Get Qualified! 8 Professional Certifications to Make You More Marketable

Do you want to be more competitive in the job market? Finding the best professional certifications is not always easy. You need to consider which career path you want to follow and look for the best certifications.

This allows you to have greater chances of securing your dream job. Additionally, professional business certifications help upgrade your resume.

Most certificate programs can be done in less than a year. Most of the job market career need someone with basic knowledge in the field. Around 78% of the well-paying middle-skilled job positions require you to have basic knowledge of technology.

Here are eight professional certifications to make you more marketable.

1. Human Resource Certifications

When looking for a job as a human resource, you don’t necessarily need a certificate in the field. But proving that you have qualifications makes you stand out in the job search market.

Every company would love to hire a qualified human resource manager. They need to be sure that you can do the job you are applying for. For this reason, you need to have a certificate that proves that you know what you are doing.

Nobody wants to hire someone who has no skills or know how to handle people in the company.

2. Sales Certifications

Being a successful salesperson is gained by experience. A great salesperson needs to have great convincing power and persuasion. You need to understand the people around you and know how you can convince them to buy.

However, having a certificate in sales is a great advantage in the job market. Getting professional business certifications allows you to have confidence when looking for employment.

Also, it makes you stand out to your potential employers. It allows them to have confidence in you and that you will do a great job.

3. Help Desk or Desktop Analyst Professional Certifications

If you are looking for a more senior role in the IT field, then these certificates will not be that impressive. But if you want a job on an entry level in the IT field like a help desk or desktop analyst, then the certificates will boost your resume.

Having professional certifications proves that you can work under pressure, and you are a professional. The certificates allow your potential employees to see that you can be able to perform your duties well. Additionally, they make you stand out in comparison to other job candidates.

4. Network Certification

If your dream career is to be a network engineer, then getting a network certificate will be a great addition. The certificate shows that you can be able to handle the pressure of working in a networking environment.

Additionally, the certificate is a great addition to your resume. Your potential employer will love the fact that you have put a lot of dedication in getting the necessary certificates.

When you acquire this business certification, you go through lab training and undertake a written exam. This requires you to have enough knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, it requires you to be dedicated to this career path and have perseverance.

5. Project Management Certification

Being a project manager requires you to have leadership and organizational skills. This is what enables you to make tough decisions and be ready to take risks.

A project manager is responsible for taking charge of any undergoing project. They take it from the starting point to completion. The certification is not a requirement, but employees love it since it shows them that they can handle any projects and deliver great results.

This certification is also important when you want to take a career as a manager. Since the skills gained can help you take control of situations and solve problems.

6. FolkLift Certification

This is one of the most sought after certification. A trained employee saves the company time and money and also complies with OSHA regulations. It improves workplace safety, thus saving the company claims on injury and illnesses.

The certification program is offered online making it easier for you to access. It also offered in record time, within hours you can secure a forklift certification. Click on this page and learn more about the program

Employers look at such a certification favorably since it a trained employee will reduce the cost of insurance. It also boosts morale and lowers stress since health and safety are the top focus in the workplace.

7. Pharmacy Technician Certification

A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists in the field of medicine. You get roles like filling prescriptions and some administrative responsibilities. Also, you get a role in the customer service where you handle patients.

You can take a pharmacy technician program in less than a year. Having this certificate helps you update your resume. This gives you high chances of competing in the job market.

However, having this certificate does not guarantee you a job as a pharmacist technician. You need to get more certificates and licensing. But having a pharmacist technician certificate makes it easy for you to be licensed.

8. Event Planner Certification

Most event planners don’t require a certificate; talent is all that is needed. A great event planner needs to be talented and has a passion for what they do.

Everybody wants to hire an event planner who loves their job and dedicates all their energy in making the event a success. You need to come up with visions of an event. This keeps your clients happy and interested in seeing the result.

Getting this certificate can help you be prepared to handle any number of events and the size. You get to learn how to make each event stand out and be unique.

Professional Certifications – Summing It Up

Getting professional certifications gives you the required skills and knowledge of the career path you choose. You get to understand the technical skills of the field you are interested in. This puts you in a better position with your potential employer.

You can look for a list of certifications and licenses that you can apply and enroll. This will make you more marketable while looking for a job. Visit our blog and learn more about different certificates that can help you advance your career.