6 Important Reasons to Use Lotion on a Daily Basis

6 Important Reasons to Use Lotion on a Daily Basis

A lotion is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs easily without leaving the skin greasy. Because of its high-water content is an excellent product for moisturizing all skin types, even the oily ones. Some people think lotions are for aesthetic purposes, but the truth is every skin requires sufficient hydration. Because your skin is the largest organ, you must not neglect your skincare routine to keep it healthy and vibrant.

The best time to apply a lotion is after bathing, exfoliating, or shaving. After a hot shower, your skin loses moisture and oil, so it makes sense to rehydrate it with a good lotion. Even if you shower twice a day and are not going out, never skip the application, and don’t forget the feet and heels as they tend to be neglected most of the time.

1.    Encourages New Cell Growth

With age, your cell turnover rate diminishes, and your skin imperfections become increasingly apparent. A moisturizing lotion encourages natural cell development when combined with a healthy diet. A study published on NCBI indicates that lotions containing cytokines and growth factors are good for skin rejuvenation and collagen production. Ingredients such as vitamin A and essential fatty acids stimulate cell functions and quick recovery.

2.    Minimizes Inflammatory Symptoms

The outermost layer of your epidermis (stratum corneum) provides a barrier against UV, toxins, and bacteria. When you apply lotion, you strengthen it to withstand harsh elements that leave you vulnerable to infections that ultimately cause inflammations.

3.    Keeps You Supple

Drafty air, blazing summer heat, and frosty weather can dehydrate your skin. Lotions are your best allies for preventing dryness in any climatic conditions. Supple skin is the first defense against most dermatological conditions like acne and psoriasis. It is easier to get dry patches even with normal skin if you do not apply anything after a bath. Rough areas like knees and elbows could use a moisturizer more often to keep them smooth.

4.    Preserves Your Tanner

A self-tanner is critical during the sunniest days. You want to enjoy a golden sun-kissed tan without suffering the consequences of harsh UV. A natural lotion from a CBD skin care brand would be a fantastic way to lengthen the time of your tanner.

5.    Antiaging Benefits

Daily use of a body lotion wards off the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, scaly skin, and fine lines. Consistent usage gives you younger and vibrant looks. Your face, neck, chest, and ears are prone to environmental hazards, and they also shed more cells than other body parts. Focus more on them to stimulate blood circulation and cell growth.

6.    Soothes and Relaxes the Skin

Dry skin tends to crack more, but a hydrating lotion comes to soothe and boost the ability of skin cells to repair. Apply a natural lotion to calm yourself if you have an itchy, red, or swollen part. When massaged into your skin, a lotion can help you relax. Treat yourself with a pleasant lotion scent after a long day. You might also want something that warms during the application for some sensory heat.

A lotion should be part of your everyday skin regimen. When selecting one, look for essential ingredients like vitamins B5, C, A, and E. Also, ensure that it is PABA-free and has an SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. If you have sensitive or oily skin, go for non-comedogenic oil-free lotions that won’t clog your pores.