How to Properly Manage Employees

How to Properly Manage Employees

How to Properly Manage Employees

Managing your workforce team is the first step to success in business. Having the right employees will help the business expand exponentially. However, according to Jonathan Osler, how leadership is managed, may grow or destroy your business. Sometimes being a harsh leader makes your team unmotivated and unhappy therefore destroying the conducive environment required for any business to thrive. Again being a soft boss can bring laziness; hence poor performance. However, the good news is that there are management tactics that, if deployed, can make the best workforce team ever. They include;

• Hiring the right team

A company needs people who have passion for the particular business. Additionally, having employees who have good qualities like; honesty, enthusiasm, and the ability to relate with everyone-will heighten the chances of achieving success in any business. Not only quality but also employees who are flexible and reliable, will make the business run smoothly and effectively.

• Analyzing staff performance regularly

Employees need to be examined to ensure the job is well done. However, micromanaging your employees on small issues may lead to stress and confidence loss. Therefore micromanaging should be avoided in the workplace.

Giving credit where credit is due is very important for recognition and motivation. Nevertheless, giving too much positive feedback to your staff can make them overconfident and non-creative. Likewise, giving a lot of negative feedback can lead to loss of morale and disunity among employees.

The best way to push your team to greater heights is to maintain everything at equilibrium. Balancing between positive and negative feedback can make employees stay on track. It pays better to trust your employees and allow them to do the job without being watched and compromised.

• Encouraging open discussions

Creating such a platform where employees suggest their views, compliments, and problems and connect with each other personally will help solve many problems. Avoiding unhealthy habits like shaming your staff member in front of others will bring discomfort and demotivation. Managers should effectively listen to their employees and come out with a decision out of discussion and respect. Managers should solve problems, not cause more trouble.

• Having common clear goals and objectives

Any manager should identify the business needs and the goal. After setting a clear goal, he should communicate to the employees to start working on it. The objectives and goals should be specific, measurable, and also easy to achieve. The goal should also be relevant and with a deadline so that it can lead to motivation.

Afterward, you need to deploy some mechanisms, ways, and strategies to help your team land the expected goal. These compromise both attitude and output required to sustain the goal.

• Rewarding the best team performer

According to Jonathan Osler, after identifying the best employees who went an extra mile to do a great job, they should gain recognition and reward so they can feel motivated to do more. This will also inspire others to improve and try their best to receive some recognition.

In conclusion, management skills play a key role in stabilizing a business for growth.

Deciding What Companies to Invest in

Deciding What Companies to Invest in

Deciding What Companies to Invest in

There are a lot of choices in the stock market. Every day new companies emerge. What company would people like Father George Rutler choose? Which companies would be smart to invest in; which should be avoided? The following steps can lead a person in the right direction.

1. Research and study

There are courses to help people understand the details of investing in a company. They teach what to look for, and how to know if a company is going to progress. Most companies have a website disclosing annual reports. Learning to read and comprehend the details of these reports can help with deciding which companies to invest in.

2. Consider using an investment firm

Investment firms take into account the goals of the client. They invest in companies ranging from very safe to extremely aggressive. There are many investment companies to choose from. Some require a large investment to get started, others only a few dollars.

Different types of investment firms include:

  • Vanguard Personal Advisor Services – This company is best for working with personal finance.
  • Fidelity Investments – This is a good company for working with IRA’s.
  • Masterworks – This company is best for art investments.
  • Acorns – This company is best for investing spare change.

Investment firms have different strengths and weaknesses, a client needs to research them to ensure their goals align with the investment firm they choose.

3. Know current events

Watching current events will give an investor an understanding of why certain investments are losing or gaining interest. News articles can tell an investor what the future might hold for a company. The more a person, like Father George Rutler, knows about their investments, the more likely they will not quickly back out when stocks fall a little.

