How to Know If a Piece Jewelry Needs to be Professionally Repaired

How to Know If a Piece Jewelry Needs to be Professionally Repaired

If you have jewelry, you may want to try fixing it yourself if a particular piece is damaged. Although some minor repairs can likely be done on your own, you should know when to take your jewelry to a professional repair service to have it repaired so that you don’t risk causing further damage that might be irreparable. If a jewelry piece has any of these types of issues, you should invest the money into having it repaired so that the work will be done correctly.

Damaged Chain

Your favorite necklace might be on the verge of breaking apart if the chain is stretched out or worn. The chain may have already broken, and trying to reconnect the chain yourself could prove to be difficult. A jewelry repair professional can try to fix the chain by putting in a new clasp or adding a new link and soldering the chain to reconnect it.

Loose Stone

If a stone on a ring, a bracelet, or another jewelry piece becomes loose, the stone could fall out without you noticing and be lost forever. You can check all the stones in your jewelry by wiggling, twisting, and turning them gently to determine if they’re loose. If you’ve already lost a stone, a repair expert or another service can put on a new one and will make sure that it’s firmly in place so that you can hopefully avoid further problems.

Loose or Damaged Prongs

The prongs are the tiny metal pieces that hold onto gemstones like a hand so that the stones stay secured on the jewelry pieces. If these prongs get loose or damaged, the stones on your jewelry could fall off entirely. Prongs can get bent or otherwise damaged if they catch on clothing or while you’re using your hands for different activities. Along with the obvious signs of damage, your prongs might need repair work if they become too flat or round to hold the stones securely.

Pearls Need Restringing

A pearl necklace or bracelet might break and lose its pearls, and a jewelry repair expert can add new pearls and fix the broken link so that the jewelry piece will look as good as new. You may also need to have the pearls restrung if you wear a particular piece often over a period of time.

Dirty Jewelry

You probably try to keep your jewelry as clean as possible, but a thorough cleaning by a professional can help prevent damage and make even your old jewelry pieces look newer and less worn. The top-rated professionals use the right types of chemicals and other jewelry cleaning products that don’t harm metals, gemstones, and other jewelry parts. A professional will also know how to handle your jewelry the most carefully while cleaning so that nothing gets damaged.

If you want your jewelry pieces to last as long as possible, you should leave the intricate repair work to a professional. Even though you might think that you’re saving time and money by doing the repair work yourself, you could end up ruining your jewelry if you don’t have the tools and training to fix certain damages.