The Infamous Gamer – Everyday Gift Cards You Need

Gift cards in the past years became a synonym for a perfect gift for our loved ones. In these times, when a global pandemic encourages us to keep social distancing, gift cards are a safe way for sending our love to the people we love and care about the most.

The Infamous Gamer is one of those sites specialized in selling online gift cards that you can either use or send to anyone you want to impress. 

As we’re curious about these things, we took some time to go through their offer and found many great gift cards that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The Infamous Gamer is not a pleasant surprise only for those in love with video games as the website offers many other everyday gift cards that we can use in online stores.

Here’s what we’ve found interesting and worthy of our time and money.

Popular Game Titles

The time when we had to buy video games on CD’s is long gone. Even the newest PlayStation 5 has a digital version where you can download the games on your HDD.

You can avoid the official games sites and purchase a game title on The Infamous Gamer through a gift card at a great bargain. If you’re buying it for yourself or looking for a way to surprise your loved ones, a gift card will be a perfect choice.

This gift card shop has many popular games on their offer, and you can choose among many genres.

FIFA 20 is one of those games that enchanted the gamer community with a great graphics design and improved mechanics, propelling the title to the top charts. You can find a gold edition of the game in this gift card shop for your Xbox One.

Another popular game that found its way on this site is BioShock. This gift card will give you three parts of the franchise and combine them into one exciting experience.

An action-packed game such as this will guarantee you will spend your time playing it with much joy and excitement.

There’s something for everyone, and we’re sure you’ll find a title that will complement your taste.

In-Game Purchases

Besides many great game titles that you can own by purchasing a gift card on The Infamous Gamer, you can find options that will grant you in-game currency or items. 

Microtransactions are a new way for game developers to cash in on their beloved game titles. For players to unlock an item or get a premium account, they will have to deposit a certain amount of cash on their accounts.  

World of Warcraft is one of those games where you need to pay a monthly subscription for it to play. This game is a good example where you can use gift cards bought on The Infamous Gamer for extending the monthly subscription.

If you want to surprise anyone playing this game, you can get a gift card for them that will unload a heavy burden off their back by not paying for the subscription in the next few months.

Additionally, in the midst of the Season of Discovery, players are not only focused on the subscription fees but also on amassing resources to thrive in this new era of exploration and conquest. With the introduction of fresh challenges and opportunities, the demand for WoW gold has surged. Acquiring gold through traditional means can be time-consuming, but with services where you can buy WoW gold season of discovery, players can swiftly bolster their coffers and equip themselves for the adventures that lie ahead. Whether it’s stocking up on consumables, securing rare items, or investing in lucrative ventures, purchasing WoW gold during the Season of Discovery can be a strategic move to stay ahead in the game.

Gift Cards for Online Shopping and Subscriptions

Among all these gaming gift cards mentioned above, you can find many others that you can use for online shopping or subscriptions.

The Infamous Gamer offers gift cards such as:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • PlayStation Network
  • Google Play Store
  • Steam Wallet
  • iTunes
  • Xbox Live

These gift cards can be the best presents for your loved ones that you can send out virtually without leaving the comfort of your home in times like these.

If you want to surprise someone and let them know that you care about them, but you don’t know what they might like having, a gift card like Amazon is a perfect choice. Buying one and sending it to someone will allow them to purchase an item of their choice. 

Have a look at what this site has in its offer, and we’re sure that you’ll find something useful for you or your loved ones.


The Infamous Gamer is a perfect match if you’re looking for a way to change the way you’ve purchased the games or paying for subscriptions. You can find many great deals that will come in useful for you when buying or playing a game.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make someone you care about happy, this site will give you many options when choosing a gift for them.

Look no further, as this site has everything you’ll ever need when choosing a gift like this.