4. Keep an eye on investments

People, like Father George Rutler, get busy and forget to check in on their investments, or they check too often. If this is a long term investment some reasons to stop and check investments are:

  • Employer changes – When an employer changes, this is a good opportunity to move funds by either increasing or decreasing an investment.
  • Market changes – As the market changes, a person would move investments to a more profitable company.
  • Goal or plan changes – When goals and plans change, look for investments that are in alignment with those changes.
  • Rebalancing or reallocation – Sometimes more research into investments will lead to rebalancing or reallocating investments.

If this is a short-term investment the person would need to check more frequently.

When investing, never stop learning and researching, always consider using an investment firm, know the current events, and keep a good watch on investments. Following these steps will help in deciding what companies to invest in.

Can Vitamin C Prevent Premature Aging

Can Vitamin C Prevent Premature Aging

Lines, wrinkles, age spots… who needs them? Let’s face it, everyone deals with signs of aging. But we would all like to put it off for as long as possible.

There are many products on the market that claim to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. But how many of them really work?

Now scientists are saying that you can get anti-aging effects from something as simple and natural as vitamin C. Could it really be that easy? Read on to find out.

Is Vitamin C Good for Skin?

Vitamin C has long been used to boost immunity and prevent illness. Its antioxidant properties are also effective in protecting skin from free radicals that damage cells and cause premature aging. Here are some results you can get when applying it topically to skin:

·  It boosts collagen to improve skin elasticity.

·  It repairs and maintains damaged skin and cartilage.

·  It brightens the complexion.

·  It evens skin tone to diminish the appearance of age spots.

·  It aids with wound healing.

·  It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

·  It strengthens the skin under the eyes to reduce undereye circles.

·  It retains water to keep skin hydrated.

·  Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and inflammation.

How to Use Vitamin C to Combat Aging

It’s terrific to include vitamin C in your diet, but for maximum anti-aging effects, you’ll want to use it topically as well.

There are several facial moisturizers and serums on the market that are rich in vitamin C. Serums tend to be more effective than moisturizers because they are more concentrated and absorb into skin better.

For best results, apply vitamin C to the skin morning and night. Follow up with a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen. (To pack a punch, use a sunscreen that contains vitamin C as well). This routine will ensure your skin is well protected against aging toxins.

People with sensitive skin may not tolerate vitamin C well. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to start off with vitamin C by testing it on a small patch of skin. If no irritation occurs, begin using it just once a day and increase usage gradually.

Taking Vitamin C Orally

While topical vitamin C is best in producing anti-aging effects, you will get more impressive results if you combine it with a vitamin C rich diet. If you feel you are not getting enough vitamin C in the foods you eat, consider taking a supplement. Liposomal Vitamin C Softgels by Core Med Science are recommended.

Core Med Science specializes in manufacturing liposomal vitamins that provide accelerated absorption while protecting the gut from potentially irritating agents. Their vitamin C softgels are great for boosting immunity, improving energy, promoting heart health, reducing stress, and diminishing signs of premature aging. They even come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

There are many beauty products that claim to reduce signs of aging, but the answer you’ve been waiting for could be as simple as some good old fashioned vitamin C. How will you incorporate it into your beauty routine?

Multimedia Mogul Charlamagne Tha God Takes on Television with Comedy Central Show

Multimedia Mogul Charlamagne Tha God Takes on Television with Comedy Central Show

It’s no small achievement to become a well-known personality within the media. It takes a potent combination of charisma and grit to capture the attention of the masses in one space, let alone across multiple media platforms. 

But Lenard “Charlamagne” McKelvey –– also known as Charlamagne tha God –– is up for the challenge. Over the past two decades Charlamagne has made a name for himself as a radio personality, building an audience of more than 4.5 million listeners a week for his syndicated radio morning show “The Breakfast Club,” as well as authoring two books, acting and hosting a podcast. Now the multimedia mogul is applying his signature wit and style to a new medium with his new show on Comedy Central, Tha God’s Honest Truth.

