How Abbotsford Physiotherapists at McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic Are Offering the Best Physical Therapy


When it comes to getting the best of physical therapy whether in the form of massage or physiotherapy to help with accidents and injuries, you can always trust a physiotherapist to be equal to the task. But you want to make sure to check with a professional physiotherapist when looking for the best physical therapy. 

Want to find out how Abbotsford physiotherapists at McCallum physiotherapy clinic can be of assistance to you? You will find below just how they are providing expert services to residents of the area and visitors from afar. 

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a type of medical specialty that deals with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health with the help of physical examination and diagnosis to restore proper movement functions in accident victims and injured patients. It follows a holistic approach where the patient is actively involved in the recovery process. 

The process is used for people of all ages who need precise and expert treatment to help get back their ability to move properly. You can find more here on physiotherapy. 

Who is a Physiotherapist?

This is a trained professional who has the training on how to provide physiotherapy in the medical community. They work as part of a team in the medical field and can be found in hospitals, clinics, surgical teams, clubs, and sports or recreational facilities. The role of a physiotherapist in society is an important one as it is responsible for providing specialized care to members of the public with problems regarding proper motor function. 

When to Hire a Physiotherapist 


There are a few instances where a physiotherapist will be necessary to work with and they are mostly required when in need of expert assistance with physically related problems. You will need the help of a physiotherapist when dealing with issues such as 

  • Problems of the brain and nervous system – these include problems with movement due to ailments such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. 
  • Heart and circulation problems – a physiotherapist may be needed when a patient needs help with getting back on their feet after a heart attack.
  • Issues with lung and proper breathing – physical therapy can also be employed when dealing with issues that affect the lungs and breathing. Common scenarios include when dealing with cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 
  • Soft tissues, joints, and bone damage – physiotherapy is usually required when dealing with injuries to the soft tissue, bones, and joints of the human body. Common causes include neck pain, back pain, sports-related injuries, and accident recovery. This link has more on how to avoid sports-related injuries. 

Proper diagnosis will need to be carried out to be sure that surgery will not be required first before getting started with physical therapy. In severe cases such as those that involve accident victims, there will be a need for treating the patient first to a point of recovery where it will be safe to begin physiotherapy. 

Abbotsford Physiotherapists at McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic Are Offering the Best Physical Therapy

For residents of Abbotsford in need of physical therapy, the team at McCallum clinic is offering physiotherapy services to members of the public in need of proper physical examination and treatment. This could be the right avenue for you to get your physical health on track and help get back to proper health and wellness. 


You don’t want to check them out alone, as you can also recommend family and friends to check in also for their health and wellness. Some of the conditions experts at Abbotsford McCallum physiotherapy can help patients with include

Complex Chronic Pain 

No doubt dealing with excess pain can take the fun out of living a normal life. And if you do happen to be suffering from chronic pain in any part of your body, you can find physiotherapy to be an effective treatment for you. Experts at McCallum begin by carrying out a proper diagnosis with the aid of a biomedical model to access the condition of the patient. Afterward, proper treatment is administered with the patient’s interest in mind to ensure a full recovery. 

Concussion Management 

Concussions are responsible for a dysfunction of the upper cervical joint which results in post-concussion syndrome. And when this occurs, patients can experience difficulties in the upper neck joint which affects the proper movement of the head and body. Proper care and treatment are employed to ensure that the patient gets back proper usage of the upper neck joints without any discomfort. 

Frozen Shoulder Treatment 


The condition referred to as frozen shoulder affects the neck and upper back and usually arises from traumatic injuries to the shoulder. There is a need for a critical assessment of the patient’s injuries to be able to decide the best form of treatment. And recovery usually takes a combination of physical activities including massage and the use of temporary aids to help get the shoulder back in place. 

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation 

Physical therapy is always on the agenda for patients who suffer severe injuries from an accident or need help with getting proper motor functions after surgery. The experts at McCallum have been in the business for over 30 years helping patients get back on their feet after surgery. 

Post-surgical rehabilitation follows the use of a rigorous exercise routine that focuses on the trouble areas of the patient to help get back proper use of the specific part of the body. This page has more on how to improve your recovery after surgery. 

What to Expect from your McCullum Physiotherapy Clinic at Abbotsford?

While you can be sure of getting the right assistance with physical therapy when you visit the physio, you can be sure of getting professional service when you work with the team at McCullum. You get to enjoy advice and education about life changes that can be important to maintaining proper physical health. This could include guides on the right posture and ways to lift objects properly to avoid injuries. 

You also get tailored exercises and movements that will be specific to helping you get proper physical health rehabilitation. There is also the fact that you benefit from manual therapy which is usually hands-on in the form of massages to help you distress. 

Final Note 

You surely want to engage the services of a professional and experienced physiotherapist when in need of physical health assistance. And you can trust the team at McCallum in Abbotsford to be ready and happy to help you with whatever physical health problem you are dealing with.