7 Overlooked Tips to Get a Comfortable Home Office

7 Overlooked Tips to Get a Comfortable Home Office

Do you look forward to working in your home office every morning? Or do you find yourself watching the clock, waiting for the minute you get to retire to your favorite recliner and veg out with some YouTube videos?

You spend hours working, and your home office should be comfortable. If your comfort level is lacking, try these tips to kick it up a notch.

1. Get a bidet toilet seat for your bathroom

While you’re working from home, you’ll take several trips to the bathroom. Having a bidet will make those trips more comfortable. With a toilet seat bidet, you’ll feel refreshed and clean after every trip to the restroom.

The more relaxed and refreshed you feel throughout your day, the more productive you’ll be with your work.

2. Use a monitor stand

If you strain your neck by looking up or down, you could develop a painful, cumulative neck injury. A monitor stand will help you keep your neck in the right position while you work on the computer.

Some monitors are adjustable, but they don’t usually adjust high enough for people with a long torso. Adding an extra 6” or more to your monitor will protect your neck from unnecessary injury.

3. Get an adjustable stand/sit desk

Your desk is the most important part of your home office. If your desk isn’t comfortable and ergonomic, you’re going to feel the negative effects cumulatively over time.

Getting an adjustable stand/sit desk is the ideal solution. It’s not healthy to sit all day, but standing all day isn’t healthy, either. Being able to switch between standing and sitting will help you maintain your musculoskeletal health.

There are several types of adjustable desks:

  • Manual adjustable desks
  • Pneumatic adjustable desks
  • Electric adjustable desks

Pneumatic adjustable desks are ideal since they don’t depend on electricity. Manual desks are hard to adjust without removing everything from the desk first. At least with electric and pneumatic desks, you can leave everything on your desk as you raise and lower the height.

4. Put a comfy recliner in the corner

Sometimes you just need to walk away from the computer and take a small break. Maybe you need to close your eyes, kick back, and relax a little.

Relaxing for those short breaks will be easier with a comfortable recliner in the corner of your office. With the right recliner, you could even work from your laptop. Just make sure your recliner has proper back support.

5. Install warm, fuzzy carpet

Some people say you should always dress up for work and don’t wear your pajamas or house clothes. That’s sometimes true, but not always.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, have you ever wished you could kick off your shoes and dig your feet into the carpet? You can do that at home if you install a warm, fuzzy carpet under your desk.

Digging your feet into a fuzzy carpet will make you feel good and relaxed. You can also stick your feet in warm water, sand, or soil. However, a fuzzy carpet won’t require any cleanup.

6. Get an essential oil diffuser

Essential oils smell great, but they’re also therapeutic. They have long been used to influence a positive mood and relieve stress and anxiety.

Essential oils can help improve sleep, relieve headaches and pain, improve skin, and can help with digestion.

Although many people absorb diluted essential oils through the skin, you can also disburse the oil through a diffuser. Diffusers are better than just opening a bottle to inhale.

If you don’t have a diffuser or can’t get one for some reason, add a few drops of your desired essential oil to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl so the bowl is also under the towel. The steam will rise, allowing you to inhale the oil.

7. Install surround sound

Have you considered installing a surround sound system throughout your home? While it’s great to have speakers in all your rooms, you’ll thoroughly enjoy having surround sound in your office.

Imagine joining a video conference and hearing the other participants in surround sound. You’ll feel like you’re actually there. No matter how good your laptop or computer speakers are, nothing beats the quality of surround sound.

You deserve a comfortable office

You work hard enough already. Staying comfortable throughout your workday should be easy. Thankfully, if you follow these tips, you won’t have to spend a fortune to make your office comfortable.