Robert Kraft Weighs in on Antisemitism Billboards in Boston

In response to an increase in violence against members of the Jewish faith, billboards are going up all over, starting in the greater Boston area. The messages emblazoned against the sky are meant to bring awareness to the issue and urge people to come together in overcoming Jew hate. And they’re working. Notably, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, has taken notice as the billboards align with his family’s fight against every type of hatred affecting the country. 

Bright Pink with a Vivid Message to Match

In an effort to make a bold statement that cannot be ignored, billboard creator, Archie Gottesman, backed the antisemitism signs in ultra-bright pink. Over that, she added compelling messages challenging people to recognize Jew hate and rally against it.

With statements like, “Does your church need security cameras? ‘Cause our synagogue does,” these sky-high ads are impossible to ignore. They’re also heading off criticism and keeping people from brushing off the problem by reminding them that it’s only been “75 years since the gas chambers.”

Once viewers absorb the messaging, they’re welcomed to learn more and take action by visiting Gottesman’s website, JewBelong. On that site, visitors can learn all about the Jewish faith and get involved in ending Jew hate. 

The Need for Antisemitism Messaging in Boston

Although antisemitism occurs all over the country, the recent attack on a rabbi in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston sheds light on the prompt need for a solution. Since the attack happened in broad daylight, it highlighted how crimes against Jewish people have escalated across Massachusetts and beyond.

As that attack rocked the community, members of the Jewish community started talking about how they do not feel safe in their neighborhoods. In the last few years, antisemitism rhetoric has ramped up considerably, after all, leaving many wary as they go about their daily lives.  

Robert Kraft Weighs in on the Importance of the Billboards

Immediately upon seeing the antisemitism billboards go up across the city, Robert Kraft felt a connection to Gottesman’s cause. His organization, Kraft Family Philanthropies, already focuses on helping reduce hate in Boston and all over the nation, so the messaging aligns with his efforts.

As president of their family organization, Robert Kraft’s son, Josh, spoke out in support of the messaging by stating that the hate comes from all sides these days. He went on to emphasize the need for the conversations to start in all households and businesses around town. Whether people are Jewish or not, they need awareness of the problem, so they can help stop it.

A Chance to Open Up the Conversation About Antisemitism Nationwide

With awareness comes the ability to share solutions and shut down Jew hate wherever it pops up. The billboards in Boston are just the start of spreading awareness through major cities all across the United States. At the same time as the Massachusetts rollout, billboards landed in New York as well.

Soon enough, they’ll pop up in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many other heavily populated areas. As that happens, the hope is that people will address antisemitism and help decrease violence against the Jewish community.

Even with the billboards in just two cities at this time, word is already starting to spread nationwide. People from all over can visit the JewBelong website to learn more about the faith and promote Jewish acceptance in their social circles. Bit by bit, these efforts will undoubtedly help unwind the Jew hate plaguing the nation and help ensure that people of all walks of life can be accepted for who they are.