6 Ideas for Enhancing Your Company's Website Design

6 Ideas for Enhancing Your Company’s Website Design

A company website is important because it’s a reflection of the brand in addition to being a driving force for revenue. You want your website to give a good first impression to customers as well as impact them enough to keep them coming back. A website must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Here are the top six ways to enhance your company’s website design so that it can reach its fullest potential.

1- Organized Navigation Bar

A website’s navigation bar can be easily overlooked since it doesn’t take up much space, yet a poorly designed navigation bar can make a visitor leave your website very quickly. An organized navigation bar has parent categories and subcategories neatly displayed so that visitors can easily find the page they want to get to.

2- Live Chat

A live chat feature is crucial to creating the best customer experience possible on any website. People are impatient and don’t want to pick up the phone or wait for an email response, so a website live chat feature is the perfect way to capture their attention and keep them on the site. Live chat is very easy to integrate and set up, and there are many features and options available that will work with your current customer service workflow.

3- Email Newsletter Opt-In

Email marketing is still very relevant and important to any digital marketing strategy. Visitors want to keep up with brands that they’re interested in, and one easy way to allow them to do this is through an email newsletter opt-in on your website. Having a way for people to subscribe to your email list gives you a direct path of communication to potential customers so that you can inform them about any special offers or announcements.

4- Declutter

When we think of decluttering, we tend to think about our closets at home. Yet a company website also needs decluttering from time to time so that the overall design and function can be optimized. Do an audit of the content that’s currently on your website, and decide if it’s still relevant and timely. Then choose what you can eliminate and do some design tweaks to streamline the look and feel of your website. A cleaner-looking website is easier to read and understand, which translates to higher sales and more inquiries.

5- Mobile-Friendly

Having the desktop version of your website match the mobile version is often forgotten about when it comes to web design. There is so much emphasis placed on how a desktop website design looks, yet mobile-friendly design is equally as important. People are on their phones at an increasing rate, so having a mobile-friendly website is important. This is especially true if someone sees your website for the first time on their phone. You want to make sure you are giving the best first impression so it’s important to enhance both versions of your website.

6- Footer

Because the footer is literally at the bottom of a website, it’s often thought about last. Footers are important because it’s the last chance to give your visitors important or vital information that is easily accessible, especially if this information isn’t on the main navigation bar. Improve your company’s website design by paying more attention to what you put on the footer.

A company website can make or break a business now that we’re living in a digital age. Enhance your company’s website design with relevant changes to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for your visitors.