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Employee Diversity in Business

Employee Diversity in Business


Jordan Sudberg is a medical director and the CEO of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation. According to him, people may experience chronic pain, which interferes with their ability to focus hence interfering with their ability to perform their daily tasks. This usually results from a lack of motivation hence low productivity. He also states that chronic pain is generally mental and thus related to the brain and usually not physical. Therefore he suggests that it is essential to ensure that employees’ diversity is embraced irrespective of cultural background, gender, physical disability, or age.

Importance of Employees’ Diversity in Business

Customer satisfaction

Every business is established and focused on meeting the needs of the customers. This includes their tastes, preferences, and feelings about using the goods or services from a particular business. Therefore with employees’ diversity being embraced, Jordan Sudberg depicts that the customers’ needs are understood since customers may come from different backgrounds, races, or physical needs. They usually feel satisfied when served by those who understand their needs. Therefore, employees should be focused on meeting these needs, which are essential and unique as they vary from one person to another.

Enhance meeting customers’ expectations

Away from needs, customers usually come with inquiries, complaints, or feedback when they use a commodity or get services offered by a particular business. When a business acknowledges the need to embrace employees’ diversity, there are no barriers in the flow of information between customers and the employees in both directions. According to him, communication is streamlined from this diversity, and hence the expectations of the customers from the business, including airing their feedback and complaints, are well heard and understood. This, therefore, prevents negative feelings or impact on customers who are an essential part of the business. This means that customer retention is possible where diversity is embraced.


Through diversity, people with different skills, experiences, backgrounds, among others, are brought to be part of the business. Therefore, this allows having a pool of ideas and inputs from these members in matters related to new techniques of production, value addition, or improving the state of the products to meet customers’ needs and specialization and division of labor. This enhances innovation, promoting

the brand name and helps the business product to stand out in the market.


According to him, diversity comes with understanding the industry or the business. This facilitates providing new ideas and strategies to enhance performance and helps identify problems and resolve them promptly. Therefore with solid management, these factors are all coordinated towards the business’s goals and thus enhance teamwork. This means that employees are focused on achieving the business goals as they have a conducive working environment and are guided by the same values.


Jordan Sudberg insists that the management in a particular business needs to understand the importance of diversity and how essential it is in promoting business success. By coordinating such a team and focusing on bringing their input and ideas to its success, the business can thrive by adapting to changes and standing out. In addition, customers’ needs, and feedback are enhanced, promoting business success and sustainability due to streamlined information flow.