A Complete Guide to Getting a Job Abroad Without Experience

A Complete Guide to Getting a Job Abroad Without Experience

With over 9 million Americans now living overseas, more people than ever are looking for a new job adventure abroad.

Yet, that’s easier said than done. With restrictions such as language barriers and work visas, most are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to do it. It seems like a huge hurdle to jump, especially if you don’t have experience.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an Olympian to clear that hurdle. While the process can be daunting, it’s not impossible.

Let’s look at several ways you can set yourself up for getting a job abroad without experience.

Show off Your Skills and Education

Even if you don’t have experience, we all have skills in something. Put a spotlight on those skills, and your education, to use to your advantage!

Collect all your school transcripts, making sure they are official forms. Include all your scholarly work, showing any committees you sat on, projects you did, and extracurricular activities you participated in.

Plus, nowadays having your own blog is more and more common. Showcase your industry expertise with well-written blog posts.

Keep an Open Mind

You can’t expect to work overseas with no experience and land the job of your dreams right off the bat. That’s why keeping an open mind about your job search will open more doors for you.

While you might desire to work in a chosen field, look for different types of work to get your foot in the door.

Many of the most popular jobs available overseas is teaching English, working as an au pair, doing manual labor on a farm, food service work, or working in a hostel.

These opportunities can get you in the country you dream of while giving you valuable work experience until something else comes along.

Get Certified

While researching jobs abroad, find out if any of them will need you certified. If so, get ahead of the game and get your certification!

Teaching English is one of the major job openings in which you will need a certificate. The TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is internationally recognized doesn’t require you to have teaching experience to land a job.

If you have trade knowledge, such as plumbing or electrical, make sure your certification is up to date. While your chosen country might not recognize it, at least it will show your expertise and skill.

Know Where to Find the Jobs

It goes without saying, you can’t find the international job of your dreams if you don’t know there’s an opening. Get yourself familiar with ways to find current job openings.

Online job portals that are popular in the US are not necessarily where you’re going to find job openings overseas. Research the popular employment marketplaces in the countries you’d like to live in. Set up alerts to notify you when new openings become available.

Other online agencies, such as Amsterdam Startup Jobs, help find expats jobs overseas. They’re specifically for English speakers who want to work with Amsterdam startup companies. Many countries have similar agencies to help.

Make Yourself Easy to Hire

Many employers will not want to jump through hoops to get an inexperienced worker hired. That’s why you should do everything you can to make it easy for them by being as prepared as possible!

Getting a job abroad will likely need a work visa. Research the various types of visas offered in the country you want to live in and their requirements.

While employers can sponsor you a work visa, it’s likely too much governmental red tape for them to go through for someone with no experience. If you have a work visa already set up, you’ll be much more desirable.

And be ready to move for a job quickly. If you can show that you’re ready to hop on a plane tomorrow, you’ll ease their worry of having to wait to get the help they need.

Network Your Way to a Job Abroad

It may surprise you to find out someone you already know holds the connection you need in getting a job abroad.

Don’t know that many people or can’t think of anyone with that kind of pull? You need to look at the big picture. It may not matter who you know, but who they know.

Your network is bigger than you realize, so it’s time to start talking. Get the word out about your plans and what you’re looking for. Post it on social media.

And when you do meet someone in the know, don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions then follow up. Being the squeaky wheel could pay off for you big time.

Consider Working Remote

If you want to bypass the need to look for work locally, consider getting a remote position. These jobs allow you to work from anywhere in the world you want, as long as you have a computer and good WiFi.

Remote jobs can either be employment or freelance positions. Common remote workers include graphic designers, writers, web designers, IT experts, virtual assistants, and digital marketers.

Remote work is becoming more popular, with new remote positions becoming a rising trend. It’s the perfect alternative for those who are having trouble finding local work or want to freedom to move to a different country without worry.

Of course, always make sure you know the visa laws in your chosen country. Some places state it’s illegal to work on a tourist visa (like the UK). Only work remotely where it’s allowed.

Make Getting a Job Abroad a Breeze

Living in a new country can be both exciting and rewarding. Don’t let the process of getting a job abroad scare you from making that dream a reality. With these tips, you’ll be packing that bag and moving overseas in no time!

Looking for ways to unwind after a long day of working a job abroad? Check out these tips to help you recharge!

10 Times You Should Definitely Hire a Lawyer

10 Times You Should Definitely Hire a Lawyer

What if you tried to save money and it cost you a fortune?

Many times, people are hesitant to hire a lawyer because they want to save money. However, they don’t realize how much money a lawyer could have saved them until it’s too late.

