Best Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you are responsible for making this year’s meal, you’re probably stressing about what you’re going to serve. After all, everyone has different tastes and dietary restrictions. The traditional holiday meal may not cut it.

Take turkey for instance. Turkey is usually the star of the Thanksgiving meal. But people on vegetarian and vegan diets won’t eat it. And then there are a handful of people who just don’t like it.

If you are trying to plan non-turkey Thanksgiving dinners don’t fret. Here are some terrific alternatives.

Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Dinners Ideas

Honey Glazed Ham: Ham has always been a welcome meat at the holiday table. This is a cut that can be served instead of turkey or in addition to turkey. Honey glaze it, roast it in a slow cooker, and it’s likely no one will be thinking about any other meat.

Lasagna: Lasagna can work well as the side or as a main dish. And the nice thing about it is, you can make meat and vegetarian versions. To make it fit the theme of the holiday, try a Thanksgiving inspired lasagna made with roasted pumpkin and butternut squash, nutmeg, and cream sauce.

Salmon: Salmon is a healthy meat that is perfect for the dinner table. Roast it in butter and add the herbs of your choosing to give it a unique flavor. Parsley, chervil, dill, basil, peanut oil, and cilantro are all great seasoning options.

Tofurkey: If you’re inviting vegan and vegetarians to your Thanksgiving meal, tofurkey is an obvious go-to. Made of tofu, it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals. Roast it in olive oil, soy sauce, maple syrup and your choice of herbs, and it’s just as delicious as the real thing.

Pot Roast with Cranberries: You can take your pot roast up a notch by adding cranberries, orange peel, orange juice, sherry vinegar, and a pinch of cayenne. The result will be a holiday-appropriate meat that is sure to delight the senses.

Roast Duck: Make your Thanksgiving easy by serving roast duck. It always comes out amazing and it only requires a few ingredients to taste great. Roast yours with black pepper and soy sauce, and you’ll have a dish that is guaranteed to impress.

Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy but the cold weather and running around can wreak havoc on the immune system. And all the rich foods can make your digestion go south.

Thanksgiving calls for an extra dose of support that can be found in Single Daily Probiotic 30 Billion by Bluebonnet.

Bluebonnet is a family run business that is known for providing high quality, pure and natural supplements. Their Single Daily Probiotic 30 Billion features 20 Pasteur Institute DNA verified strains of friendly bacteria to provide optimal digestive and overall health support. The capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free.

This Thanksgiving, not everyone at your holiday table is going to want to eat turkey. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-turkey Thanksgiving dinners for you to choose from. Which will you be serving your guests?

All you Need to Know About Setting Up a Business in Thailand

All you Need to Know About Setting Up a Business in Thailand

If you and your partner are in love with the tropical paradise of Thailand and you wish to relocate and set up your own business, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Bangkok is the top destination for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs, thanks to the low cost of living and the cheap accommodation, plus you are only a few hours from a premier tropical beach.

The Board of Investment

The Thai Board of Investment (BOI) offers many incentives to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, such as taxation waivers and long-term working visas and if you would like to learn more about the Board of Investment in Thailand, check out a leading law company that facilitates setting up foreign businesses in Thailand.

BOI Sectors

As with all countries, there are certain business sectors that foreign investors are permitted to engage in business, which include:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining & Ceramics
  • Light Industry
  • Machinery & Transport
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Public Utilities
  • Major Industrial Projects
  • Innovative Technology

There are complex categories and with the assistance of a local legal firm, you can be sure to choose a sector that offers maximum benefits and they will prepare the applications and inform you of the paperwork needed. They would advise you about opening bank accounts in the business name and offer assistance regarding visas and knowing that you are fully compliant with Thai law offers you peace of mind.

Major BOI Incentives

These include the following:

  • Exemption or reduction of import duties.
  • Exemption of income tax.
  • Corporate tax waiver – For up to 8 years, with 3 and 5-year options.
  • Permitted to bring in foreign professionals.
  • Permitted to own land (in some situations)
  • Ability to remit money abroad in a foreign currency.