Over the course of his career, Charlamagne has made a name for himself as someone who doesn’t shy away from giving his opinion or asking tough questions, and has said that people should expect nothing less from him in this weekly late-night series. According to the Comedy Central website, the show will use a variety of deep dives, sketches and social experiments to tackle relevant social issues and unpack the most pressing topics in politics and culture, and the first three episodes that have been released do not renege on that promise. With episodes entitled “Decrackerfication” and “Critical Racist Theory,” Charlamagne has already shown the ability to deliver his uniquely thought-provoking and uninhibited observations in this new medium. 

Born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Charlamagne grew up in the small town of the Palmetto state. Although his school teacher mom instilled in him a love of reading that he carried with him his whole life, his teenage years were fraught with turmoil as he neglected schooling in favor of the more glamorized street life. However, after a few run-ins with the law he eventually escaped the worse fates of many on his path, attending night school and eventually graduating high school. These successes enabled him to get an internship with a local radio station, and through it he was able to discover his passion earlier than many in their lives. Within a few short years, he was able to turn that internship into an on-air position that saw him gain statewide recognition for his irreverent and straightforward style. 

In 2010, Charlamagne became a co-host of The Breakfast Club alongside DJ Envy and Angela Yee, which quickly exploded into one of the most popular radio shows. Syndicated by Premiere Networks on nearly 100 stations across the country, today it is widely known as the most informative and entertaining top-rated hip hop and R&B morning show. Last year, the show celebrated its 10-year anniversary and the three co-hosts were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame for their work.

With radio providing a solid launching point, Charlamagne has been able to parlay that influence into many other types of media. In 2014 he began hosting the widely-acclaimed podcast Brilliant Idiots alongside Andrew Schultz, where the two provide their reactions to news in pop culture and the world. The show’s popularity has seen them able to take it on the road, appearing on stage in cities across the globe for live tapings, and each episode is streamed and downloaded by hundreds of thousands of listeners and fans. In 2017 he added author to his repertoire, coming out with “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.” Published by the Simon & Schuster Inc. imprint Touchstone, the book outlines his belief that living life authentically is the fastest way to earn success. It was well-received by critics, making the New York Times list of best-selling hardback non-fiction and opening the doors for him to release his second book “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” in 2018. 

Television is far from a new medium for the multimedia mogul, but Tha God’s Honest Truth may be the best way he is able to utilize his unique conversational talents for the platform. In 2011 he was made a cast member of Guy Code, a comedy television show on MTV2 that talked about a special code of conduct just for men, and also starred on the MTV2 show Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne, which evolved into the show Charlamagne & Friends. He served as a co-host for MTV New Year’s live from Times Square for two years in a row, and in 2015 was also a correspondent for the pre-show of the MTV Video Music Awards. 

At the end of the day, that appears to be the secret behind Charlamagne’s ability to translate himself across multiple platforms. Although he has called himself at times everything from “prince of pissing people off” to “ruler of rubbing you the wrong way” to “architect of aggravation,” the lack of contrivance in the way he approaches any subject or person ultimately garner the respect of those he interviews and the people who tune in to hear what he has to say.

Robert Kraft Weighs in on Antisemitism Billboards in Boston

Robert Kraft Weighs in on Antisemitism Billboards in Boston

In response to an increase in violence against members of the Jewish faith, billboards are going up all over, starting in the greater Boston area. The messages emblazoned against the sky are meant to bring awareness to the issue and urge people to come together in overcoming Jew hate. And they’re working. Notably, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, has taken notice as the billboards align with his family’s fight against every type of hatred affecting the country. 

Bright Pink with a Vivid Message to Match

In an effort to make a bold statement that cannot be ignored, billboard creator, Archie Gottesman, backed the antisemitism signs in ultra-bright pink. Over that, she added compelling messages challenging people to recognize Jew hate and rally against it.

