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Why You Need a Coach, Not a Meal Plan: How BFrank Coaching Can Help

When it comes to health, fitness, and wellness, we’re often preoccupied with one thing: visible weight loss. 

We want to see our weights drop, our measurements shrink, and our athletic performance improve …. and we want it to happen quickly. So it’s no surprise that there are so many diets and meal plans out there that tailor to these specific goals.

But following a meal plan is one thing. Making a meaningful life change is another, and it’s one that involves a lot more than eating the “right” foods for a short period of time. 

Too many people fall into the habit of starting a restrictive diet, seeing temporary progress, then having to restart it a couple of months down the line after they fall off the wagon. It means that they might see little changes, but they’re not progressing with their health as a whole. 

So when it comes to your health goals, having a coach who approaches the problem in a strategic way can make all the difference between failure and success. BFrank Coaching offers a promising solution. With a comprehensive program that involves both education and real feedback from a certified professional, utilizing BFrank Coaching could help you break out of your bad habits so you can finally see and feel the changes you’ve been chasing after. 

How Coaching Can Help You Make Meaningful Life Changes

Look beyond your short-term goals for a moment and think about the big picture. Would you rather:  

  1. follow an extreme and restrictive meal plan for the next couple of weeks and make some quick progress, then backtrack as soon as you stray from the program for one reason or another and have to repeat the process all over again? Or, 
  1. learn how to properly care for your own body so that you can maintain a healthy body and mind all year long?

For most people, the best answer would be option B. But the problem is that most of the health and nutrition plans out there only cater to option A – the short-term solutions that usually only end up causing more harm than good to both your body and your mind. 

These kinds of approaches usually tend towards extreme and unsustainable solutions, like focusing solely on slashing your calorie intake and cutting out the “bad” foods. And while these kinds of solutions can definitely get you to your goal weight, they don’t address the “human” side of things. 

Meal plans don’t address your mindset or show you how to make long-term lifestyle changes. They don’t teach you how to establish daily habits that keep you on track even under unusual circumstances. Instead, they simply villainize certain food groups, leading to a bad relationship with food and causing you to feel guilt or shame whenever you venture off course. 

In many ways, following a meal plan is a game of following the leader that doesn’t necessarily teach you how to make your own informed decisions. It’s easy to follow along with a meal plan, or eat prepackaged meals, but it doesn’t give you an opportunity to address all the other things that can get in the way of your goals. Having a meal plan ready and in front of you doesn’t address all those common things that can get in the way of it, from social events and traveling to work stress and inadequate sleep. 

The bottom line is that, for many people who struggle to gain control of their health, following a meal plan alone is not a viable or sustainable solution. 

So whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness, or simply gain some control over your health and your body, you need a coach: someone who focuses on changing your perspective from the inside out, rather than helping you go to unsustainable extremes. 

The reality is that nobody is perfect, and life will almost always throw some curveballs. Being successful is all about learning how to handle those curveballs and not let them destroy your progress. 

Having an empathetic coach means having someone that understands all of the mental, emotional, and physical roadblocks that can get in the way of you reaching your goal. It also means having someone who can help you through those roadblocks.

What Is BFrank Coaching? 

Bri Franklin started BFrank Coaching after noticing a trend: as a strength and conditioning expert and a certified nutritionist, she was seeing her clients struggle with the hours spent outside of the gym. BFrank Coaching was the result of her passion for holistic health and her desire to help people really understand their bodies and empower them to take charge of their own health for the rest of their lives. 

The BFrank Coaching approach is not a fitness program or a diet plan. Rather, it’s an integrated educational program that teaches you the principles of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle – then walks you through the process of personalizing those systems to meet your own needs.

Bri offers three different programs through BFrank Coaching: you can either join her small group coaching, follow along with a self-guided formula, or work closely with Bri herself via a one-on-one coaching program.

Benefits of hiring a (life) coach like Bri: 

As Bri says, nutrition is about people, not food. In her coaching, she dives much deeper than the superficial health goals like weight loss and helps you as an individual establish habits that can help you feel better in the long run. 

Here’s what makes her coaching approach a welcome relief from the same old workout routines and diets: 

  • Her coaching is personalized to your own individual goals and needs. The whole premise behind BFrank Coaching is to guide you in creating a personalized “formula” that encompasses both your goals and your lifestyle. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here: utilizing Bri’s coaching methods means that you’ll be able to address your weak points and needs so that you can become the best version of yourself inside and out.  
  • Coaching comes with an in-depth education. There’s a lot more to holistically taking care of your body than just eating your vegetables and minimizing your junk food. BFrank Coaching goes way beyond the basics and teaches you everything from stress management and nutrition basics to gut health and the importance of hormones. This way, you’re armed with a complete overview of what can affect your health – and more importantly, have a scientific approach to improve it for the rest of your life. 
  • You get real feedback and a cheerleader to keep you motivated. Having an educated professional at your side can make a huge difference when you’re trying to make a major lifestyle change like improving your health from the inside out. Utilizing Bri’s 1:1 coaching or her small group program means that you have a real live sounding board for feedback and questions so that you have all the info necessary to make informed decisions about your body. Even better, being coached by Bri means that you have a cheerleader: someone to keep you motivated and accountable at every step of your journey! 

So working with a coach like Bri doesn’t just change your life: it can improve it. Her coaching aims to not only teach you but to empower you, giving you the confidence to live a happier and more vibrant life beyond your physical appearance. 

Final Thoughts 

Unless it’s backed up by education and empowerment, following a meal plan to change your health is often just a band-aid for a much more complicated problem. Hiring Bri Franklin as a coach can bring you closer to understanding your body, which is the first step to treating it right for the long run!