Crystallized Ginger Health Benefits

The ginger plant is known for providing several health benefits. It can treat nausea, it may boost weight loss, and it can be useful in the prevention of certain diseases.

Although ginger is good for you, not everyone loves the taste. Fortunately, you can eat it in crystallized form and still be able to take advantage of its wellness boosting characteristics.

This article will talk about crystallized ginger health benefits so you can decide whether you should be adding it to your diet.

What is Crystallized Ginger?

Crystallized ginger is ginger root peeled cut and boiled. It is then cooked in a thick syrup and allowed to dry. The result is a candy with a semi hard shell and a soft chewy center. It can be used to sweeten drinks or garnish desserts.

Although the added syrup means added sugar and calories, you can still take advantage of the many health benefits ginger has to offer.

Crystallized Ginger Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits crystallized ginger provides.

Has Strong Medicinal Properties: Ginger contains the bioactive compound gingerol, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may reduce oxidative stress and minimize the risk of certain diseases.

Treats Nausea: Ginger has been shown to treat nausea. Although more studies are needed to determine whether it can reduce chemotherapy related nausea in cancer patients, it has proven to be effective in reducing morning sickness.

May Boost Weight Loss: Studies show that ginger may be effective in reducing body mass index and blood insulin levels, which are associated with obesity.

Can Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain and Stiffness: Ginger has been shown to improve pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis. The plant was effective when taken orally and when applied topically.  

May Lower Blood Sugar and Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease: Ginger may have the ability to lower blood sugar and improve hemoglobin, a marker for blood sugar levels. This means it may be effective in treating diabetes and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Can Treat Chronic Indigestion: It is believed that chronic indigestion is caused by delayed emptying of the stomach. Studies have shown that ginger can speed the emptying of the stomach making it beneficial to those with indigestion and stomach discomfort.

Buying the Right Crystallized Ginger is Important

If you are looking to enjoy crystallized ginger health benefits, it’s important to buy a product made with all natural ingredients. That way you can feel confident that what you are eating does not contain anything that can negatively affect health and counter the benefits ginger offers.

The NOW Foods brand is known for providing all natural products that make them a leading name in the health food industry. Their Organic Crystallized Ginger Slices are made from natural ginger root. They are non-GMO, organic and contain no preservatives. They are great for baking and candy making.

If you are looking to add ginger to your diet, crystallized ginger may be the way to go. Its sweet taste makes it fun to eat and it offers crystallized ginger health benefits that boost wellness. How will you be adding it to your dishes?