Wondering when you need to cave in and hire a lawyer? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Jail Is On the Line

Sometimes, figuring out when you need a lawyer is simple. It starts with you figuring out what the worst that could happen if you should lose your case.

For example, if there is a chance that you could end up in jail, then it’s worth it to get a lawyer. Such a professional has been trained to present the best case possible, increasing your odds of a successful defense.

Think of it this way: if you go to jail, you’ll lose the chance to work, possibly for many years. Compared to that, the cost of hiring a lawyer is relatively small.

The Stakes Are Too High

Of course, jail isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to hiring lawyers. You also need to be aware of the maximum amount of money you might have to pay out for things like damages and court costs.

It can be very sobering when you realize how much money you stand to lose. And it’s easy to find cases where people’s entire lives have been ruined by losing a court case.

So, you do the math. Get a free consultation with a lawyer and an estimate of the overall legal costs and compare that to what you might have to pay if you lose.

If the stakes are high enough, it’s time to go ahead and call a lawyer.

Estate Planning

We like to think that our families are strong enough that nothing can tear them apart. However, ugly fights over a deceased person’s will can tear families apart in a heartbeat.

Estate planning is a classic case where hiring a lawyer is completely worth it. They can make sure that you have completed all of the necessary paperwork without leaving any loopholes that a greedy family member might try to exploit.

If you’re doing estate planning (or plan to do it very soon), make sure you find a great attorney in your area.

The Other Side Has a Lawyer

While the law is very complex, deciding on hiring a lawyer can be relatively simple. For instance, answer this simple question: does the other side have a lawyer?

Representing your own case in court may be considered acceptable if the other person is doing the same. But if they have hired legal representation, you need to go ahead and do the same.

Remember, it’s a lawyer’s job to know the law and “speak the language” necessary to present a good case. Furthermore, a local lawyer may have insights into the local area and even the judge that may prove helpful to your case.

When Time Is of The Essence

Want to hear a secret most people don’t know about the law? Even when a case is going well for you, it could be a long time before anything happens.

If you feel that this is a time-sensitive issue, then it’s worth hiring a lawyer. One reason is that such a professional may be able to encourage the other party to agree to a settlement.

Now, some people dislike settlements because the other party typically pays less than they would have to pay if they lose the case. But a settlement guarantees your side both a win and (some of) the money.

Divorce And/Or Child Custody

Some cases arguably never need a lawyer while other cases always need one. One of the biggest examples of the latter is if you are dealing with issues of divorce,  child custody, and child support.

In those cases, the stakes are about as high as they can get. All of your shared property is up for grabs, and so is your ability to spend time with your children!

Plus, remember when we said you always need a lawyer if the other side has one? Go ahead and assume your spouse has hired a lawyer and give yourself and your attorney the time you need to gather evidence.

You certainly don’t want to lose your case and be stuck looking for apartments after you lose your home.

There Is Evidence Against You

Speaking of evidence, here is another straightforward case of whether you should hire a lawyer or not. Be sure to hire a lawyer if there is evidence against you, especially evidence that seems compelling.

A good attorney may be able to get a judge and jury to look at compelling evidence in a different light. Even better, such an attorney may be able to prove that the evidence was illegally obtained and therefore inadmissible in a court of law.

Make no mistake: when the other side has evidence, it puts your case in serious danger. Better to hire representation now and give yourself the best possible chances.

You’ve Been Injured

We’ve mentioned doing the math a few different times. But there is one scenario where it is difficult to do the math, and that is when you have been injured.

This is because the number of damages you may be eligible for extends beyond things like medical costs and missed employment. You need to also consider things like how this will affect future employment and the more intangible cost of emotional damages.

Hiring a lawyer is wise in these cases because they will have a better idea of how much these things are worth and how much you should ask for. And in this case, the cost of the lawyer may be far outweighed by the damages you are eligible for.

When to Hire a Lawyer: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to handle these stressful situations: hire a lawyer! But do you know how else to deal with the stress in your life?

Here at the DiSHH, we bring news you can use each week. To see how we can help you relax, check out our simple ways to unwind and recharge!

6 Most Common Problems with an AC Unit

6 Most Common Problems with an AC Unit

Is your air conditioning unit ready to face the summer heat?

If not, you should add some AC maintenance to your home improvement to-do list. Summer is right around the corner, which means your AC usage is likely going to increase. Just like any appliance in your home, your AC unit needs some attention every once in a while to keep it running smoothly.

Air conditioners are expensive to replace, so fixing small problems as they pop up will save you a lot of money down the road. Keep reading to learn more about some secret warning signs your AC unit might need some attention right away. 

