Businessman: How to Spell?

Businessman: How to Spell?

In the realm of business, the term “businessman” is widely recognized and used. However, when it comes to spelling, there can be some confusion. In this article, we will explore the correct spelling of “businessman” and address common misconceptions surrounding its usage. So let’s dive into the world of spelling and uncover the truth!

The Correct Spelling of “Businessman”

Spelling and Usage

The correct and widely accepted spelling of the term is “businessman”. It is formed by combining the words “business” and “man,” representing an individual involved in business activities, management, and entrepreneurship. This spelling is used to refer to both male and female business professionals.

Gender-Neutral Terminology

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on gender-neutral language and inclusive terminology. As a result, alternatives to the term “businessman” have emerged to accommodate a more diverse and inclusive representation.

Misconceptions and Alternatives

Misconception: “Businessperson”

A common misconception is that the term “businessman” should be replaced by “businessperson” to ensure gender neutrality. However, it’s important to note that “businessperson” is not an official spelling and is not widely recognized. It is more commonly used as a generic term, without a specific gender connotation.

Misconception: “Businesswoman”

Another misconception is that the term “businessman” should be replaced by “businesswoman” when referring to a female business professional. While “businesswoman” is a valid term specifically used to refer to women in business, it does not encompass the broader range of business professionals and may not be appropriate in all contexts.

Embracing Gender-Inclusive Terminology

To address the need for gender-inclusive terminology, some alternative terms have gained popularity. These terms aim to be more inclusive while maintaining the essence of the original term:


“Businessperson” is a gender-inclusive term that can be used to refer to individuals engaged in business activities. It avoids specifying gender and promotes inclusivity. However, it is important to note that its usage may not be as widespread or well-established as “businessman.”

Business Professional

The term “business professional” is a broader and more inclusive alternative to “businessman.” It encompasses individuals of any gender involved in business and can be used as a gender-neutral term. It highlights the professionalism and expertise of individuals in the business field.


In conclusion, the correct spelling of the term is “businessman,” representing an individual engaged in business activities. While there has been a push for gender-inclusive language, the alternatives such as “businessperson” and “businesswoman” have gained varying levels of recognition and usage. It is important to consider the context and audience when choosing terminology.