The World of Cybersecurity Is Changing: The Biggest Cybersecurity Trends of 2019

Are you playing catch up on the latest cybersecurity trends?

It isn’t surprising. The internet is moving quickly, and it can be hard to keep everything straight.

But you can’t afford to stay in the dark. There is a new hacking attempt every 39 seconds.

While a lot is happening, some topics are more important than others. We will cover those in this post.

Keep reading to learn six security trends that you need to look out for.

1. Personalized Phishing Attacks

With all the personal information people are providing online, it’s easier for attackers to use your information against you.

Security specialists believe that phishing emails will contain more personal information to add trust to their messages.

This personalization will make phishing attacks harder to spot in the future.

2. Growing Use of Two-Factor Authentication

A lot of internet users have been hesitant to adopt two-step authentication. People thought that passwords would be enough.

But with all of the security breaches over the last few years, people are starting to take a second look.

Two-factor authentication is the process of using another authentication step for logging into a system in addition to your password.

This authentication can be in the form of a text message code, email code, hardware verification, or smartphone authenticator app.

3. Data Regulation

It started in Europe with the passage of the GRDP regulations. Expect more rules to be passed globally.

Users have become extremely concerned about their privacy, so governments are beginning to put in place regulations that mandate data privacy.

Companies will face hefty fines and other penalties if they don’t take the proper precautions to protect user data.

4. IoT Attacks

The internet of things has taken off. As more people become reliant on it in their lives, it will become more of a target for hackers.

IoT attacks in 2019 are expected to reach an all-time high. Consumers and businesses will need to be diligent about protecting their devices.

5. AI Cyberattacks

Everyone thought it was great when an AI beat the Go grandmaster. But an increase in AI capabilities can lead to other problems.

This problem comes when malware gets AI capabilities. This change will lead to smarter viruses that are harder to protect yourself from and harder to get rid of.

6. More Security Professionals

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, we have an increasing needs of talent to battle threats. This increase in threats will lead to a significant increase in jobs in the security field.

There are now many cyber security training programs being developed to train people to deal with problems. This trend isn’t likely to stop in 2019 and should continue in the future.

Follow These Cybersecurity Trends to Stay Updated

The security field is advancing faster than it ever has. There’s no way you can get around that with the new threats that are being introduced every day.

Make sure you are up to date on cybersecurity trends, so you don’t fall prey to a cyber threat in the future.

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