Signs Your AC Unit Might Be in Trouble

No one likes to call the AC Repair Company, but the truth is that taking proper care of your AC unit before summer starts will ensure that things run smoothly for you all season long. 

If you’re not familiar with your AC unit, here are six of the most common AC problems you should check for before it’s too late: 

1. A Clogged or Dirty Filter 

Make sure you research your unit’s manufacturer to see how often you need to change the filter. Some units need their filter changed every month, but some can go longer.

A clogged filter is one of the most common reasons your AC won’t work, so check this before moving on to other options. 

2. Fluid Is Leaking 

A leaking AC unit is never a good sign. If you see a pool of coolant forming around your unit, call a professional for help. A coolant leak means that your machine’s temperature will fluctuate and it won’t work correctly. 

3. Backed-Up Drain

Just like the filter, the AC unit’s drain can get clogged and back-up. When the drain pan fills up, the backed up water will pool around the unit and cause damage. If you notice water around the unit, call a professional HVAC team right away. 

4. Refrigerant Is Running Low 

Every AC needs refrigerant, which is the chemical that helps turn hot air from outside into cool air before it enters your home. Before you try to fix anything yourself, check for a leak. 

Low refrigerant is usually a sign that there’s a leak in your unit, so you should call an AC repair company to get an expert opinion. 

5. Frozen Coil 

The transition from cold to hot weather can be brutal on your AC unit. Your unit’s coil might freeze, which means that there is a problem with the airflow or it’s a sign that your refrigerant is low. 

6. It’s Getting Too Much Sunlight 

You’ll have to keep a close eye on your AC unit if it sits in a sunny spot. Units that are exposed to constant sunlight will heat up and have to work harder to keep your home cool. Move your unit if you can, or check it often to make sure it’s in good condition. 

Get Professional Help to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer 

If you want your AC unit to keep you cool all summer, make sure you schedule an appointment with an AC repair company right away. 

You should also check out the rest of our website for more home renovation tips!

7 Tips for Managing the Business Payroll

7 Tips for Managing the Business Payroll

Did you know that one-quarter of small business owners spend six or more hours on payroll taxes each month? That’s a fair amount of time you could be spending on other vital tasks.

Managing small business payroll processing doesn’t need to be time-consuming though. Use these seven tips to make it easier starting today.

1. Make Decisions about How to do Payroll

Before you hire an employee, you should make some decisions about how you’ll conduct payroll.

This includes deciding how to pay your employees and how often you’ll pay them. Will you have salaried employees, or will they be paid an hourly wage? Will you pay them every week or every two weeks?

Think about how much time you’ll spend tracking hours, calculating payroll taxes, and writing checks.

2. Pick the Right Small Business Payroll Processing System

Next on your payroll setup checklist is choosing systems to support your activities.

First, decide on a timekeeping system. How will you track hours for your employees? You’ll need to record time off and overtime as well.

You’ll also want to choose a payroll system. The right system will help you calculate your employees’ checks, taxes, and more.

3. Prepare to File Paperwork

If you’re learning how to prepare payroll, one thing that might surprise you is how much paperwork there is.

There’s more to it than calculating how much you need to pay your employees. You also need to hold back taxes and remit those withholdings. You have to prepare tax forms, such as W2s, and file W4s for all new employees.

In short, you’ll be doing plenty of paperwork during every payroll processing period.

4. Automate Withholding

If you chose the right payroll processing service, you should be able to automate calculations. This can save plenty of time, especially when it comes to calculating state and federal taxes.

You should also keep in mind any voluntary withholding. This can include deductions for pension plans or other benefits you might offer.

5. Look to Your Record Keeping

One of the challenges of small business payroll is keeping records. Maintaining good records is mandatory for businesses.

Be sure to check that you’re compliant with both federal and state laws. Depending on where your business is located, you may have different requirements. The records you need to keep may also depend on the industry you’re in.

6. Stay up to Date

Another challenge of payroll processing is ensuring everything is up to date. Take the time to review your employees’ records. Have their addresses changed?

You may need to collect updated tax forms from time to time. You should also keep track of raises and benefits.

You’ll also want to stay up to date with the latest best practices in payroll. Monitoring the legal framework is also a good idea. Keep an eye on taxes as well, since the rates can change annually.

A great resource to use is the blog at https://www.paystubcreator.net/. The experts there write about the latest tax changes and provide great insights.

7. Create a Budget

Create a budget for processing payroll in your small business, even if you handle it yourself. This will help you track costs and the time you spend administering payroll.

It also allows you to re-evaluate the costs and explore new solutions.