The current Thai government is well aware of how important foreign investment is to the economy and under the BOI, foreign businesses receive many benefits and it is certainly worth making sure that your new business fits into a BOI category. When thinking about business formation, perhaps the one to avoid is sole proprietorship, which is risky in more ways than one.

Covid-19 & Thailand

Of course, the Coronavirus affects all parts of the world and Thailand stands out as a great example of how to handle a pandemic and is listed as one of the safest locations on the planet. Of course, flying to Thailand during this time will require some preparation and cost, as you will have to state quarantine for 14 days at your own expense, plus you have to obtain ‘Covid-Free’ certificates, as well as having at least $100,000 worth of Covid-19 insurance. The law company that is setting up your Thai company can assist you with the government requirements to enter Thailand and the restrictions might not be applicable in full for a BOI candidate. Check here for the current Covid-19 situation in Thailand, which could change at any time, so check often.

Once you enlist the services of an established Bangkok-based legal firm, you will receive the right advice from the experts, who will also prepare and submit your BOI application and help with other aspects of relocating to Thailand.

The Life Benefits Of Keeping Fit & Staying Healthy

The Life Benefits Of Keeping Fit & Staying Healthy

When we attend the doctor for our annual check up, he or she is always telling us that we need to be more active and we need to lose weight. We all understand the benefits of a more active lifestyle and yet we never seem to have the time to do any exercise. We are so caught up in our career goals and in our rush to get to the top of the corporate ladder, we ignore the fact that we are no longer healthy physically or mentally. It’s no good reaching the pinnacle of success if you are too ill to enjoy it due to ailments that have been brought on because you’re overweight and you’re not taking care of yourself. As you get older, you lose muscle mass and definition and you are more prone to injuries than at any other time in your life. Now is the time to make positive changes in the direction that you’re going and in order to do that, you need to keep fit in order to stay healthy.

Running is an excellent way to get your heart pumping and with the right running clothes and footwear, you can get yourself in top shape in no time at all. As well as becoming more physically fit, you will also get to enjoy the mental benefits of being more active. The benefits are obvious but here are just a few of them to get you thinking.

  • It reduces stress and anxiety – It doesn’t matter if you are someone who is already at the top of the corporate ladder, or if you are a stay at home mom taking care of your family, because we all experience stress and anxiety in one form or another. If we don’t address these issues, it could lead to depression and from that, come the health issues. Once you start taking part in regular exercise, it really does help to improve your mood and it gets the endorphins pumping all around your body, which makes you feel good. Once you feel good, your body temperature will rise, and this will help to calm your nerves. Rather than relying on virtual solutions to stay fit, get yourself outside in the fresh air and start running today.
  • It increases mental performance & improves your productivity – Anyone will tell you that exercise is essential for a better quality of life and it is especially useful when it comes to your work. Exercise will help to boost your self-confidence but it will also make you stronger mentally, which is essential if you are a leader or a manager in your company. With regular exercise and increased fitness levels, you will find that you will perform better and your productivity and focus will increase. To learn more about fitness and health, have a look here.

Your health is in your hands and only you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Once you start keeping fit, you will find that you will improve both physically and mentally and once you begin, you will find that keeping fit is not that difficult.

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

With the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles coming out, and with so many people being stuck inside for so long, there has been an influx of gamers that have been roaming the online servers and joining in on avid and experienced gamers. If you’re one of these guys, we welcome you! We also understand that it’s always difficult jumping into a new world where there are people who are more practiced than you.

It seems like an unfair playing field. If you’re looking to increase your gaming skills in a short amount of time, I have some bad news for you. It’s going to take time. Developing a talent simply takes time. However, there are a couple tips and tricks that will help you to catalyze your improvement and excel the learning curve for you. Here are a couple that I’ve personally found to be beneficial.

1.      Kratom. 

If you haven’t heard of this, that’s ok. Kratom is a natural supplement that comes from Malaysia and the surrounding countries. It was used previously by the indigenous people for its healing characteristics. Now, it has become commercialized and is sold world-wide. This supplement acts as an accelerant and helps to speed up your brain activity. It works in the same sense that caffeine does, only Kratom is non addictive. The best form of Kratom is called Maeng da Kratom. This supplement is the purest form of the herb that comes out of Malaysia and has the best effect on the body and mind. However, if you’re not looking for anything concentrated, you can always just google Kratom near me.

