Importance of Showing Signs of Respect

As children, the majority of us grow up hearing over and over again the importance of being kind, showing respect and helping out others. However, society does not really teach children or even adults why it is so important to do this. Shalom Lamm believes deeply that it is crucial and highly important for everyone to show respect to one another. Showing respect toward someone else goes a long way, and these are some of the reasons why he thinks this way.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Showing More Signs of Respect for One Another:

1.) To start, showing signs of respect to one another can be a great way to establish trust and a loving relationship.In any type of relationship, it is very important to first establish respect and trust. If there is trust, there will be some sort of mutual respect between the two parties. This is because trust helps individuals. I’ll be able to confide in one another and be more vulnerable towards one another. This is something that is necessary when it comes to developing a healthy relationship.

2.) Showing respect to one another and teaching children that this goes a long way he can also be a great way to welcome diversity. In this day and age, diversity is seen in many places. There are a group of minorities and people of color who are constantly put down or put aside based on where they come from and how they look. If we start to teach young children more about respect, we are also teaching them more about ways that they can welcome to varsity into their lives. Teaching children this at a young age can help break barriers for their future. For example, teaching children this when they are in elementary school can open up no ideas in children and can invite them to participate in anything bullying, and inviting other children who they may not necessarily talk to each day to form a relationship.

3.) Shalom Lamm thinks that teaching children about respect at a young age can also help them prepare for their adult lives. For example, if the children are being taught that respect is a huge part of a relationship, they will soon start to understand what it means to be respected and to show respect to another individual. In the long run, this can be something very helpful for them in their lives because they will be able to know when they are in unhealthy relationships and when the relationship is overall healthy. If the meaning of respect is not taught at a young age, chances are that these children will grow up to be adults who do not know how to fulfill their purpose in any type of relationship. Research studies have shown that they can also struggle with knowing the difference between being in a toxic or a healthy relationship in their adult lives as well.