Make Payroll Easier Now

Small business payroll processing can be time-intensive. It doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right tools and advice, you can make payroll easier than ever.

If you’re looking for more great business advice, check out our blog. We have plenty of tips to help you keep your business growing.

Living in NYC vs Living in CT

Living in NYC vs Living in CT

You’ve just received a job promotion on the East Coast and you’re trying to figure out if you should move to the heart of New York City in an apartment like the ones at this website https://www.thecolenyc.com/. Or you may want to mix things up a bit and might even rent waterfront apartments in Norwalk, CT since it’s only about an hour outside the city.

This is a tough decision, to say the least. Living in NYC will put you close to the action and very close to your job as well. But living outside of the city in Connecticut definitely has its perks too.

To help you decide which option is the best, we’d like to share some fun facts about living in NYC as opposed to living in Norwalk CT. So pay attention to the information we share below and use it to choose your new place to live.

The Financial District in NYC

Anyone who lands a job on Wall Street would definitely love to live in the heart of New York City. It’s an amazing opportunity to live close to work, and when you work on Wall Street you put in serious hours so being close to home instead of commuting is definitely a big plus.

The financial district is also exciting to be around because of the great restaurants, the bar scene, the New York Stock Exchange, the bull statue, and the whole nine yards. You’ll feel right at home in this exciting place.

Diversity Is the Name of the Game in NYC

Another wonderful thing about living in the city is the ethnic diversity. You’ll love meeting and talking to people from various cultures from all over the world. And believe it or not, it’s estimated that more than 800 languages are spoken in NYC which is really incredible because it’s all in one place!

If you have diverse tastes and like to venture outside of the typical American food choices, you’ll also love New York City because of the exceedingly diverse restaurants on offer. You’ll fall head over heels in love with this place because the food is amazing, it’s ethnically diverse in all the right ways, and you’ll please your taste buds every time you try something new.

The Amazing Beaches in Norwalk CT

Choosing to live in the perfect luxury apartment in Norwalk CT is a no-brainer if you happen to enjoy beaches because they are plentiful in the area. In fact, there are a number of exciting spots to visit on days off or on the weekends when you want to catch some fun in the sun and sand. Calf Pasture Beach and Rowayton Beach are both great beaches with wonderful crowds and lots of excitement during the warm spring and summer months.

The Nightlife in Norwalk CT Is Second to None

If you are a young professional just making their way in the world, you’ll love living in Norwalk because they really know how to party after dark. And even better, the food and alcohol are relatively inexpensive here when compared to New York City so you’ll save a bundle, still have an amazing time, and actually be able to afford to live your dream life.

In Norwalk, Black Bear is such an exciting place. On Tuesdays, they have two dollar tequila and tacos which can’t be beaten! Or if you like Burger Bar because it’s more your speed, you’ll really appreciate the inexpensive food and cheap beer currently on tap.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to move to NYC or Norwalk CT is up to you. Just know that both places are great to live in for a wide variety of reasons. So think about it and choose the destination that seems most likely to meet your needs.

5 Simple Home Renovation Ideas

5 Simple Home Renovation Ideas

Every home needs a makeover from time to time, but sprucing up your living space can quickly turn into a costly endeavor. There are dozens of benefits to remodeling parts of your home, however, most homeowners are looking to save cost wherever they can. Before you go draining your savings, check out these five simple home renovation ideas.

  1. A Greener Lawn

While you may be focused on the interior of your home, the first thing any guest or visitor notices is the exterior. New roofing or siding can be insanely expensive, but bringing out the natural beauty of your home is as simple as sprucing up your yard.

With an automatic lawn sprinkler system, you can have your grass looking greener than ever before. By sprucing up the appearance of your yard, you’re helping the color and materials of your home pop from a street view.

  1. Rethink the Kitchen

From cabinets to countertops, giving your kitchen a makeover is one of the most expensive renovations out there. Instead of spending all your hard-earned cash, there are two simple solutions that will leave you with enough leftover dough for a vacation.

Start by painting your cabinets a neutral color if they aren’t already. From there, paint the kitchen island an eye-catching color. This contrast works wonders on any home and saves a ton of cost thanks to the cheaper price of paint.

If you want to take things one step further, add tall wall skirting to the tops of your cabinets. The effect is glamorous, and you can make this an easy DIY weekend project. It’s easier than most homeowners think.

  1. Faux Hardwood

Adding the sleek look of wood floors gives your home a timeless yet modern appeal. Wood flooring, of course, is often an expensive purchase. Instead of shelling out money on the real thing, check out your local hardware stores wood-look offerings.

