What is "Businessman" in Spanish?

What is “Businessman” in Spanish?

In today’s globalized world, language skills are becoming increasingly valuable, particularly in the business sphere. If you’re venturing into Spanish-speaking markets or working with Spanish-speaking colleagues, it’s essential to have a grasp of the language’s terminology. In this article, we will explore the Spanish term for a businessman, shedding light on its meaning and usage. So, let’s delve into the world of business professionals in Spanish!

The Spanish Term for Businessman

The Equivalent Term: “Empresario”

In Spanish, the term for a businessman is “empresario.” This term encapsulates the idea of an individual who is engaged in entrepreneurial activities or holds a prominent position within a business or corporation. Just like the English term “businessman,” “empresario” is a gendered term that specifically refers to a male business professional.

The Feminine Form: “Empresaria”

To address the need for gender inclusivity, the Spanish language also provides a feminine form of the term. For a female business professional, the term “empresaria” is used. This variation acknowledges and respects the growing presence and influence of women in the business world.

Understanding the Role of an Empresario

A Visionary Leader

An empresario in the Spanish context embodies the qualities of a visionary leader. This term implies someone who not only manages a business but also plays a crucial role in its establishment, growth, and success. An empresario is often seen as a figurehead who guides the direction of the business, makes critical decisions, and takes calculated risks.

A Dynamic Entrepreneur

The term “empresario” carries a strong entrepreneurial connotation. It suggests that the individual is not only involved in day-to-day business operations but also possesses the drive and creativity to identify new opportunities and bring innovative ideas to fruition. An empresario embraces challenges and adapts to changes in the market, constantly seeking ways to enhance business performance.

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Other Terms Related to Business Professionals

The Executive: “Ejecutivo” and “Ejecutiva”

In addition to “empresario” and “empresaria,” Spanish also offers terms to describe business professionals in specific roles. The term “ejecutivo” refers to an executive, typically in a managerial or leadership position within an organization. The feminine form, “ejecutiva,” denotes a female executive.

The Entrepreneur: “Emprendedor” and “Emprendedora”

For individuals who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, the terms “emprendedor” and “emprendedora” are used in Spanish. These terms go beyond the traditional role of a businessman or businesswoman, emphasizing the innovative and risk-taking nature of entrepreneurial endeavors.


As we navigate the global business landscape, understanding the terminology of different languages becomes increasingly important. In Spanish, the term for a businessman is “empresario,” highlighting the role of a visionary leader and dynamic entrepreneur. The language also recognizes the contributions of women in business, providing the term “empresaria” for female business professionals.