefit from outpatient therapy. The cost of outpatient treatment for substance abuse is lower than the cost of inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment allows individuals to maintain employment and receive emotional support from relatives. Learn more about substance abuse treatment to discover if outpatient therapy is the best option for you.

1- Heroin Addiction Treatment Cost

Outpatient treatment is the best option for individuals on a limited budget. Inpatient treatment is more expensive compared to outpatient services. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency (SAMHSA), the high-end cost of outpatient treatment is around $10,000 dollars for 90 days. The cost of inpatient treatments is around $20,000 dollars for 30 days. The cost of treatment varies depending on the treatment provider.

Most individuals with health insurance pay an out-of-pocket cost for treatment. The out-of-pocket cost is determined by a variety of factors. A deductible must be paid in addition to the monthly premium before the insurance company begins paying for services. People are also required to pay a percentage of the cost for medical services after the deductible is paid.

Outpatient treatment is recommended for individuals that are not enrolled in a health insurance plan. Some treatment centers offer payment plans if the individual is unable to pay for the entire cost of therapy in advance. An outpatient treatment center might provide a discount if the payment method is self-pay.

2- Easier to Maintain Employment

An outpatient treatment center allows individuals to maintain employment during the course of recovery. Individuals enrolled in an outpatient program meet with a counselor at a specific time every week. Counselors provide therapy in a confidential setting. Doctors prescribe medication to manage the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal. Individuals also attend group meetings to receive emotional support from other people with similar challenges.

Outpatient treatment does not require individuals to take vacation time or request short-term disability. Many people rely on personal income to pay for the cost of substance abuse treatment. People are not required to inform an employer of enrollment in an outpatient treatment program.

3- Emotional Support From Relatives

According to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), almost one million people in the United States used heroin in 2016. An outpatient substance abuse treatment program for heroin allows individuals to maintain relationships with family and friends. People with a spouse and children are less likely to choose an inpatient substance abuse program. Single parents are might not have access to long-term childcare for an extended stay at an inpatient treatment center.

People enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program rely on emotional support from family and friends. Individuals reach out to a support system during difficult times in the recovery process. People are more likely to give in to temptation if a support system is not in place. It’s also common for family and friends to participate in counseling sessions to help individuals identify and resolve emotional issues.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment is one of the best ways to recover from heroin addiction. Individuals can continue employment and receive therapy every week. An outpatient treatment center is less expensive compared to inpatient treatment. People can also maintain personal relationships in an outpatient setting. Contact an outpatient treatment center today to receive therapy for heroin addiction.