How to Choose the Best Water Pitchers For Home

How to Choose the Best Water Pitchers For Home

What Are Water Pitchers?

In the simplest of terms, water pitchers are containers with spouts used for both storing and pouring water and other types of liquids. What we call pitchers in North America are known as jugs in Europe and other parts of the world.

From this article here, we find that the history of this name for these containers began sometime in the 13th century and the word was taken from a middle English word – pitcher which meant a jug made from earth or clay.

In our society today, we have long moved past the earthen containers and now use those made of glass, plastic and other newer materials. But much more than this, we have also elevated the role that these containers play in our everyday lives.

We will discuss this in some more detail as we proceed.

Types of Water Pitchers

Having moved on from clay pots and containers to what we have today, we have also made other improvements. Today, we have two distinct types of water pitchers. We have the regular pitchers and we have those with filters.

Regular Pitchers

These are basically no different (at least in function) from the ancient containers that were simply used for storing and pouring water and other liquids. The only difference is in the quality of their build. Rather than raw earth and clay, they are now made of glass, plastic and other such materials.

We find these in every home and they usually come in very handy when we need to make some lemonade.

Pitchers with Filters

These are a bit more advanced containers. While they more or less have the same characteristics as the regular types, they add additional functions which make them much more important in every household.

Incorporating filters elevate them from mere water pitchers to compact water filtration systems that ensure we have safe water for daily consumption. It therefore no longer just pours any kind of water, but purified water.

Given the level of importance of these types of filters in our homes, for the rest of this article we shall focus entirely on them.

Why You Need a Pitcher with Filter

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From the short description above, it should pretty obvious why this type of container is important. Certainly everyone will agree to its importance but not everyone may actually understand that they need it.

A lot of folks in developed societies have this false sense of safety because they believe that their municipal authorities are doing everything to ensure the water that eventually gets to their homes are safe. While this may be true in theory, they are not always true in reality.

There are times when chemicals used for water treatment exceed the levels that are safe or comfortable. In such situations, we receive water from our faucets that smell strongly of chlorine. There are other times when we notice slight cloudiness in the water supply.

There could also be some debris, dissolved solids, toxic materials (including lead) and other contaminants that seep into the water supply line.  This can happen either through faulty pipes, rusty pipes or leaking pipes. This can also occur at any point in the supply chain. It could even occur within your home’s plumbing network.

Whatever the type of contaminant and whatever the cause may be, while you allow the municipality to take care of the issue, you can take care of your own end by using a water pitcher with filters. This will allow you purify the water that gets to you just before consuming it.

So, regardless of whatever contaminants that are present or not, having your very own last line of defense is a smart move.

How to Make Your Choice

Choosing the water pitcher with filter that is right for your home is not difficult. It just requires that you know exactly how to go about it. There are a few important things to look at when making this choice so you can easily choose the best for you. We shall enumerate a few of these.

What Contaminants Are You Targeting?

The primary task of these pitchers is to purify your water. Since they use different filtration systems that make them more effective for specific purification tasks, it is important that you have an idea of the kind of contaminants you are dealing with. Knowing this will make you focus on products that can effectively remove these contaminants.

What about Capacity?

This is another important factor to consider. Will you be using this pitcher alone or will you have others relying on water from it too? Knowing this will help you choose both the container capacity and the filtration capacity that is best for your needs.

How Easy is its Maintenance?

This is another thing to consider. From some of the products you can find reviewed on, you will discover that they require filter changes every now and again. Some need these changes effected every two months, some in 1 and a half months and some others every three months. Confirm both the cost of replacing these filters and the frequency to be sure it is something you will feel comfortable with.


Water is a critical part of the human life and living. We cannot survive without water and we can suffer dire consequences when we ingest unsafe water. It is therefore the job of every individual and parent to ensure that their household gets the best quality of drinking water.

There are bigger filtration systems that can be installed in homes but these can be very cost intensive. These pitchers are very affordable and still get the job done. They are simple options you can go for right away.

Can Celiacs Still Drink? We’re About to Find Out

Can Celiacs Still Drink? We’re About to Find Out

Americans are very eager to turn 21 years old. The reason? So they can legally consume alcohol.

Drinking is a significant part of our culture. It makes socializing easier and everything a little bit more fun.

Anyone with dietary restrictions might dread turning 21 or hate going to the bar because they can’t have what everyone else enjoys. Those with Celiac disease already struggle daily to maintain a gluten-free diet that likely makes them self-conscious in social settings.

Celiac disease is a gastrointestinal disorder. Symptoms of the disease arise when the body reacts negatively to gluten.