With statements like, “Does your church need security cameras? ‘Cause our synagogue does,” these sky-high ads are impossible to ignore. They’re also heading off criticism and keeping people from brushing off the problem by reminding them that it’s only been “75 years since the gas chambers.”

Once viewers absorb the messaging, they’re welcomed to learn more and take action by visiting Gottesman’s website, JewBelong. On that site, visitors can learn all about the Jewish faith and get involved in ending Jew hate. 

The Need for Antisemitism Messaging in Boston

Although antisemitism occurs all over the country, the recent attack on a rabbi in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston sheds light on the prompt need for a solution. Since the attack happened in broad daylight, it highlighted how crimes against Jewish people have escalated across Massachusetts and beyond.

As that attack rocked the community, members of the Jewish community started talking about how they do not feel safe in their neighborhoods. In the last few years, antisemitism rhetoric has ramped up considerably, after all, leaving many wary as they go about their daily lives.  

Robert Kraft Weighs in on the Importance of the Billboards

Immediately upon seeing the antisemitism billboards go up across the city, Robert Kraft felt a connection to Gottesman’s cause. His organization, Kraft Family Philanthropies, already focuses on helping reduce hate in Boston and all over the nation, so the messaging aligns with his efforts.

As president of their family organization, Robert Kraft’s son, Josh, spoke out in support of the messaging by stating that the hate comes from all sides these days. He went on to emphasize the need for the conversations to start in all households and businesses around town. Whether people are Jewish or not, they need awareness of the problem, so they can help stop it.

A Chance to Open Up the Conversation About Antisemitism Nationwide

With awareness comes the ability to share solutions and shut down Jew hate wherever it pops up. The billboards in Boston are just the start of spreading awareness through major cities all across the United States. At the same time as the Massachusetts rollout, billboards landed in New York as well.

Soon enough, they’ll pop up in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many other heavily populated areas. As that happens, the hope is that people will address antisemitism and help decrease violence against the Jewish community.

Even with the billboards in just two cities at this time, word is already starting to spread nationwide. People from all over can visit the JewBelong website to learn more about the faith and promote Jewish acceptance in their social circles. Bit by bit, these efforts will undoubtedly help unwind the Jew hate plaguing the nation and help ensure that people of all walks of life can be accepted for who they are.

How To Beat Those Winter Blues

How To Beat Those Winter Blues

With the long, dark nights and colder days, the winter can leave many of us feeling lethargic and yearning for the spring. And the lack of daylight can have a real impact on our mood, with around one in 33 people in the UK suffering from the effects of SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

But with a few simple tricks, you can weather the winter and keep a spring in your step. Here’s how to beat those winter blues.

Mood-boosting foods

A healthy, balanced diet is important at any time of the year but being particularly mindful of what you eat during the winter can help to boost your mood. And that means managing the types of carbs you put on your plate. Processed, refined, or fatty carbs such as pizza, biscuits, or fast foods may satisfy your cravings but ultimately, they can leave you and your digestion feeling sluggish and under-par. And this can directly affect your mood.

Instead, reach for plenty of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to whip up delicious and warming winter meals that nourish both your mind and your body. And adding daily multivitamin tablets can help to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

Spend time outside

Getting out and about in nature is a known mood booster, and during the colder months, spending time outside is a good way to stave off those winter blues. The fresh air and exercise involved in getting outdoors, even if it’s a walk around the block – can also help to reduce stress levels and counter the effects of a low mood.

Stock up on vitamin D

The winter is a good time to take a vitamin D supplement, especially if you are unable to spend sufficient time outside as sunlight is one of its main natural sources. Vitamin D plays a key role in a healthy immune system and studies have shown that a daily vitamin D supplement can help to boost your mood. Other natural sources of vitamin D include fatty fish or fortified foods such as milk and breakfast cereal.

Bring more light into your life

Many people suffering from the winter blues can benefit from adding a little extra light into their daily routine, including the use of light therapy. In addition to spending time outside, it’s important to increase light levels in your home, as natural light is thought to not only boost your mood through increased melatonin production but also works to balance serotonin activity and regulate your sleep patterns.