While you’re replacing the floors, this is an excellent time to bring an exterminator into the home for a once-over to ensure your home is pest free. With a quick online search, you can find companies offering termite treatment in San Bruno and beyond.

Another trick to consider is running your flooring at a different angle. Horizontal is often played out, which is why many homeowners are running their flooring at an angle. This offers a unique look that can help other accents in your home pop.

  1. Different Tiles

If your bathroom needs a facelift, there are dozens of options. Before you invest in a decadent shower or new counters, though, you should consider using different tiles in different spaces. Choosing one option for your floors and another for the tub or shower surrounds creates an appealing contrast.

  1.  Adding Space

Another simple yet highly effective remodel is adding additional space to your home. All it takes to create this effect is multi-layered shelving in your storage spaces. Aside from the aesthetic benefit, organizing your belongings is ten times easier. Of course, pouring a concrete pad out back is also technically considered adding space. Just don’t forget concrete sealer for driveways

Essential Supplements Busy Working Professionals Should Consider

Essential Supplements Busy Working Professionals Should Consider

When you work long hours, and especially if the workload is stressful, then you most certainly should consider supplementation. There are certain things your body needs to perform at the top level, and if you aren’t getting enough nutrients the natural way then taking supplements can help fill that void.

Additionally, there are some supplements you can take daily that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and even promote increased fat loss. Every person is different and you should always consult a doctor or health professional before starting to take any supplements, even those sold over the counter.

But, there are some common supplements you should start to look into if you are serious about taking your health, energy and overall performance to the next level. Here are a few that are worth looking into.


BCAAs are Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and they are something that promotes overall health and contribute to high energy levels. Your body needs these and it’s something that most people do not get enough of, which is why there are so many options when it comes to supplements.

“There are drinks that contain BCAAs, there are BCAA-specific powders that you can stack with other supplements, and there are even pill form BCAAs,” says Pat Skinner of answerfirst.com. So, no matter how you want to consume them, you have an option. This is something you take daily.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is what I like to call healthy fat. It’s the kind of fat your body needs and it’s great for your joints and muscle recovery. This is why it’s such a popular supplement for athletes that put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies.

But, it’s a basic supplement that everyone can benefit from. Personally, I don’t eat fish, so I have to make sure to get my fish oil daily via a pill. There are no special formulas when it comes to fish oil supplements. It’s exactly what you think it is — fish oil.

“Most fish oil companies extract it from cod and other common fish,” says Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive, a company that helps professionals learn how to write a resume. “It’s very inexpensive and most supplement manufactures sell it. You can also get it at any grocery store. It’s very common.”

Stimulant-Free Fat Burner or L-Carnitine

Want to drop weight? If so, then you need to cut fat, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by taking a daily fat burning supplement. While they work best when combined with daily exercise, there are some that have l-carnitine that can benefit those that aren’t very active in the gym.

“When taken at night, a fat burner can work to help reduce fat build up, but opt for a stimulant-free one so you can sleep,” says best mattress review site Slumber Search’s President, Chris Moberg. “Now there is no such thing as a magical fat burner, they can help when you eat clean.” For example, someone that removes fat from his or her diet and eats a protein rich diet, with minimal bad carbs and fat, and adds in a supplement like this they can see results.

Protein Powder

Consuming protein is something that needs to be done if you burn off a lot of calories working or being physical. This is why bodybuilders must take so much protein in order to maintain their gains. If not they will lose mass and muscle.

“Protein is clean energy,” says Oliver James of Perth Web Design. If you ate skinless chicken breast you would consume pure protein with little to no fat. This isn’t always convenient, so many turn to protein powders. This is a great option, but you need to be careful when selecting a powder. Make sure you avoid the ones packed with sugar at fat. Look for clean ones that have a healthy formula.

Daily Multi-Vitamin

“Busy entrepreneurs are always on the go and it makes it hard to eat healthy no matter how hard one tries,” says Tad Thomas, whose law firm handles truck accidents. “If you aren’t eating balanced meals then you are probably missing out on a lot of needed vitamins and minerals.”

Don’t worry, there is a supplement for that. There are several multi-vitamin options out there that will give you all the daily requirements in a pill or powder form.

All major grocery chains have their own multi-vitamin product and the cost is low. Everyone can benefit from adding this into his or her daily supplementation.


Along with owning a business comes a lot of stress and sleepless nights. This can wreak havoc on your skin, from dark circles under your eyes to outbreaks and acne. To help combat that, take a biotin pill daily.

“Biotin is a supplement that helps to promote healthy hair, skin and nails,” offers Loren Taylor of Soothing Company, maker of indoor fountains. “It’s actually something that everyone can benefit from, as we don’t generally get enough of it naturally. Busy working professionals just have the added stress, which can magnify things like acne and poor skin quality.”

