10 Fun Ways to Explore Nature and Get Exercise

Types Of Exercise That Can Get You Into Great Shape

2022 can be the year that you finally keep your promise to get into decent shape. Your body composition will only go as far as the exercise takes you as you will have to eat in a healthy manner as well. Muscles are made in the gym while abs are made in the kitchen. Finding a form of exercise that you actually enjoy is something that could take a bit of trying. Other people love certain types of exercise and just need to get back into their old routine. The following are types of exercise that can get you into great shape. 


Yoga therapy can be great for the mind and body simultaneously. Yoga has been practiced for so long that there is an obvious spiritual element. Anytime that you can clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing you will find you are relieving stress. So many people have a tough time turning off their minds and yoga can allow you to do just that. Yoga is low-impact and can help people that have pain that is caused by a lack of flexibility. 


Swimming is a form of exercise that is easy on the joints which is very important. You do not want to try to do certain activities as it can come back to haunt you as you get older. You don’t want to have back knees or a bad back from running daily on concrete. Even water aerobics is done by elderly people as it helps get their heart rate up without a chance of serious injury. Interval training could be the best thing for you as you can maintain a heart rate. Holding your breath and breathing in a certain pattern can also drive up your heart rate and provide a great anaerobic workout. 

Spin Classes

Spin classes have gained popularity around the US in the last 15 years. The motivation that the right spin instructor can provide allows their students in the class to push themselves to new levels. Biking can be something that is far more fun for certain people that want to explore a certain area. You can even take spin classes at home with a Peloton or virtual trainer. Finding the right instructor can allow you to look forward to exercising daily. 

Daily Hikes On An Incline

Daily hikes are something that will be a great usage of your time. Hiking on an incline can be a challenge, especially when going a long distance. You will need the right equipment as you don’t want to hike in tennis shoes as this is a recipe for an ankle injury. You might even knee a walking stick and keep something for protection if hiking in an area with bears or mountain lions. 

Getting into great shape is something that will take consistent effort and a focus on eating a healthy diet. Make sure you enjoy the form of exercise you dedicate yourself to as this can make all of the difference.