The Standard Terms and Conditions of a Commercial Pest Control Service

There are many parts of a commercial pest control service agreement; you should have an understanding. This article will cover topics such as Cooperation, Termination, and Indemnification. If you have questions or concerns, contact the company directly or review the agreement before signing. We hope this article will help you understand your deal better.


If you wish to terminate your commercial pest control service agreement with a company, you must do so in writing. 

The Agreement applies to the parties listed in the document. It covers objects, spaces, properties, activities, and other items on the Customer’s premises. In addition, the Service Agreement includes terms and conditions regarding the preliminary treatments, which Pest Service provider will provide based on the Customer’s inspection. The Agreement will be null and void if the Customer refuses the first treatment. They must offer unique treatments to address specific conditions on the Customer’s premises and keep their equipment clean and free of debris after each treatment.

The Customer may terminate the Service Agreement if it deems the contract no longer suitable. This includes any increase in the annual fee. However, in this case, the Customer must give notice to the service provider at least three (3) months before the annual fee is due. If the annual fee is more than the permitted increase, the Customer can terminate the Agreement by delivering a written request to the service provider within 30 days of notification.

Increase in service price

When you sign a commercial pest control service agreement, you agree to the following:

The Customer will ensure its staff is not exposed to health hazards while performing its services. It is responsible for maintaining its employees’ clean and sanitary working environment. The Customer is responsible for cleaning and restoring affected areas after a service. Upon completion of the agreement, the Customer must reimburse American Pest for lost, stolen, or materially damaged equipment.


The Standard Terms and Conditions of Commercial Pest Control Service agreements are the terms of a contract between the customer and a pest control service provider. This agreement states that the pest control service provider, will perform services according to state and federal laws and may adjust service charges if these laws change. In addition, a customer agreeing to the terms of this agreement waives any right to a jury trial.

The Proposer shall provide labor and materials necessary to provide the pest control services specified in the scope of work. The Proposer shall follow all regulations and laws and obtain the permits required to complete the service. The contracting party may need subsequent treatments if the Proposer fails to meet these deadlines.


This Standard Terms and Conditions Commercial Pest Control Service Agreement (STCCPSA) must be used when pest control services are rendered in Missouri, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, or Wisconsin. These states have particular rules about pest control services. Therefore, a Standard Terms and Conditions Commercial Pest Control Service Agreement is essential whether the service is provided on a residential or commercial property. In addition, the STCCPSA should include information about how to protect the property from pests.

Indemnification coverage must be based on the amount of liability incurred by the party being indemnified. However, indemnification cannot be deemed a waiver of sovereignty by the Owner. The Contractor must be insured against any liability resulting from their professional services. For example, a contractor who is required to be licensed or certified must have this coverage. In addition, a Commercial Pest Control Service Agreement must be reviewed periodically to ensure the Contractor’s quality and effectiveness.

Credit check

Before a customer signs a commercial pest control service agreement, the company will run a standard credit check. The check will be conducted at the time of the Customer’s initial sign-up and will be repeated throughout the agreement term. Suppose the credit rating of the customer is less than satisfactory. In that case, the company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and seek acceptable security or advance payments to continue service delivery. The credit check may take up to 30 days, so the company may charge for the cancellation if the customer does not provide adequate notice.

You should ask about the company’s membership in the National Pest Management Association or the Better Business Bureau. You can also check for company recommendations. You may have to seek other service providers if the company does not belong to any of these organizations. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start. Its online document management system allows customers to view the paperwork at their own pace. And it’s mobile-friendly, too!