Better Health Begins With Movement

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is by maintaining one’s health and staying in the best shape possible, regardless of any challenges that may come your way. Even though some people find it harder than others to keep up with their health, exercise on a consistent basis, and fuel their body with the necessary nutrients for optimal agility and health, it doesn’t have to be that way. While there isn’t a universal answer to optimal health that fits every person’s genetic needs and predispositions, you can always find a way to exercise, even when you are time or ability-challenged by using the miniTREAD™ which was invented by one of the founders of OnTheMuv

At this point, you are probably wondering, “what’s a miniTREAD and how can it help me improve my overall health?” True to its’ name, the miniTREAD is not your typical treadmill used at the gym or in the basement of your home; but instead, it’s a portable, seated treadmill which is used while working, under a desk, in front of a sofa, or anywhere that makes sense from a seated position. The miniTREAD helps build muscle mass and keep it intact as people age, while enabling better circulation.  In using the miniTREAD, we were able to have a high-quality workout without leaving home, and even improve our cardio strength as our duration and speed grew! While the miniTREAD is targeted towards those who want to exercise without having to leave their homes or go outside, the miniTREAD is a great exercise product for every adult. Without a doubt, the miniTREAD is a breath of fresh air in the constantly changing health and exercise community. 

The miniTREAD is extremely user-friendly.  For those that get stressed or overwhelmed by products that have too many applications, have no fear.  The miniTREAD was designed with color-coded buttons that make your workout far easier and full hand control mechanism that simply makes sense. A novice can exercise with the click of just a few buttons, while the overworked zoom-based manager can exercise and remain focused on the current internet call at hand. Unlike having to drive out to a public gym or having to go down to your basement to start up that oversized, underutilized treadmill, the miniTREAD’s size and weight (at approximately 20 pounds) makes it flexible, moveable, and a fitness product that doesn’t require the traditional planning to use. While it may be a much smaller than a typical treadmill, both the experts and our own testing have shown that the miniTREAD provides the same cardio and muscular benefits as walking on a traditional-sized treadmill, without having to get up from the couch. 

Since the pandemic began across the world, Zoom has made people far busier.  It has also made them more cost-conscious.  As a result, companies have figured out that the traditional commuting times are now ripe for calls and emails, which has reduced the amount of time we have for wellness.  Studies have shown that wellness activities and more longevity to our lives.  By adding the miniTREAD to your daily routine, you can continue your wellness program, reduce your stress, and never have to find additional time to exercise.  If that isn’t a win/win, we don’t know what is.   The miniTREAD is currently available on Amazon and through OnTheMuv online shopping site.