The Health Benefits Of Exercise One Step At A Time

Regardless of your age bracket, one thing remains universal: exercise is a critical component to health.  Finding the right way to exercise, when it is convenient for you, isn’t always the easiest.  For decades, companies have designed and sold products geared toward making exercise more convenient.  In many instances, those products were not only pricey, but also cumbersome.  Convenience used to mean going to your basement to exercise or taking up a large part of your common space with a large piece of gym-rated equipment in the quest for self-care.  On average, over the past year exercise equipment has become smaller, more capable, and somewhat less expensive.

Exercise is as essential to our daily lives as sleep, water, proper nutrition, and stress relief.  Organizations including everyone from the Mayo Clinic to the Cleveland Clinic to the American Heart Association regularly address the importance of “getting your steps in” or taking time out of your day for proper exercise.  Exercise does so much for our bodies and our health.  It helps us regenerate cells, keeps us in shape, calms the mental stressors that attack us daily, keeps us young(er), and helps us focus better.  

When consistent, the benefits of exercise are unparalleled, according to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic.  The study on the relationship between health and exercise found that, “physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated.  For example, a daily brisk walk can help you maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat, prevent, or manage various medical conditions, improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and muscles, increase your energy, improve your mood, improve your memory, improve your balance and coordination, strengthen your immune system, and reduce stress and tension. At every age, there are significant benefits from regular walking.”   

Many of us automatically lean toward a treadmill or a step machine to workout.  However, that requires time in your day and a stationery location to exercise – especially when your calendar is typically full.  For those with physical challenges, those pieces of equipment are, in many cases, not an option.  Enter the miniTREAD®, a seated “treadmill-like” device that enables anyone, anywhere to exercise at any time.  This motorized life-changer was specifically designed to meet the needs of the everyone over the age of 16, including those with mobility challenges.  The miniTREAD fits under any desk or table, is completely portable, and can be used anywhere.  Setup is simple, and the handheld screen even has elevated markings for those who are sight-challenged.  

What’s really compelling about the miniTREAD is that it has no straps or supports for the feet.  You can move with your natural stride. Because you are already seated, there is little to no risk of falling while walking.  Your feet move comfortably on the device and without additional risk to knees or ankles from weight-bearing pressure.  Feeling speedy?  The miniTREAD offers twelve speed options from the handheld controller.  Weighing in at just under 24lbs, this device will become your “go to” exercise champion.   The miniTREAD is available on Amazon or by visiting