2.      Blue light glasses. 

If you’ve never tried these, trust me, they’re worth a shot. Not only will they help your eyes from getting tired and worn out, but it will actually make it easier to focus on the screen and react more quickly to whatever game you’re playing. This is most relevant in first person shooter games, but it can also help in adventure type games or racing games. If we are being honest though, the best part about these glasses is that they prevent headaches that are caused by screen exposure. Tolerance is different for everyone but for the majority of people, the most they can look at a screen without feeling nauseous is between 3-4 hours. If you’re planning to play more than this in a day, you’ll want to invest in a pair of glasses to protect your eyes.

3.      Gaming chair. 

It might seem odd to say, but the more upright your body is, the better it performs in general. This means that if you’re used to playing slumped on the couch, that your game play will significantly increase if you can find a comfortable chair that sits you at just less than a 90 degree angle. This will increase blood flow and reaction time when you’re playing. It might not seem like a big difference, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet.

The Art Of Networking

The Art Of Networking

Online networking is slightly more difficult than people expect. When there is less time to develop in-person connections or merely not possibilities, it can become discouraging. Most importantly, when people discuss the trends that come forth in regards to online networking, there are very important tasks they must all follow. Networking becomes a lot more convenient when it is done online, but much more complicated. Of course, there are ways in which it can be discussed to get around such topics, but nevertheless, it’s important to complete such tasks when prompted. The more a person networks online the greater chance three will in finding a job or career opportunity. It’s critical to brand yourself in a very positive light and not decrease one’s standards of networking in any way. The more a person networks, the better chance they have at being successful. Diego Ruiz Duran recommends networking to all his peers. 

Now, online networking is definitely different than in-person connections. It makes it much easier to find people but it doesn’t have the same connection others would have. It’s important to show customization towards a person that one wants to achieve a connection with. Making sure that one stands out in the crowd is extremely important. With people all over the world wanting the same opportunities, it’s critical to remain ahead of the game. One can also do this by sending notes to a recruiter in hopes that they see it in a positive way. Asking quotations or inducing resumes like aspects of oneself in these notes might make them seem more fond of one. When a person is networking in person a smile, professional atmosphere, and great topics to discuss go a long way. It’s similar in online incorporation as there is more of a chance to get a perfect question or answer across. As people develop in their careers, they will notice the benefits of having a wide network. 

Simply introducing oneself on LinkedIn or through another networking portal is extremely beneficial. This can help create future business partners and accelerate a person’s opportunities. The more work a person out into branding their network and themselves online, the better chance they have at being noticed or recruited. No matter one’s age, networking should always be a part of someone’s lifestyle. It helps develop professional relationships that can really move people forward. Diego Ruiz Duran has a very large network, which contributes to his success. As more and more people join professional online profiles, it’s extremely important to stand out in the corporate world. Although it may seem difficult at first, networking can only be a benefit. No matter the connection, it shows dedication to one’s craft which is extremely important in the long run for anyone’s business. 

Ceramic Floor Tiles Are The Right Choice For All Over Your Home

Ceramic Floor Tiles Are The Right Choice For All Over Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right kind of floor for your home, it can be a very difficult choice because of the many different options that we have. Carpet has generally been the floor of choice for such a long time now but with the rise in allergies, especially in children, families are now looking for a better solution. They need a floor that not only looks good but is practical as well. Depending on where you are located, the climate may dictate the choice of flooring that you finally decide to go for. If you were to look in any home in Australia, you would find at least one room in the house with floor tiles. Many people choose to put floor tiles all over the home because they look fantastic and they are extremely practical.

When it comes to large floor tiles, these are the perfect choice for large rooms because they come in many different patterns and colours. It would be almost impossible not to be able to find a floor tile that suits your tastes, and matches the colours that you have chosen for the walls in your home. If you are considering putting down floor tiles, but are also considering other floor choices as well, then hopefully the following benefits can help to convince you that ceramic floor tiles are the best choice every single time.

