Implementing the 4 Day Work Week

Implementing the Four Day Workweek

More companies are implementing a four-day work week. If your company has not made this change, then Jonathan Osler recommends that you do so. This will require that your company make a drastic change. However, there are benefits that you can reap from doing so.

Attract New Talent

Many companies today struggle to attract and retain talent. One of the things that you can do in order to attract new talent is to implement a four-day work week. Work/life balance is one of the things that people look for in a job. It will be easier for people to balance their work with their life if they work a four-day work week.


Osler says that a four-day work week gives employees more flexibility. Not only will they have more time for the things that they love, but they will also have an easier time taking care of their activities of daily living. This includes things such as doctor’s appointments, children’s activities and errands.

Reduce Employee Burnout

It is easy to get burnt out nowadays. Work is one of the things that can cause people to experience burnout. If employees work a four-day work week, then their lives will likely be less likely to experience stress and burnout.

Save Money

A four-day work week can help your company save money. There are several ways that this can help you save money. Studies have shown that employees are healthier when they work four-day workweeks. If employees are healthier, then they will be less likely to take sick days.

The cost of running the facility will also be lower. You won’t have to pay as much for water and electricity. Additionally, if employees are happier, they will be likely to leave. Employee turnover causes companies to lose a lot of money.

Furthermore, employees who work four days per week can save money. They won’t have to commute as much, so they can save money on gas and transportation. If someone drives to work, then there will be less wear and tear on their car if they work shorter weeks. This can help them keep their vehicle for a longer period of time.

Increased Productivity

Contrary to popular belief, working longer hours does not necessarily mean that companies are getting more work done. There are many people who can do more in four days than five days. In fact, there are many people who spend their working hours doing other things. This includes things like surfing the internet and making phone calls.

Jonathan Osler agrees that a four-day work week can make your employees more productive. They will know that they have to get a certain number of things done by a certain deadline. That is why they will be motivated to spend their time working instead of doing other things.

Can Suit A Variety of Business Models

You have to take the needs of your business into consideration before you make any drastic changes. However, there are many business models that can benefit from a four-day work week.