3 Benefits of Buying an Ethically-Sourced Engagement Ring

3 Benefits of Buying an Ethically-Sourced Engagement Ring

It’s an understatement to say that looking for an engagement ring is difficult. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or your companion, you must consider many factors. Clarity, color, carat weight, and cut determine a diamond’s quality. However, it would help if you also considered buying a conflict-free ring. The once-impossible to get conflict-free diamonds are now more readily available thanks to jewelry businesses redefining industry standards and promoting new ideals.

1- Reduces Child Labor

Promoting the trade of lab-grown jewelry not only helps reduce the use of blood diamonds but also helps halt the use of child labor. In most developing countries, children are compelled to search for gold and diamonds in mines because they are small enough to fit through the tunnels, and because the kids have no other means of survival, they have no other option but to take the job even if they get a few dollars a day. Many of them know no difference, and generations of family members have done the same. Also, in some countries, kids are coerced to do the dirty labor of cutting, cleaning, and polishing diamonds because they believe they have a superior vision to adults. Therefore, if you buy lab-grown jewelry, you may rest easy knowing that no child was harmed or exploited while making your engagement ring.

2- Lowers the Demand for Conflict Diamonds in the Market

Blood Diamond, a 2006 movie about politics and war, showed how diamonds are mined and sold to warlords, who make money when they sell the diamonds to big diamond corporations. Even De Beers admitted that they bought diamonds from war-torn countries. However, in 2000 the firm publicly announced its decision to stop purchasing diamonds that the corporation does not own. Although people welcomed the announcement, it does not imply that these businesses would cease trading. Thus, buying lab-grown diamonds is the only way of guaranteeing that your diamonds are conflict-free. You can rest easy knowing that the people who made your ring used humane mining procedures that never compromised the salaries or working conditions of the miners.

3- Environmentally Friendly

Miners must use explosives to open caverns to get gold and gems. Once the miners empty one place, they move on to the next, but environmental destruction to the mined areas is often irreparable. When you purchase diamonds made in a lab, you enjoy beautiful gems while protecting the environment. According to research, a single poorly-sourced gold ring may produce up to 20 tonnes of solid waste. Therefore, buying a piece of ethically sourced jewelry is better for the environment. Also, recent technological advances have made it possible for lab-grown diamonds to have a lower carbon footprint than gold and diamond mining.

One of the most crucial components for a person who wants to get married is an engagement ring, which symbolizes the couple’s love. However, to properly enjoy the round, it must be both attractive on the outside and within. The lovely ring on your finger should have a backstory you can proudly share that doesn’t include any conflict.