As well as sitting and working near a window during the day, and using LED light bulbs, SAD sufferers can also find relief using a lightbox, which emits wavelengths that are similar to natural light.

Get active

While those dark, cold mornings may make you simply stay indoors, keeping active during the winter whatever the weather is going to keep those blues at bay. Regular exercise is not only good for your physical health, but it also boosts your mood by releasing feel-good hormones. Regular exercise, especially if it is outdoors, can also leave you feeling energised as well as helping to regulate your sleep, leaving you feeling calmer and more rested. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week to help you take the winter in your stride.

And finally, being mindful of your own self-care during the winter can support your physical as well as mental health. But if you are struggling with the winter blues or suspect you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, do speak to your GP, so you can get all the additional support you need.

Change Your Health Trajectory By Swiping Your Finger

Change Your Health Trajectory By Swiping Your Finger

Always expect the unexpected.  That’s why everyone needs to be prepared.  In healthcare, that means understanding the contents of your medical records and being able to correct them on a regular basis.  DrOwl makes it easy to access all of your medical records and review in one easy-to-use app.

For those that don’t already know, your medical records are exactly that – yours.  The Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule, which went into effect earlier this year, focuses on making your records accessible to those you wish to share them with. This new regulation puts patients in the driver’s seat, which in turn, enhances care.  

Healthcare isn’t a “one size fits all” endeavor.  Doctors have to make decisions, in very short time periods, about how to care for their patients.  When the information they rely on isn’t accurate, that can, and likely does, impact the diagnoses or treatment plans.  When you access your records and make corrections, you are literally changing the trajectory of your healthcare.

Did you know that experts estimate that a whopping 70% of medical records contain at least one major error?  That’s a staggering number when you consider how many patients providers are treating consistently.  And errors come in many forms.  Imagine going into the doctor’s office and being given a prescription that can’t mix with one of your other commonly taken medicines.  If those prescriptions aren’t noted on your record properly, the provider would never know.  This may seem like a simple error of omission, but it can have life-altering consequences.  

Understanding your medical records also means knowing who to share them with.  By putting the patient in control of sharing their records, caregivers, family members, and other medical providers are able to better understand an individual’s full health picture.  As parents age, children are more likely to assist them with doctor’s appointments and other related medical duties.  By having digital access to medical records, there is never a need to wonder what is really going on.  The opportunity for deeper communication and education, as well as discussion about potential options comes to the forefront of the conversation.  By making sure your dedicated advocate understands your wishes, you can better guarantee the outcomes you desire.

Empower your advocates – even if one of them is you!  You can do that by creating a health “cheat sheet” which includes your allergies, medications, diagnoses, and, of course, providers.  Be sure to also include your caregiver or advocate(s) on the list, as well as all of their contact information.  This will make it much easier to get help in an emergency.  

Technology has made the ability to access medical records a breeze.  Gone is the stress and anxiety associated with medical records.  By keeping it all on your phone, with a sharable QR code, you are empowering your care.  It only takes a few minutes to download DrOwl from any app store and sign in.  Once you answer a few simple questions, your records are readily accessible – and shareable – when and where you choose to do so.  Let’s face it, managing your medical records in one location, and making sure they are factually correct, will help you put your best foot forward – even when the unexpected happens.

How To Build Customer Connections

How To Build Customer Connections

How To Build Customer Connections

For years, many businesses have suffered because the connection that they had with customers was poor or nonexistent. As bad as it may sound, it is often a common issue that can not only lead to loss of profit but also the main reasons why many businesses may close. However, the matter can be fixed simply and for those who are interested, below are four ways how anyone can build a great connection with their customers.

