Harness The Power Of Your Brain Like Never Before

We all know the sayings suggesting that we should “grow old gracefully” or that “age is a state of mind.”  But scientists have literally proven that we have both a chronological age and a mental one.  The chronological one can’t be changed; however, there is a lot we can do to reduce our cognitive age.  Exercise, diet, rest, and nutrition impact our brain health.  But, research has found that adding a memory supplement, like Braini, also plays a significant role in slowing down our cognitive age while improving our day-to-day functionality.

According to a recent report by ResearchandMarkets.com, “memory supplements are anticipated to gain higher acceptance for the purpose of improving attention and focus. Increasing demand among sportspersons for supplements that improve concentration and focus is expected to generate growth opportunities for the North American market.”

Braini, a patented and clinical tested formula designed specifically to improve memory and cognitive function, is one of the few clinically trialed supplements that has consistently shown improvement in brain function with continued use.  The company is so confident that you will see improvement, that when you purchase your first product they offer a free online “Braini Powered Memory Test” secured by a third party testing company.  Thirty days after taking the first test, the customer will receive a second test link so they can retest and visually see the improvements from taking the Braini product(s). 

Troy Ball, the CEO and Co-Founder of Braini knows the supplement market like the palm of her hand.  As the spokesperson for the company, she regularly educates consumers about her product line.   “Braini is approved by the FDA for all ages.  Initially it was created for healthy aging and for those with learning differences, but over time we have learned that it can benefit healthy customers as well as athletes, and children,” says Ball.

This is an extremely important differentiator from other memory supplement products on the market today.  The supplement space is enormous and is focused on many verticals.  Ball believes, “the biggest misconception about supplements is that they are not regulated.  We are a regulated industry, though there is little enforcement which is sad.  The biggest misconception about the brain supplement space is that there are potentially many products that work.  Many stimulant products on the market use caffeine and B vitamins to give a person a brief buzz in performance, but those are not lasting changes.”  

As the market continues to mature, academicians, integrative care and traditional medical professionals are expected to focus more on the demand for memory supplements over the next decade.  The ResearchandMarkets report noted that, “these products are likely to gain high acceptance among people suffering from various cognitive ailments and conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.”

Whether you’re looking to extend your youth or harness the power of your brain functionality or your memory, the Braini family of supplements are likely what you’ve been searching for.  With a long-acting, documented, and patent pending formulation, this family of products includes some of today’s most critical vitamins and minerals.