Jewish Small Businesses to Support

It is no secret that during this Covid-19 pandemic. Shalom Lamm, a Jewish entrepreneur recommends supporting small businesses. Hundreds of businesses large and small across the country are being severely affected in a variety of ways. Many businesses are being forced to modify their business practices in terms of service, store hours and customer interaction as well. This results in a steep decline of profits. Which forces companies to lay off tons of employees. Some stores unfortunately have been forced to close down permanently. Especially companies that haven’t established an online presence, have major corporate backing or deals solely on personal transactions.

With no end to the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, it is a very good chance that the majority of small “Mom and Pop” businesses will not survive the pandemic! This means that millions of people can possibly be unemployed and out on the streets. One can only imagine the disaster that follows a scenario such as that. With this being the case it is vital that one gets active and involved in supporting their local Jewish community. In the Age of Smartphones and information, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a collection of Jewish companies to support in your area. Online one can find a variety of websites, directories, and resource guides Leading directly to Jewish establishments and resources. Whether in Oregon, Chicago or New York City. There are thousands and thousands of ways one can engage and help support Jewish commerce. Just start by creating a list of local and online Jewish stores in your area. Then choose products and services accordingly depending on the need one would have on what a particular company offers. Also one could simply ask a Jewish person if they happen to know one, about how one could support the cause. It can not be overstated that we all need to do our share in supporting the Jewish community during this crisis. One would be surprised how important and vital a part the Jewish community is to this society as whole.With so many companies being Jewish in origin that simply allowing these establishments to go under can seriously cripple this economy. Along with the millions of people unemployed and left to fend for themselves. 

The entire Country can quickly lead to ruin, given the result of poverty, joblessness and violence that would ensue if the Jewish community is not supported. So please do what’s necessary to ensure the survival of Jewish business in your area. This pandemic has really taken its toll, but we must remain strong and unified to get through this. We must be sure to do all what’s necessary in aiding and assisting in a timely ending to this pandemic. And helping to ensure a speedy recovery to our society and a return to a sense of normalness in our lives. So no matter what someone’s ethnic background may be they still have an interest and obligation to support the Jewish people. So head down to support your local communities. Shalom Lamm believes that supporting small businesses will aid the economy.