1. Be Genuine

Quite frankly, most people can see right through inauthenticity, and they are not afraid to call out the person or company associated with such fakeness. Customers like raw, authentic connections. They like when they aren’t being led on or fed lies. According to Diego Ruiz Duran, in order to build a great connection with customers, it is always wise to be as open and as genuine with them as possible. Not only will this keep them coming back, but it will also help them to view the company with a look of utmost respect.

2. Provide Top Quality Products/ Services

Though this point should go without saying, a lot of businesses still end up ignoring it. One of the keys that are needed in order to build a great connection with customers is to provide them with top-quality goods or services. It is best for businesses to ensure that their customers are getting only the best of everything that is offered. That way, the customers will realize that they matter to the business and this realization will make them feel valued. This feeling that the customers’ experience is important as this exact feeling is also why it will be easier to build a connection with them

3. Show Appreciation

There is no better way to build a great connection with customers than by offering deals on products/services as well as issuing coupons that ensures that customers only pay a certain amount for whatever service they purchase. Customers’ love being pampered and reminded that they are appreciated. And giving them this type of treatment will no doubt help to build and strengthen a long-lasting bond between both parties

4. Consider Their Needs

As the saying goes, the customers come first. According to Diego Ruiz Duran, building a great connection with customers includes ensuring that their needs are always considered and met. Quite frankly, if there is no customer, then there is no business. It is as simple as that. Hence why it is so important for business owners to realize that though their aim might be to make money, it should never be done at the expense of their customers need

When it all comes down to it, there are other ways in which businesses can build connections with their customers, however, the ones listed above have proven to be very useful and effective.

To conclude what is mentioned above, businesses can build a great connection with customers by being completely genuine about their intentions, providing top-quality goods/services, showing appreciation, and always considering the customers’ needs.

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Helen Lee Schifter has written extensively on the empowering effects of investing in one’s clothing and design on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. As a result, she proceeds to provide advice on essential fashion accessories for ladies.

Accessories are the simplest method to improve an individual’s overall appearance. It is vital to select essential accessories in one’s wardrobe regardless of the place, event, or season. Accessories are becoming more critical daily; they can transform the look of an outfit, and many ladies like the notion of having a flexible wardrobe.

1. Sophisticated Leather Handbags

A leather purse is infallible when it comes to making an impression. No lady should leave home without this indispensable item; bags are what shoes are to men. How else is a lady to transport her daily essentials?

Helen Lee Schifter strongly suggests an essential leather handbag for casual daily usage. This shoulder bag is excellent since it has the right size and form, is large enough to hold various items, including a tablet, and is elegant and stylish. This is the ultimate bag.

It is advisable to invest in tiny clutches for formal occasions. Not only are they convenient to transport, but they also look beautiful. Again, clutches are available in an infinite variety of designs. There are minimalist clutches and edgy decorated clutches. Choose a style that resonates with your aesthetic. Please keep it simple with classic hues like gold, silver, and rose gold, complementing an individual’s very flexible jewelry.

Whichever route you choose, if there is one expert advice to remember, never skimp on quality. A high-quality leather bag not only looks great but also lasts a long time.

2. Bracelet

When one is just standing in front of others, the first accessory that they see is a necklace. This is another incentive to amass a substantial jewelry collection. They are available in bold or thin styles. There are metallic, golden, diamond, and pearl necklaces from which to select. Wear a high-end necklace to complete the look and to emphasize one’s strong sense of style. Certain styles work well with collared garments, while others work best with bare-necked ensembles.

3. Comfy footwear

One may have all the accouterments in the world, but where is one to go without shoes? They are essential accessories. Having the proper shoes will provide an individual with the maximum level of support and comfort while moving. Every woman needs different shoes to suit various occasions and seasons, including stunning stilettos, heels, flat sandals, reliable sneakers, and boots. Even if an individual cannot be an obsessive shoe collector, their ensembles will work with these essential footwear pieces.

A lady is usually spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. New fashion designers enter the market every other day, leaving one with much more than they can ever consume. Once people understand how to combine, mix, and match extra fashion items with their primary ensembles, they will acquire the much-desired confidence to wear anything they want. The best course of action is to be confident in one’s stylistic selection.