Again, cost is minimal and there are many options. Combine this with a daily multi-vitamin for the best outcome

Simple Ways to Unwind and Recharge After a Long Day at The Office

Simple Ways to Unwind and Recharge After a Long Day at The Office

Working all day can leave you wiped out when it comes to heading home, but the last thing you want to do is just call it a day. Then the next thing you know it’s the next morning and you get into this vicious cycle or all work and no play.

Now, you have to take your work seriously, especially if you want to grow a successful business, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all social activities and fun from your life. Doing that would drive you insane and it would lead to stress piling on your back, eventually collapsing you.

It’s always a good idea to find ways to relax and unwind after a long day of work. This helps to reduce stress and it’s also an effective method of recharging your batteries. Here are a few ways to help you spark some ideas of your own.

Spend time with family or friends.

“If you have a family then something as simple as having dinner together or going out to eat as a group is a great way to spend quality time together as well as pre-occupy your mind, taking it off work and your business,” says Darryl Howard, founder of the online resource that helps people make money blogging.

You can also stay in and do a group activity, like have a game night, where you play board games and just spend time interacting. In a day and age where we are glued to our phones and social media all day, something like this is a great way to interact and unwind.

Rotate each game night, allowing a new family member to pick the games played. You can even make it more interesting by awarding prizes.

Physical activity outside or at the gym.

A lot of people use the gym as their time to get away from work and to unwind at the end of the day. It’s also a great form of healthy weight loss, as sitting behind a desk all day and not exercising will lead to unwanted gains in the belly area. If a night time workout is best for you, then by all means take full advantage of it. The gym is often the best place to disconnect and recharge.

But, if you prefer to work out in the morning or if lifting weights just isn’t your thing, then you can do some other form of physical activity instead.

“Something like going for a bike ride or paddle boarding is also great, because it gets you outside and it involves physical activity,” says Ignacio Soria of CANN & Co. “If you are in an office environment all day working on the computer then the time outside and in the fresh air will be great for you.”

Netflix and relaxation.

There is nothing wrong with watching TV, so don’t feel bad if your favorite way to unwind involves the television and some good movies.

One of the most popular streaming services is Netflix and many times a good movie, from a new release or a classic favorite, is all that is needed to disconnect.

“Rest and sleep is vital for recharging your body,” says marketing agency CEO April Gillmore, whose ClickFirst Marketing’s services are tailored for businesses of all sizes and industries. “While you don’t want to veg out on the couch every night, there is nothing wrong with it once in a while. Sometimes you need to just plunk down and do nothing. Listen to your body. If it’s telling you to rest, do it.”

Cook dinner from scratch.

“Cooking can be one of the best stress relievers, and it’s something you can do with your significant other as well,” says Andrew Tran of anxiety blanket manufacturer Therapy Blanket. “It can be quite relaxing as well as satisfying, since you are creating something from scratch.”

You can carve out a few hours and dedicate it to this, from initial prep time to the actual meal itself. A lot of people get into cooking as a way to start a hobby, and they soon realize they truly enjoy it.

Many even say that cooking is therapeutic and relaxing. It’s something that you might not think you will enjoy until you actually give it a try.

Partake in a specialty hobby.

Do you like golfing? Bowling? How about painting? Any hobby that pulls your mind and focus away from work is something that you should make sure you allocate some time to each week.

“Many people will join a sporting league simply to have something to go to,” says Karen Anderson, probate application process specialist at The Probate Law House. “This forces them to commit and for many, they need to have that commitment to pull them out of the office.” Many self-employed people are so wrapped up in their business that they will not leave unless they have that commitment and other people counting on them showing up.

If you fall into this category then it’s a great way to leverage that pressure and commitment to get you away from work and focused on something other than work.

Read a book.

Reading is beneficial for a few reasons. It’s a great personal development tool and it can help expand your mind. It is also very relaxing to many people.

“If you are connected to technology all day reading allows you to stimulate your mind without technology,” suggests Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor. “You read and make your own picture in your head.” This type of creative freedom is needed by many, and technology prevents a lot of free thinking.

They say the most intelligent people in the world read daily. So, doing so in the evening sure can’t hurt.

Write in a journal.

Before you cringe at the thought of more ‘work’ you can’t think of it like this, and if it would feel like work to you then this isn’t something you should consider. Remember, not every tip is going to be ideal for everyone. The key is to find things that work and are effective for you, personally.

