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Create a Successful Product Launch With the Help of a Corporate Event Planner

A key part of releasing and marketing a new product is to ensure you pull off a perfect product launch. By hiring qualified and experienced corporate event planners to handle a product launch, companies can generate buzz, reduce their stress, and see a higher level of success with a product that’s going to add value to the world. Vast amounts of work go into launching a new product, and if the launch is not a success, it can set the wrong tone and story for the newly launched product.

The good news is that when looking for corporate event planners, NYC has options. For example, Twenty Three Layers is a NYC-based event planning company that has planned many corporate events. Those events include product launches for some of the world’s biggest companies. By working with those large companies, 23 Layers learned how to market the products of companies big and small. The different types of products that could come to market were also represented, adding value to the company’s offerings.

Here are three ways a corporate event planner can help with a product launch.

1. Find the perfect theme

To plan a successful product launch, companies need a theme. That’s where event planners come in. They can work with the company to find a theme that’s fitting, and that will spark interest in the target market for that product. Understanding the goal of the event is also vital because a company needs focus when launching a new product. Corporate event planners in NYC can help any company find the right way to address their audience when they want to launch a new product.

2. Build buzz and interest

When working with corporate event planners in NYC, companies also need to make sure their product launch event is both relevant and inspirational. Leaving guests of the product launch event wanting more helps to ensure that they will be back to purchase from the company again. Those guests also create a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. In the social media age, that can quickly spread and cause a buzz around the launch of the product which can help propel sales beyond company expectations.

3. A relevant venue ties it all together

The venue chosen for the product launch is just as important as the theme. Companies that use NYC corporate event planners have a venue scout on their side, who can help them choose a venue that’s relevant, that will hold the required number of people, and that fits the theme of the launch in a way that works for the audience and the mood the company wants to create. Not every venue will be right for a company’s launch of their new product, even if it’s the right size or a beautiful location.

By working with an event planner like Twenty Three Layers, a company can see the hype start building around their product even before the official launch date. The goal is to create a lot of demand for the product. When it launches, it will already have dedicated customers who will purchase it right away. With the right event planning, a product launch will lead to long-term success.