10 Fun Ways to Explore Nature and Get Exercise

10 Fun Ways to Explore Nature and Get Exercise

Two of the best ways to improve your physical and mental health are spending more time in nature and getting physical exercise. So why not do both at the same time?

With the right activities, you can explore nature in some new and exciting ways, getting in touch with your inner explorer and benefitting from your natural immersion. At the same time, you can get your heart rate up, work out your muscles, and improve your overall fitness.

How to Explore Nature and Exercise Simultaneously

These are some of the best nature-dependent activities you can use for exercise:

1. Paddle boarding. Paddle boarding doesn’t require a lot of existing strength, stamina, or skill – but it will require your focus and give you a thorough workout. You’ll be forced to balance your body and engage your arms as you propel yourself through the water, enjoying the scenery along the way. Plus, paddle boards are relatively inexpensive, so there aren’t any major barriers to entry for enjoying this activity.

2. Kayaking. Kayaking is similar to paddle boarding in the sense that you’ll be using your arms to move yourself through the water. The difference is that in a kayak, you’ll be using a double-bladed paddle, sitting in a low seat (rather than standing). Experienced kayakers like to tackle fast-moving rapids and rough waters, but you can start out somewhere calmer.

3. Swimming. Proponents of swimming declare it to be the best cardiovascular exercise because it requires you to use muscles throughout your entire body – and because it’s much easier on the joints than, say, running. You also have the option of practicing several different strokes. Either way, you’ll become intimately familiar with your local body of water.

4. Trail running. If you like the idea of exploring the woods and getting away from the noise of the city or the constraints of your local neighborhood, try trail running. You can have a stimulating adventure in the forest with a group or all by yourself – and get a great cardio workout at the same time.

5. Cycling. If running is hard on your joints, or if you want a smoother, faster experience, you could try cycling. If there’s a cycling trail in the parks near your city, you can take in the sights of all the natural scenery while feeling the cool wind on your face. It’s an exciting experience that’s hard to replicate – just remember to bring a spare tube in case you end up with a flat.

6. Hiking. Sometimes the simpler activities are better. They give you more time to truly enjoy the scenery, and because you don’t have to focus as heavily, you can relax a little more. Hiking can range from very easy to very difficult, depending on the terrain and the type of equipment you’re bringing. But no matter what, you’ll probably enjoy your experience.

7. Rock climbing. Rock climbing has seen a surge in popularity lately, even getting included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games for the first time in Olympic history. It’s a demanding sport, requiring you to muster all your upper body strength and find delicate points of contact to grip. But once you have some more experience and familiarity, you’ll find it to be a much more rewarding activity.

8. Beach volleyball. If you have a competitive streak, you might be more interested in sports and games than isolated exercise activities. That’s where beach volleyball shines. You can play one on one, in pairs, or in groups of people; in any case, you’ll be running, concentrating on the ball, and enjoying the local waters. Plus, the soft sand makes the sport easy on your joints – and if you happen to fall, it won’t be a big deal.

9. Circuit training. Depending on where you live, you may have access to a circuit training path; here, you can walk or run around a dedicated trail loop and take advantage of fixtures like pullup bars and balance beams to exercise your body in novel ways. If you don’t have access to a circuit training loop, you can make one of your own, doing pullups on strong branches, balancing on rocks, and so on.

10. Foraging. Though not as physically demanding as some of the other activities on this list, foraging is both rewarding and stimulating. Go look for edible mushrooms, berries, or leafy plants in your area – but be sure to verify their edibility with an expert before you attempt to eat them.

Exploring New Horizons

These are just some of the activities that can get your body moving while you enjoy everything that your local environment has to offer. Keep pushing the limits of your comfort zone and experimenting with new activities; you’ll experience more novelty in doing so, and you’ll get to work out in new and stimulating ways.