For many people, writing is almost therapeutic, as it allows them to get thoughts and ideas off their mind and onto paper. This de-clutters the minds, reduces stress and is actually quite enjoyable to some people,” says top cosmetic dentist Brett Moore DDS, of Smile Design Dentistry. “You can write about anything you like; a hobby, and interest or just life happenings.”

Annoying Things Couples Do Without Realizing It

Many people search for happiness in their relationships, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing or displaying that happiness around others. However, it is important to remember sometimes that your single friends, while happy for you, may not always appreciate the things you do and say as part of a couple. Here are a few annoying things couples do without actually realizing it.

  1. Thinking that every event is for couples.

If you’re part of a couple, you absolutely do not need to hang out with other couples only. In fact, thinking that every event has to be coupled-up may be very awkward for your single friends (imagine how a fifth person feels who arrives at dinner without a date). When planning fun events and outings, be open to keeping it as a “friends” event instead of a “couples” event.

  1. Ditching your friends all the time.

One of the worst types of friends is the person who constantly ditches their friends once they become “Someone’s Boyfriend” or “Someone’s Girlfriend”. Yes, you love your significant other, but your friends love you too (and while romances may come and go, good friends can stay with you a lifetime). So take time to nurture your friendships and be careful not to neglect them when you become half of a couple.

  1. Always trying to be a matchmaker.

Some friends don’t mind being occasionally set up on a date with someone; after all, this is how many relationships got started in the first place. But some people tend to go really overboard with this. It is as if they are so happy being part of a couple that they MUST help their single friends to experience the same bliss as they do. Maybe some friends want to be part of a couple, but maybe others are just fine being single. Don’t push your single friends too much when it comes to matchmaking, as you could risk alienating them, as if their single status is not good enough. Instead, a better option is to refer them to a professional matchmaking service like Kelleher International.

  1. Too much baby talk.

Every parent thinks that their baby is THE cutest baby in the world. They constantly post pictures on Facebook and Instagram of Little Johnny’s first word, first tooth, and first day of preschool. While your friends may love your kids, be assured that no one wants to hear about them all of the time. Keep it in moderation. When meeting up with friends, it’s best to keep your parental enthusiasm to a few brief updates and a couple of new pictures. If your friends want to know more, let them ask. Otherwise, they may think that the only thing happening in your life is all kid-related, which can make you appear boring.

  1. Too much PDA.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with public displays of affection. In fact, a couple that never shows any sort of outward affection toward each other is just going to appear weird. However, tactful couples know how to moderate their PDA to a simple kiss or an arm around the shoulder. Making out in public as if you haven’t seen each other in months is only going to make people uncomfortable, so it’s wise to know where to draw the line.

  1. Bragging about your partner.

Of course, you think the world of your significant other (otherwise you wouldn’t be with them). But a person who talks obsessively about their boyfriend or girlfriend and how wonderful they are is likely to irritate their friends after a while, or make others feel that they are caught in some kind of couples’ competition to decide who has the best partner. Try to curb your enthusiasm a bit and don’t feel that you always need to brag about your partner. It is fine to mention something awesome they achieved (such as snagging that promotion at work) but there are plenty of other things to talk about with your friends and family.

  1. Assuming Your Partner Must Be Involved In Everything.

If one of your friends suggests a night out, don’t automatically assume that your partner has an invite too. In your days of being single, you may have enjoyed having a girls’ night or a guys’ night, so continue that tradition after you become part of a couple. It is good for you to spend some time away from your partner to connect with your friends, because, as the saying goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

The key to a healthy relationship is setting boundaries and respecting others. Whether you have been in a relationship with someone for years or you have just started a new one, be aware of the things you are doing and how they might make others around you feel. Your friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Summer Skin Care Tips – Genucel Has You Covered

Summer Skin Care Tips – Genucel Has You Covered

The long, dark and dry winter days are finally over. Summer is just around the corner, and you are ready to bask in its warmth and sunshine. However, before you do that, think about how the extra hours in the sun can affect your skin. Specifically, how will they impact the delicate skin of your face that is going to be exposed the most?

