What the Sharp-Dressed Groom is Wearing in 2020

If you have popped
the question and are preparing for a 2020 wedding, your attire will be
something you need to give some serious thought. Obviously, you want to look
your best on this most special of days, and with that in mind, here a few looks
that the sharp dresser will be wearing when he walks down the aisle this year.

  • The Eccentric Look – If you are a man who doesn’t follow the
    crowd, make sure everyone knows this by creating a colourful and very unique
    look that simply suits your personality. Flashy tie and the style of suit that
    you love, and with some very bright socks from a trendy online supplier, you
    will cut a unique look that reflects the kind of person you are. If you feel
    comfortable with a Panama hat or a cane, then go for it! The great thing about
    going over the top is that it matters not – you are, after all, a completely
    eccentric person!
  • The Blue Tuxedo – Ryan Gosling’s blue tuxedo stole the show at the 64th
    Cannes Film Festival, and for good reason, as the look was labelled ‘modern
    elegance’, with white flower button-hole and a nice silk handkerchief. Black
    patent leather shoes and patterned socks make up the rest, and with online sock
    suppliers, you can view an extensive range of patterns, colours and designs,
    choosing something suitable. A lilac silk shirt blends well with the tux, and
    as for bow ties, think bright and creative, with a matching silk handkerchief
    and there you have it!
  • The Gatsby Look – Glitzy and stylish, with silk matching waistcoat
    and bow tie, the groom who wears this will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Made
    to measure is the only way to go, and be prepared to spend some money, after
    all, you only get married once! A 1920s style Italian silk suit forms the basis
    of your look, and with stylish brogues in black or brown and chequered socks
    from https://philosockphy.com, your Gatsby look is complete. A pocket
    watch is a must, along with a silk handkerchief and some stylish cufflinks, and
    you are ready for the biggest day of your life.
  • Crisp, White 3-Piece Suit – If there was ever an occasion for that
    tailored white suit, this would be it. Matching the bride is a great idea and
    you can accessorise with red or black, depending on your style, and if you
    sport long hair and have a slightly rugged appearance, this is the look for
    you. The Panama hat is definitely a possibility and such a distinguished look
    definitely demands an elegant pocket watch.

As this is to be a
very special day in your life, you should pull out all the stops and make sure
that you complement your bride with a stylish suit that reflects your
character. We would recommend a full dress rehearsal a couple of days prior to
the big day, just to be on the safe side, then you walk down the aisle, knowing
that you look your very best.