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The Advantages of Highly Competitive Pallet Pricing on Trucking Companies

Looking for a transport & freight logistics services Montreal refrigerated trucking company? Take advantage of one of Montreal’s leading trucking companies’ highly competitive pallet pricing and expert logistic coordination! Using paper pallets is a green alternative to wooden pallets and is less expensive than their wooden counterparts. Depending on what you’re shipping, these pallets are resilient and affordable. Read on for more information about the advantages of using paper pallets. Whether you’re sending a few boxes or an entire container, paper pallets will also work. They can work alongside cardboard boxes and are environmentally friendly. Now, let’s try to check some of the advantages. 

Paper pallets are cheaper than wooden pallets

Trucking companies are finding that paper pallets are significantly cheaper than wood. The use of paper pallets reduces the weight of a pallet by as much as 30 pounds. Paper is also lighter than wood, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Paper pallets also have a lower profile and are appropriately sized for shipping compared to wood. These benefits make paper pallets a superior option for trucking companies.

Trucking companies can save money by using paper pallets instead of wood. The primary use of paper pallets is export. The average user of paper pallets is a company that ships a product in a container via an oceangoing vessel. Paper pallets are lighter and can be customized with a company’s logo. One such company prints its logo on paper pallets and cartons to promote its products.

Resilient pallets can handle whatever you want to carry

Despite their fantastic designs, pallets can cause several injuries. These accidents can occur in various places, from retail stores to homes. Researchers have discovered that a lack of knowledge of the correct way to handle pallets can lead to severe injuries. However, proper handling practices can also help extend the life of your pallet.

Resilient pallets can be made from wood, cardboard, or corrugated paper. Wood is more resilient than cardboard and can handle a variety of weights. Even though wood is more robust, corrugated paper pallets are also very resilient. Wood pallets, for example, can support a weight of up to 950 pounds. However, cardboard and plastic pallets are much lighter, and their strength comes from the corrugated structure. A 42×42 cardboard pallet is limited to a maximum racking load of under 1,200 lbs. Plastic pallets vary in weight and start at 12 pounds.

Paper pallets are environmentally friendly and can save you money

Choosing a paper pallet over a wood pallet can save you money. Paper pallets are made of corrugated cardboard or paper board and have holes in the sides to accommodate forklifts. They also tend to be smaller than wooden pallets. Whether you need a pallet for a single pallet or a large number of them, the advantages of paper pallets are numerous. In the United States, the market for paper pallets was worth USD 659.2 million in 2020. By 2027, the market size is expected to grow to USD 742.4 million. The report analyzes the global paper pallet industry’s current market and future prospects. It also highlights market players, development strategies, and recent product launches. This report will help you decide whether to enter the market or stay put.

They can be used alongside cardboard boxes

Trucking companies offer various methods of pallet pricing. The process of calculating these prices is known as pallet racking. A pallet consists of several layers stacked on top of one another. For this reason, you should put heavy items on the bottom layer of the pallet. This helps create a stable base and lower center of gravity. It also protects lighter items from being crushed.

Paper pallets are made from recycled fiber content and are 100 percent recyclable. They don’t contain nails or staples, making them a more environmentally-friendly option. Additionally, corrugated paper pallets are lightweight and do not require heat treatments or fumigation. They also come in various custom shapes, making them ideal for shipping specialty items. While the cost of a wooden pallet can be up to four thousand pounds, it will cost you between $15 and $20 per pallet.

They can be customized

In addition to reducing shipping costs, pallet pricing helps ensure uniformity in shipments. In most cases, the prices charged for shipments are based on the number and size of pallets, which eliminates classification debates and allows for easy price comparisons. Additionally, pallet pricing enables carriers to compete on a more consistent basis, which helps to maintain a high level of profitability.

Paper pallets are more economical than wooden pallets. The bending strength of paper makes it a good option for rigid loads. In addition, they can be as flexible as a single large cardboard box. Paper pallets can also be more economical if you want to save money. Paper pallets can be easily customized to fit a product, ensuring even weight distribution. Furthermore, cardboard pallets are significantly lighter than wooden pallets, which reduces the fuel costs associated with trucking. In addition, they also provide more space for the product in a shipment.