8 Clever Ideas for Celebrating a Military Veteran

8 Clever Ideas for Celebrating a Military Veteran

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are days set aside to honor military veterans and their service, but you can honor military veterans at any time throughout the year. Because of their service and sacrifice, military veterans should be honored whenever possible.

1- Get a Free or Discounted Meal at a Local Restaurant

Many restaurants offer free or discounted meals to veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and some restaurants and stores offer discounts to veterans throughout the year.

If your employer allows employees to bring in snacks, baked goods, or treats to share with their teammates, be sure to bring something perfect for veterans. Cookies or treats shaped like military uniforms, camouflage-flavored snacks, and drinks are all great ideas. If you are unsure if this will be allowed at work, check with your human resources department or manager before bringing in snacks.

2- Write a Letter of Appreciation

One of the simplest but most heartfelt things you can do to show your support for a veteran is to write them a letter of appreciation. Thank them for their service and sacrifice, and let them know how much you appreciate the freedoms they have given to you, your family, and your country.

3- Visit a Museum or State Park

Veterans need to get outside and enjoy nature. Many museums and state parks offer free admission to veterans. Be sure to check with your local museum or state park for special hours, times, and discounts for veterans and their families.

4- Send a Card or Video Greeting

If you cannot spend time with your veteran, sending them a card or video message is the perfect way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. If you send an emailed greeting, be sure to check first to see if it will open properly on your veteran’s device.

5- Give a Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are a unique and thoughtful way to thank a veteran for their service. Challenge coins can be given in person or mailed directly to your loved one. If you give the coin in person, you can present it yourself during a visit with them, or they may present it when you next see each other. For written messages, include a short note explaining the significance of the challenge coin.

6- Donate to a Veteran’s Charity

Many charities support veterans and their families. Donate in honor of your loved one, or find a charity that is especially meaningful to them. This is a great way to show your support for veterans year-round.

7- Help a Veteran in Need

Many veterans struggle to find work when they return home. If you are looking for ways to contribute or volunteer in your community, check out organizations that provide clothing and food to veterans in need, welcome home programs for veterans recently released from prison, and counseling services for homeless vets.

8- Involve Children in Your Celebration

Children are often eager to learn more about the military and what veterans have done for their country. You can read stories about veterans, visit a local museum or state park, or make a donation to a veteran’s charity on behalf of your child.