There are incredibly durable – It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect your ceramic tiled floor to still be operational in 20 to 30 years from now. They really are that durable and you will probably end up removing them, because you have become tired of the pattern. Obviously, you will replace them with other ceramic tiles with a pattern that you do like. These tiles are fantastic for places that experience high traffic like the kitchen, or the hall and they are very resistant to staining and wear and tear. Much like how plants surprise people, ceramic floor tiles have the same effect.

They are very low maintenance – You don’t really have to do a lot to take care of your ceramic floor tile and in many cases all you need is a bucket of clean water, some floor detergent, and a mop. You should be able to cover your whole kitchen in 10 to 15 minutes, which isn’t a lot of time to keep your floor clean. Some people choose to put some kind of a sealant on the ceramic tile once every five years or so, and that helps to protect it even more. There generally isn’t a lot to do, when it comes to taking care of your floor tiles. As long as the floor tiles are installed by a competent professional, who has gone through the necessary training, then your tiled floor should still be operational in 20 years from now.

If you want a cost effective way to cover your floor, but also have a floor covering that is practical, and can handle day-to-day activities, then ceramic tiles are the perfect choice every time. They will help to pay for themselves in no time at all.

Kevin Groh, the darling of the German Sci-Fi market, brings his superheroes to the US market

Kevin Groh, the darling of the German Sci-Fi market, brings his superheroes to the US market

Set in a distant future and far-away galaxy, “The Commander: Guardian of the Utopia” reflects the disturbing realities of today’s world. A passionate gamer with strong moral ethics and questions about life, the young and gifted German-based Kevin Groh brings his acclaimed Omni Legends series to the sci-fi & fantasy fans in the US. While entertaining and giving readers an enjoyable experience, the book raises questions about our evolution as a species. It also acts like a mirror where you can see the reflection of the hero within you. 

Here’s how Kevin Groh started his journey of self-discovery as a sci-fi fantasy writer.

If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk – I heard he enjoys reading Sci-Fi and I would want my book to go to someone who can appreciate it and enjoy the story. Besides, the second book will feature some action on Mars and I would love to hear how he likes that part.

Give us the scoop about your book.

Every hero has an origin. Carter Sanders grew up as a privileged teen with private education. When he is drafted into the military, he has to face the harsh reality of discipline, comradery, romance, and tough training. With nothing but his instincts, he has to endure training missions and survival situations. As an actual war breaks loose, he must face involuntary body modifications that turn him into more than just a soldier. When his homeworld is under attack, he needs to make a tough choice: Should he follow his orders or save the world?

If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

Image of the book cover by Kevin Groh
Find on Amazon

Since this book is just the beginning of a long and exciting story. The main characters are pretty young at this point so I would go with an actor that can grow with the story. I envisioned Carter like Brenton Thwaites who played Dick Grayson in DCs Titans, a character that turns from a recruit to an experienced leader. His best buddy Roderick would be someone like Ray Fisher or Michael B. Jordan. All those actors have a talent for portraying young and energetic characters as well as more experienced and battle-hardened versions of them.

Kevin, can you tell us something about you that no one else knows?

If I do that, then it won’t be a secret anymore, would it?
I do love to listen to epic orchestral music for almost any occasion – during sports, when I want to just think and brainstorm, and also when I am writing stories. Some people may call it weird but I actually prefer it to almost any other kind of music because I feel it inspires the mind.

Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

I am a German who doesn’t like beer at all.

Even though all of Germany goes crazy about soccer, I couldn’t care less about it.

I possess 7 Japanese swords, and I don’t regret a single one of them.

What makes your book unputdownable?

Q What makes your book unputdownable?

The Commander is about a very relatable character going through some very exciting adventures in a fascinating world. It has action, jokes, romance, and serious topics to think about. There is just so much happening that people won’t realize how time flies by.

What book are you currently reading, or last read?

I actually re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy a couple of weeks ago. It is a magnificent story that I can read or watch over and over again.

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?