There will the occasional summer sun burn, UV rays are particularly dangerous and threatening as they can accelerate typical signs of aging that include fine lines,  wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Add to that the threats of humidity and hot temperatures that cause their own set of skin problems such as extra oil and shine. In order to protect your skin, in order to foster the most beautiful summer skin all summer long, follow the best skin regimen for the hot, sunny months that are ahead of us. The Genucel skin care line by Chamonix has devised a skin care routine that will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out

  1. Cleanse twice a day and exfoliate for radiant skin

The hot and humid air may cause your skin to be more oily than usual. You may also experience more sweat than during the previous spring and winter months. In order to maintain your skin both matte (read: not oily) as well as moisturized, cleansing twice daily with a natural wash is the best approach. In the morning, the wash will help remove oil and debris that may have accumulated overnight, while at night it may help remove residue that has built up during the day. Exfoliation is one secret to smoother and younger looking skin. Whatever your age, exfoliation is beneficial to help keep skin clear of blemishes by removing dead skin. Every day, dirt and skin cells build up and clog the pores. Microdermabrasion is like deep cleansing the skin. Genucel’s Cristalles Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin for a younger and smoother appearance. This treatment reveals radiant, smooth skin, and the best part is that you do not have to go to the spa for this. Cristalles Microdermabrasion uses Magnesium oxide which is the same ingredient spas use for microdermabrasion. As such, it encases the exfoliant in a rich cream base – this luxurious cream moisturizes and soothes the skin to improve the appearance of roughness, acne, age spots, skin discoloration, fine facial lines, and wrinkles. Regular exfoliation may even enable your skin to better absorb other products.

  1. Light Daily Moisturizer

Given the summers humidity and hot temperatures, you no longer need the thick and greasy moisturizers that you have turned to during the winter. The key to maintaining glowing and radiant skin during the humid and hot summer months is a light moisturizer that will leave your skin hydrated without making it too greasy and/or clogging your pores. Chamonix’s Genucel XV is a soft and silky moisturizer that is also an advanced wrinkle treatment and perfect to use during the summer time. The cream is based on the latest Plant Stem Cell technology with new peptides, hyaluronic acid and a few other ingredients that not only moisturizes effectively but also offers powerful anti-aging effects. The proprietary base of calendula flower and essential oil extracts help you achieve the difficult combination of moisturized skin and breathing and free pores.

  1. Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes always needs more TLC than the rest of your face, and this is especially true in the summer heat. Using regular moisturizer under the eyes may be too think and heavy and therefore wear them down. What you want to use is something light that will leave the area under your eyes moisturized but also light at the same time.

Genucel is the industry leader’s latest under-eye product that will help make tired eyes look younger instantly. The secret is in a. blend of Beautifeye and Meadowlactone that will help improve the appearance of your eyes. Beautifeye is a mix of rare botanica extracts, while Meadowlactone is an ingredient that is extracted from meadowfoam seed oil, one of the most effective moisturizers on the market.

  1. Wrinkle Care

Protecting your face from the heat and humidity of the summer months should be a priority. However, just because you are focused on that, it does not mean that you should not think about anti-wrinkle treatments. Given that the summer heat can leave your skin dehydrated, this can only enhance the appearance of wrinkles, especially those around your eye area.

Genucel’s Immediate effects reduces the appearance of wrinkles, bags, and puffiness around the eyes. It is based on the Relaxoderm technology that helps relax your facial muscles without harmful side effects while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and bags around your eyes for up to 24 hours. Other ingredients such as GABA and Gynostemma combine nicely to help relax the skin. We recommend combining it with Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy for the best results.

  1. Beauty Sleep and night creams

Now that you are cleaning your face twice a day and exfoliating on a regular basis, using an effective night cream is a great way to maintain your skin’s moisture, elasticity, and firmness. The Genucel Revitalizing Face Crème for night repair is a powerful firming and moisturizing product. It enhances the appearance of healthy, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin and works really well for mature and dry skin. The best part about this is that it all takes place while you sleep.

  1. Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays are always damaging to the skin and can lead to more wrinkles as well as spots. You want to look for something that will protect you from both UVA  and UVB rays so that your face does not burn and is not exposed to aging factors. Look for a sunscreen with a broad spectrum and a SPF of at least 30. For your body, a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more on any exposed skin is always good. Also, make sure to protect your shoulders, arms, hands or legs. For lip protection from the sun’s exposure, try SPF-rated lip balms or makeup.

  1. Hydrate

Summer’s higher temperatures and generally longer days outdoors in the heat can lead to internal dehydration. This can result in headaches, dizzy spells, lack of concentration and dry skin. In order to prevent all that, eight 8-ounce glasses of plain, filtered water a day may help maintain a moisture balance inside and outside. Drinking enough water every day can also help with detoxification. Also, be aware that if you are drinking caffeinated beverages (read: diuretics that are dehydrating), make sure that you drink at least three times the recommended amount of water.

Chamonix Skin care is a natural, antioxidant-based, and transformative line of products. The company creates their products around antioxidants as the primary ingredient with the confidence that elements such as grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Ester-C and others fight free radicals, boost collagen production, nourish, and moisturize the skin.

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