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Organizational Business Culture

Jason Rowley’s Perspective of Organizational Business Culture

Keeping a company moving in the right direction requires maintaining a positive organizational business culture. This means that the management should create a positive working environment through the firm’s attitudes, beliefs, and systems. According to Jason Rowley, this aspect significantly affects the entire business’s performance since it impacts how the employees and management relate. One should implement several factors to achieve this, as seen in this article.

Vision Alignment

The organization’s vision and that of the staff must align to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. When one hires a new employee, they should confirm their operation tactics and beliefs to vet whether they are in line with what they want. Additionally, constant meetings with the team allow one to communicate the company’s needs so that the employees know how to operate.


No company can grow without implementing trust between the employees and the employer. When there is trust among the workers, they can work together and rely on each other for assistance. It reduces conflicts and allows easy workflow. Nevertheless, the managers and team leaders should have confidence in their juniors and trust them to deliver accordingly. When one creates such an environment, they allow all employees to fit into their position and work as a team.

Performance and Rewards

All staff members should know their duties and be responsible for delivering accordingly. When the management makes employees accountable for their output, everyone will put in the necessary effort to do their part. This can happen by assigning targets and getting regular reports on how far the workers are from achieving them.

In line with this, Jason Rowley encourages employers to have a reward system to motivate the staff to work harder. Rewards can be in the form of public recognition, bonuses, gifts, or even promotions. When people receive appreciation for their excellent performance, they get motivated to put in more effort and achieve better results. Others who did not get the rewards also work harder in order to receive the recognition the next time.


The culture of integrity begins with how the company owner and management deal with issues. When they show transparency and truthfulness in the firm’s running, they encourage the rest of the employees to do the same. Once this aspect takes root, the employer can enjoy peace of mind, knowing everyone will attend to their duties accordingly. It also significantly reduces incidences of fraud and underperformance.

Psychological Support

Companies should not only support workers by giving them the salary they promised. They should avail emotional and psychological assistance when needed. Being there for employees during a tough season makes them feel wanted and part of the company. It is also crucial that employees feel psychologically safe when working. Rowley thinks that one can achieve this by avoiding constant threats and treating each person with respect.


Every company needs to implement such a positive environment to attract and retain talent. When employees enter a firm that provides the best platform to work and grow, they will enjoy working and giving their best. Productivity also increases significantly, thus boosting the business’s profitability.