A. Definitely morning person

Q. Reading or writing?

A. Writing

Q. Kittens or puppies?

A. Love puppies, allergic to kittens

Q. The city or the country?

A. I am a countryside guy

Q. Road trip or Cruise ship?

A. Cruise Ship, I love the sound of the waves

Q. Wine or beer?

A. Rum.

Q. Karaoke or bowling?

A. Bowling

Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?

A. Fly

Q. Bacon or Tofu?

A. Bacon and more bacon

Pre-order your copy of The Commander: Guardian of the Utopia by Kevin Groh today.

Virtual Solutions to Stay Fit During the Lockdown

Virtual Solutions to Stay Fit During the Lockdown

We are all suffering in many ways because of the current global pandemic and for many people, physical exercise is put by the wayside, at least until things return to normal. You may have a gym subscription and are hoping it is still good after things get back to normal, and there are many fitness, yoga and Pilates studios that now offer virtual classes, which is a great idea.

How do virtual classes work?

When you enrol in a virtual fitness or yoga class, you would be given Zoom meeting IDs and when you download the Zoom software, you can log into the video meeting, which enables you to interact with the instructor and the other students. The studios that offer virtual classes would likely require a service such as server relocation from Rhenus Hightech, a leading UK white glove logistics provider who can set up the dedicated server, which ensures high bandwidth. All you need is some floor space and a laptop and Internet connection and you’re good to go.

Pilates & Yoga Classes

Almost all of the yoga and Pilates studios now offer virtual courses and while you might need to acquire some equipment for Pilates, all you need for yoga is a suitable mat and one cushion. If you would like to locate a suitable Pilates or yoga class, it doesn’t need to be close to your home if it is a virtual course, so do bear that in mind. An online search is all it takes to bring up a list of fitness centres and most offer virtual services, so there’s no excuse for not staying fit and healthy.


This is another great platform for fitness routines and what’s more, they are free to view and if you subscribe, you will receive notifications when new content comes online. Whether you want a fitness routine for an elderly person, or you are a marathon runner who wishes to maintain their fitness and stamina, there are hundreds of video tutorials. Aerobic routines are many, as are yoga positions and specific muscle targeting, so whatever help you need, it is only a few clicks away. Here are a few sports remedies you might not be aware of, which might prove useful one day.

Private Zoom Calls

As you know, Zoom is free to download and use, so ask a few of your friends to join you in a virtual workout, all you do is open Zoom and create a meeting, then invite everyone. It is as simple as that and there are no charges, aside from your obvious Internet connection. If you have a friend who also works out, get in touch and arrange an evening session, which also gives you essential social contact, important during the lockdown. You can download Zoom here for free.

Physical exercise is a vital component for good health and well-being and even though we are on lockdown, it is still possible to stay fit and healthy. Decide what days and times work best for you and search online for virtual fitness course, of which there are many, and you can maintain good physical and mental health until we return to normal.

Certified Fitness Coach Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York Discusses Why Cheat Days Are a Terrible Idea

Certified Fitness Coach Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York Discusses Why Cheat Days Are a Terrible Idea

We’ve all heard of the “cheat day.” Some people believe that a cheat day is a way to help keep them on track to meet their fitness goals. However, more often than not, a cheat day can counteract the impacts of a diet and cause damage to the body. They are even worse for individuals who historically have had a disordered relationship with food.

Christopher Lee, Buffalo, New York, local fitness guru, often works with his clients to understand successful diet plans. Here, Lee goes into detail as to why cheat days are a counterproductive idea.

For dieters that follow a plan involving eliminating certain foods aims, these people are often enticed by a “cheat day” that allows them to indulge in those foods. The goal of a cheat day or meal is to help individuals feel as though they aren’t deprived by temporarily allowing them to enjoy whatever foods they want. However, the mindset of a cheat day can set dieters up for failure as many times an individual can consume a whole day’s worth of calories in one meal or more.

Rather than potentially setting oneself up for failure, Christopher Lee recommends a better approach, which is to incorporate treats into a diet so one can indulge in moderation. When individuals follow a healthy lifestyle that allows for occasional treats, they are more likely to stick to their goals.