With no cure for the disease, a gluten-free diet seems to be the only solution for stopping the symptoms. Weight loss, diarrhea, and stomach pains all come as a result of Celiac disease if not treated right.

Celiac disease: you could have it

Not much of the American population has Celiac disease. Only about one percent of the population, which is approximately 3 million people have Celiac disease. However, there are many who do have it and are completely unaware of it.

According to imaware™, 40 percent of the people who have Celiac disease don’t realize it, so they are continuing to suffer without knowing why.

People with close relatives who have the disease are more likely to have it. Symptoms could appear early on or wait to surface until much later in life.

Drinking alcohol could affect the intensity of the symptoms. Some drinks do not cause harm, but others should be avoided at all costs.

Whether you suffer from severe symptoms or just have a slight sensitivity to gluten from Celiac disease, it is tough to determine which alcohols are safe and which are not.

Drinks Celiacs can have

While some alcohols are branded as gluten-free or gluten-removed, this does not always mean they are 100% safe for Celiacs to ingest. Some still contain small amounts of harmful substances.

There are many liquor options that are totally safe for Celiacs to enjoy.


Tequila is a beverage that won’t typically let Celiacs down. Along with being gluten-free, tequila comes with other health benefits so it isn’t the worst go-to hard liquor.

Tequila made from agave rather than wheat is safe to drink and usually tastes better, too. It even helps with digestion, so your stomach will thank you.

Spiked Seltzer

If liquor isn’t your thing, spiked seltzers might be the option you choose. Spiked seltzers are water-based and not wheat-based like many alcohols.

Look for the brands that use natural ingredients and flavors. Some flavors may contain gluten, so always read the label.


Spiked seltzer is more fun for social drinking, but wine is better for quiet nights at home or a romantic dinner out.

Drinking a wine that has not come in contact with gluten is fine for Celiacs. Although, some wines that are labeled gluten-free can still contain traces of wheat.

For people with Celiac, even slight amounts could be harmful. Stick to the pure stuff that is made with all grapes rather than taking the risk. It is advised that Celiacs contact the winery to make sure the wine has not at all come in contact with gluten. 


Making mixed drinks with most vodkas is in the clear too. You should check the mixers you use first, but vodka is almost always safe.

As with most alcoholic beverages, there is always the chance that the one you choose could have gluten. That’s why you should always read the label first.

Most vodkas, however, are safe for Celiacs because they are typically distilled from wheat-free ingredients, like grapes or corn.

Plain Rum

Another great option for Celiacs to who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage is plain rum. 

Plain rum is gluten-free. It is brewed from sugar cane rather than rye or barley, and it doesn’t matter if you prefer light or dark.

Spiced rums are a different story. They might contain gluten-based products that you should avoid.

Overall, any pure alcohol is a safe bet for Celiacs. It is always suggested to read the label before making any choice, though.

Drinks Celiacs should avoid

Though the list of alcohol options that Celiacs have is long, a list of unsafe drinks does exist.

Flavored Liquor

Liquor is typically a safe bet, but when combined with flavoring, it can be dangerous. Flavored liquor is no longer purely alcohol, so there is a chance that the flavoring could contain gluten-based products.

It is best to stay away from liquor with flavoring just to be safe. Stick to mixing drinks with mixers you know are safe rather than take a chance with a harmful flavored liquor.


Beer is typically brewed with wheat or other gluten-containing products that make it a nightmare for Celiacs.

Always steer clear of beer that isn’t labeled gluten-free. Brands that say their drinks are gluten-removed aren’t safe because they still contain gluten.

There is such a thing as gluten-free beer, and some of these might be fine, but others still contain small amounts of gluten. If you are very sensitive to gluten, it is best to avoid it.

Hard Cider

Although it is mostly made from apples or other sweet fruits, some ciders contain other ingredients that include gluten to add flavor.

 Celiacs should avoid most hard ciders to stay safe from any potential issues. The ones that are gluten-free would be labeled as such but there is always the risk that a bartender won’t know the exact ingredients of every drink.

How Jeunesse Global is shaping the Beauty and Wellness Industry

How Jeunesse Global is shaping the Beauty and Wellness Industry

The beauty industry is currently on a tear. There are a few exceptional submarkets, such as the mass beauty markets. However, there’s also a general business of beauty that is defying gravity. Multi-brand stores in which consumer sectors are questionable are registering excellent performance. With that said, consumers are primarily on an exploration journey. They like new products and are currently delving into the use of new brands. This is a generational shift of youthful consumers rejecting revolutionary brands that their parents liked. Young independent brands such as Jeunesse Global are perfect examples of products that are supporting the surge in creativity. A new brand is launched every day. Jeuness Global is passionate about redefining its client’s youth through its revolutionary products as well as life-changing opportunities. 

