5 Important Benefits of Owning an Air Purifier

According to a 2018 study by the American Lung Association, 4 out of every 10 citizens live with unhealthy air. This stat alone shows the importance of owning an air purifier.

Breathing fresh air is not something you should take for granted. There are many air pollutants that might affect your health. Many respiratory diseases are caused by the intake of dirty, polluted air.

Some homes or workplaces are notorious habitats for gases, dust, and irritants. These are hazardous and often lead to complications. Therefore, it’s necessary to equip yourself with an air purifier.

Below are some of the healthy benefits of hair purifiers. Read on!

1. Eliminating Allergens and Asthma Triggers in the Air

The air you breathe contains many allergy-causing properties such as dust, pollen, pet hair, odor, etc. When the body reacts to these substances, allergic reactions occur.

Air purifiers can remove these undesirable properties from the air.

Besides dealing with allergens, air purifiers help to contain asthma triggers. Asthma triggers include dust, dirt, smoke, paint products, hairsprays, perfumes, and carbon monoxide. All these triggers are present in the everyday environment, particularly when you have AC problems.

Air purifiers not only remove these substances from the air, but they also prevent you from inhaling them. It only takes very tiny particles to trigger asthma.

2. Preventing Lung Cancer and other Disease

Did you know that lung cancer is preventable by owning an air purifier? Breathing in some harmful substances such as radon gas causes lung cancer. This gas is found in soils, rocks, and water, and you can inhale it anywhere from the home or office.

Radon gas comes out through cracks in walls or floors, and when in excess, it causes cancer. Having a functional air purifier is a way of filtering this harmful gas.

Many disease-causing elements are in the air we breathe every day. For example, cigarette and tobacco smoke cause diseases such as pneumonia, dementia, and bronchitis.

Air purifiers have HEPA filters that help in the removal of smoke particles from the air. The smoke can be drawn into a purifier and trapped to prevent entry into the lungs.

3. Reducing Carbon Dioxide in Your Home

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas. However, breathing excess carbon can be harmful to your body.

The carbon cycle refers to the inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon dioxide. This circulation, however, can be affected by an imbalance of gases in the environment.

Staying in highly vegetative areas can lead to excess consumption of carbon dioxide. This can, in turn, lead to conditions like nausea, unconsciousness, drowsiness, and increased heart rate.

Owning an air purifier can help you prevented the side effects of inhaling excess carbon dioxide. Also, an air purifier can help balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your surroundings.

4. Lessening Contamination in Health Facilities

In health facilities, there are high probabilities of air pollution. Hospital and clinics have close proximities to bacteria, viruses, and toxic disinfectants. All of these pollutants can have destructive effects on anyone, from patients to staff.

Imagine a situation where a patient suffering from a contagious disease spreads it to others. The condition can get out of hand within a short period, causing numerous problems.

It is possible to prevent the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis, Ebola, and even flu.

Having air purifiers in health centers can prevent the spread of infections. These purifiers remove any bacteria in the air before other parties get infected. Air purifiers in theaters also prevent patients from contracting infections during operations.

5. Improving General Life Quality

Stress, poor sleep, and bad moods can be a result of inhaling polluted air. People who breathe clean air tend to be happy and more relaxed compared to those who inhale polluted air.

Inhaling contaminated air disturbs sleep and makes you feel uncomfortable. Chemicals such as benzene and ammonia tend to alter your sleep patterns. Air purifiers clean the air and make gentle, soothing sounds.

Besides, air cleaners reduce cortisol levels in the body, which means they reduce stress. Lower stress means more productivity and a better quality of life.

The Ultimate Guide to Owning an Air Purifier

To achieve the above benefits, you need to purchase the perfect air purifier that will be reliable. As noted before, these air purifying machines are vital for many reasons. As such, it helps to be careful when choosing one.

With many available options in the market to choose from, here is what you should consider before making a move.

1. Certification

Is the purifier that you are about to buy tested and certified by the relevant authorities? A certified air purifier ensures quality performance and value for money. Buying certified brands prevent you from losing money to low quality and unreliable products.

2. Type of Filtration Mechanism

Typically, air purifiers with multiple filtration systems are better than single filter purifiers. The air cleaner’s effectiveness depends on its ability to purify air to the fullest. When purchasing an air purifier, always opt for those with multi-filtration systems.

3. Size

What is the right size for your air purifier? It depends on the size you need to cover. Many air purifiers have manufacturer-recommended room sizes that can guide you.

You can calculate the size of your room to determine the accurate size of purifier to purchase.

4. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

The rate at which air cleaners function should be an essential factor to take into consideration. The fan speeds determine the cleaning rate of the machine. It is preferable to consider an air cleaner with a CADR of at least 300.

Owning an Air Purifier – The Bottom Line

The above are some of the benefits of owning an air cleaner. If you are planning to purchase one, ensure that it fits all your requirements.

Although air cleaners are expensive, they are also worthwhile and vital in any environment. Owning an air purifier should be the ultimate goal of every homeowner.

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