The word cheat on its own can negatively imply that what you are doing is bad. People can believe that they are ‘good’ if they eat clean and ‘bad’ if they slip up and indulge. As a result, individuals can develop a psychological barrier that is difficult to overcome. Thinking about foods as good or bad can create a sense of morality that is dangerous as one can begin to feel guilty when consuming certain foods.

In addition to creating a sense of guilt, cheat days can also lead to the likelihood of one bingeing or overeating on those days. A cheat day insinuates an “all or nothing” scenario in which someone may feel obliged to consume as much of certain foods as they possibly can. The extra calories can counteract any progress you have made towards your goals. Cheat days don’t allow for individuals to understand how to eat normally.

Additionally, the behavior can also eventually become a factor or common trait that leads to certain eating disorders. Cheat days often set individuals up for bingeing cycles followed by undereating, purging, overexercising, use of laxatives, or other negative behaviors. Those behaviors over time become a new normal, which is an extremely unhealthy way to live.

As some fitness experts believe in a diet mentality, others focus on a healthy lifestyle and regimen that doesn’t involve fad diets. Cheat days feed the diet mentality and can ultimately be a detriment to one’s regular eating habits. As the cheating mindset sets in, overall health may deteriorate, and fitness goals can suffer. Instead, individuals should focus on an overall healthy lifestyle and listen to their bodies. If you have a craving for something sweet, it’s okay to say yes in moderation.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a certified fitness trainer from Buffalo, New York. Christopher specializes in designing workouts plans for clients that make them look and feel more athletic, helping them avoid injury. Mr. Lee emphasizes a healthy diet and lifestyle so clients can fuel properly to get the most out of their workouts and reach their fitness goals. When he is not working with his clients, Christopher Lee can be found at a hot yoga class, practicing martial arts, or spending time with his friends and family in Buffalo.

Plants That Surprise People

Plants That Surprise People

Many people are shocked when they find out some of their favorite fruit grows out of the ground. Pineapples, grown all over the world, specialty in warmer climates, actually grow from the ground. Andrew Napolitano enjoys learning about these plants. They also regenerate and contain the bromelain enzyme which breaks down proteins in meat. Hawaii produces about a third of the pineapples in the world which is expertly fascinating. As easy as it is to get pineapples from grocery stores, it actually takes them over a year to be ready for harvest. That is why they are typically more expensive than other fruit. Ginger is another fascinating plant that grows in the ground. It has strong roots that give its flavor and are used as a natural healer for many people. One of the most fascinating plants in the world is the Venus flytrap. It is native to the subtropical wetlands of the East Coast of the United States and is classified as a dionaea. Ever wonder how long this plant can live? About a quarter of a decade. This plant has an extremely long lifespan if it is properly sustained by its environment. 

The Baobab Tree is also a terrific plant on the planet. It contains around eight pieces of trees that are native to Madagascan, mainland Africa, and even Australia. It adapts to its dry environment by holding up one hundred thousand liters of water. Another tree that is unusually shaped is the Dragon Blood Tree which is native to Socotra. It gets its name from the leaves and the fruits that have several medical purposes. All these plants and trees have characteristics that go beyond what is considered normal. Each plant is equipped with cells, photosynthesis, and reproductive agents that allow them to spread to other locations and maintain the species of plant. They are all tremendously unique and offer a variety of differences between each and every plant. Many plant biologists study these plants because of how fascinating they find them. When people study these organisms, it’s easy to be blown away by how they function in different environments. Many reasons why plants are shaped the way they are is because of how they reach sunlight, the amount of water in a given area, and how they protect themselves from birds or other outliers. For people like Andrew Napolitano, it’s fascinating. All these plants have been constructed to survive based on evolution and many other factors that have changed the generations of these plants. It’s incredible to see how some have changed or remained the same since the time of Charles Darwin. With the sustainable amount of plants, there are around the world, it’s a magnificent feeling to see how they all add up to help the environment be prosperous. With each plant releasing oxygen to help filter the pollution around the world, it’s revolutionary to see them continuing to push to a cleaner environment.