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Delivering an Effective Performance Review

Delivering an Effective Performance Review

Evaluating how a given department or individual performs in an organization is necessary. Performance review helps identify the general organizational and individual progress identifying the areas that need improvement. Evaluation is done differently depending on the most favorable one for an organization. When carrying out the review, it should be carried out most effectively.

Timely Preparations

When the manager decides to have employees’ performance reviewed, proper arrangements should be put in place to be successful, as advised by Alexander Djerassi. Preparing ahead of time allows the managers to know what they want to assess and the best metrics to use during the review. Knowing the kind of questions and when to ask them makes the session very interactive. Djerassi advises managers to avoid asking questions that may be offensive to the employees. Planning ahead of time also means that the manager can differentiate the questions depending on departmental variability and come up with similar common questions for every employee. Measuring performance metrics are also set starting with the most favorable to both the firm and the employees. The employees should also be given information about the review activity to ensure they are aware and ready to go through the review.

Review Results

Performance reviews are carried out so that managers can rate the performance of their staff and check the progress of the organization at large. Therefore, after every employee is evaluated, managers are supposed to issue the performance results that should be done fairly. In some companies, these results determine who gets promoted or who will get a salary increment. Every manager is supposed to be very clear on the aim of the performance review. There should be a proper explanation of how the evaluating team arrived at the results when giving the results. This form of accountability helps avoid any form of misunderstanding that may arise due to the poor rating after the review. It also shows the basis of the promotion of a given employee.

Planning on Changes

Every review will show a gap in every organization that should be taken seriously. After identifying a certain gap, it is advisable to go back to the drawing board and know how to fill it. Planning on changes should be a collaboration between the employer and the employees as it allows both parties to air their views leading to a better selection of choices. Performance reviews should be carried out from time to time to check on the implementation of the new strategies that have been selected.
Evaluation of performance is important in every organization, and before it is carried out, proper planning should be done. Appraisal results are supposed to be given, and where need be accompanied by explanations to avoid the negative impact among the employees. Any gaps identified should be worked on and continuous assessments done. Repetition results in good results, and it also keeps the employees on their toes, knowing that they will be assessed after some time. Alexander Djerassi believes that an organization that carries out these reviews is more likely to grow since the gaps are identified and worked on.