The Children’s Author You Need to Meet Kelly Anne Manuel

What makes your book a must-read?

My books are must-reads because they manage to combine fascinating elements, lyrical cadence, and experiential wisdom into a complete package. This magical combination will feel somehow familiar, and the reader will wonder where they have been all along. The books have an ability to reach in and touch the soul of a baby as young as eight months to a mature adult of eighty-years.

If you could give your book to one world leader, who would it be and why? 

I would love to give all my books to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. I can’t help but feel how heavy the weight on his shoulders is to carry.  If any of the books could provide relief for even the shortest split second of time, that would be something.

What was the hardest part of writing your books?  

The hardest part of writing the books was actually when I had to provide 31 synopses for the publication process. My goal of communicating what all the books are and can do to a decision maker was a very serious undertaking. I wanted to just say, “read them and you’ll know.”

What is the most exciting story you tell in your books? 

There are 31 stories, so I am better at sharing the most exciting theme that resonates through all the books.  The theme is a flip side approach to common phrases, events, and words. It is my belief that this perspective carries with it a newfound freedom that will be instrumental in navigating life today.

5. One word that best describes you. 


Any ritual like a specific scented candle, preferred writing place, or drink that you kept through writing? 

It’s funny that I had purchased some items for another project that ended up being instrumental in the creation of the 31 books that are currently published.  The items were a threefold display poster board, a rainbow assortment of Sharpies, and brightly colored sticky notes.  I utilized them to organize the bones books that were coming so fast.

If there is a movie adaptation of your book, who do you think would be perfect for the lead roles? 

One of my absolute favorite actors of all time is Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. Even as a narrator only it would be magical. I could definitely see Connie Britton in some way bringing the books to life.  Why not Hugh Jackman? He is “The Greatest Showman,” and the books are a great show. Finally, Jason Bateman, just because he is Jason Bateman.

What can this teach to a motivated and mission-driven population of writers?

To all the motivated and mission-driven population of writers  I say “now is your time!” Detach as much as possible from a desired outcome, because that can block the all important flow of creativity that resides in your true self from surfacing. It is all there for you and in you.  Decrease as much noise as possible in both your external and internal world so you can hear what your own soul is telling you to share with the collective.

What motivated you to write 31 books?

I was motivated to write 31 books the moment they entered my awareness.  They more or less insisted on becoming my singular focus as they were and still are living and breathing creatures. I felt their importance in every cell of my body.  I fully dedicated myself to bringing them to life as I knew the childhood collective was calling for them. I am honored to have answered that call. 

Set 2: Are you ready for our rapid-fire questions? Let’s go. 

1. Rainy day or Sunny Day – Rainy

2. Beer or Cocktail drinks – Cocktails

3. Love or Power – Love

4. Beauty or Brains – Brains

5. Street smarts or book smarts – Book smarts

6. Do you prefer social time or alone time – Alone time

7. Fresh food or fried food – Fried food

8. Summer or winter – Winter

9. Cats or dogs – Dogs

10. Salty or sweet – Salty

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