3 Reasons You Need to Have a Roll of Duct Tape With You at All Times

3 Reasons You Need to Have a Roll of Duct Tape With You at All Times

There are a lot of things that duct tape can fix. It’s been called the “universal fixer.” Like most people, you probably think of duct tape as a way to patch leaks or seal windows during the winter. But did you know that duct tape can also be used for various other purposes? Here are three reasons you should always have a roll of duct tape with you at all times!

Duct tape is a strong, plastic adhesive tape made of polyethylene. It is often used in the home, office, and automobile industries. Wallace F. Greene of Fort Worth, Texas, invented it. During World War II, military planes often needed to repair their own airplanes or make repairs on the ground that were too dangerous for other members to do alone. Duct tape was then designed to be used this way and extensively during WWII.

1. Fixing Water Leaks

There are many things duct tape from a professional supplier can be used for. One of them is fixing leaks. Leaks in the home tend to happen when it rains, and the rain gets into various places of the home that aren’t waterproofed. For example, if you have a leaky roof when it rains, you should ensure that you have a roll of duct tape with you at all times. Duct tape can be used to temporarily patch up small holes in the roof (especially small holes).

2. Making Quick Repairs with Limited Resources

Duct tape can be used in the field by repairmen, maintenance workers, and military personnel to hold pieces together until proper repairs can be made. It can even be used to form temporary serviceable items that would otherwise be too costly to replace. Duct tape is a great way to fix an item until a lasting repair can be made. It can also be used to fix small broken items like glasses or sunglasses. Remember, studies show that using glue on objects can greatly increase their lifespan.

3. Holding Medical Wounds Together

Duct tape is also very useful in the medical field. A medical tape consists of multiple velcro strips wrapped around a wound to hold it in place. They are usually placed in the hospital or doctor’s office and removed after an operation. However, when you are in a pinch and need to quickly control bleeding, you can use duct tape to hold the wound together until you can reach a medical professional. It’s best not to apply duct tape directly to the skin; instead, you should wrap the wound with a towel or similar covering and then wrap it around with duct tape.

When you need repair or reinforcement, duct tape is the ideal solution. You can use it to repair gear, secure tarps or tents, or even fashion a splint in case of injury. With various uses, duct tape can fix almost anything that needs fixing. Try to keep a roll in your home, office, car, and anywhere else you might need it. This ensures they will always be prepared with something they can use on the go!