Established in 2009, Jeunesse Global was formed by Randy Ray with the assistance of Wendy Lewis. The beauty and wellness company provides skin care products in addition to nutritional supplements that assist consumers in acquiring a youthful look and boost the user’s overall health as well as their well-being. Jeunesse puts in a lot of work into providing consumers with innovative technologies found in the anti-aging healthcare sector. To achieve this, the organization researches cells and their compositions, adult stem cell, fat loss technology, nutrigenomics, besides telomere support. Since 2009, Jeunesse Global has developed into an international brand that has 32 operational offices situated across the world. Some of the firm’s locations are such as in-house programming, a support team, as well as a multilingual customer service department. The collection of products provided by the company is vastly encompassed under the system of youth enhancement. 

Reviewing Products by Jeunesse Global 

Instant Ageless 

Instant ageless is a cream that was manufactured to offer effective results instantly. It lasts from 5 to 10 hours and is packed with strong anti-aging ingredients, including ATP-200, which is an ingredient that largely restores a vibrant glow while keeping the skin hydrated. 


Finiti is a supplement that has a unique blend of vegetable extracts. The main composition of the product does not contain preservatives, wheat, eggs, fish, or any artificial colors. Additional ingredients the product has are coenzyme Q10, astragalus root extract, pomegranate extract, in addition to turmeric. 


Nevo is Jeunesse’s energy drink. It comes in various flavors such as mango peach, acai grape, mixed berry, in addition to lemon ginger. The beverage includes green tea as well as Yerba Mate, two main products that increase energy. Besides, the drink is also packed with vitamins, including vitamin C, B3, and B6. The drink has 50 healthy calories. It is also free of sweeteners and colors. 


This is the firm’s flagship product. It’s one of the world’s best skin care product. Luminesce is a unique product that is made of a particular formula. It’s also patent pending when it comes to restoring luminosity and firmness to offer the user firm and smoother skin. The cream contains a trademark growth formula. Jeunesse Global also insists that this formula was created to encourage skin renewal. Coupled with a stem cell rejuvenation formula, the adipose tissue derived from within enhances skin firmness. Products offered in this line have an element of cellular rejuvenation such as serum to offer a flawless skin, a cleanser to help remove toxins from the skin, and a hydrating mask to moisturize the skin. 

How to Pair Drinks with Any Meal Like a Pro

How to Pair Drinks with Any Meal Like a Pro

Enjoying a glass of beer, wine, or a cocktail with dinner can be a flavorful and relaxing experience. The best way to ensure a great taste combination is to consider the most prominent ingredients in both the food and drink and match them accordingly. For example, white wine goes well with most chicken or fish while pairing red wine with steak is a common combination. 

Below are several tips for those trying to perfect the art of pairing specific types of food with alcoholic beverages.

Consider the Acidity Level

Acid, such as the natural citruses found in lemon and lime, provides quick refreshment and pairs well with salad, seafood, and any type of heavier food such as chow mein or pasta prepared with cream sauce. Citrus-based drinks, including a classic daiquiri, greyhound, or mojito, can make an excellent cocktail option with these types of food. For diners who prefer wine, pinot grigio, Verdicchio, or Vermentino can each help to make the meal.

Drink Options for Spicy Food

When the food is hot, reaching for the right cocktail can make all the difference in whether it goes down easily or not. While some cocktails can make the hot, spicy flavor of certain foods worse, others can make it more enjoyable. The Russian Qualude is one such example. It takes its improperly spelled name from the prescription drug Quaalude and includes a high dairy content. With regular cream and Irish cream as the main ingredients, the Russian Qualude also includes coffee liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, and vodka to offset the cream content.

When selecting a beer, consider a Mexican Bulldog. It combines the flavor of margaritas with the soothing and smooth flavors of a genuine Mexican lager. This drink goes especially well with picante chiles rellanos.

Chinese Food and Alcoholic Beverages

Rich, spicy, and soft are just some of the descriptive words that come to mind when considering Chinese food. Even so, many American don’t realize just how diverse this type of cuisine can be. According to a top sommelier in the Seattle area, German Riesling wine pairs well with just about any Asian meal. It tastes especially delicious when paired with Szechuan and Sichuan food due to the spiciness. Matching the spiciness of the meal to the sugar content in the wine is usually a foolproof way to get the flavors to match up just right.

Know the Alcohol Level Before Ordering a Drink

The higher the alcohol content, the more likely it is the drink will make spicy foods taste even more intense. Beer or one of the wines or cocktails above make the best choice in this situation. If the dish is more on the salty side, a sweet drink helps to balance the flavor better. Rum and Coke, Chenin blanc, or off-dry Riesling can all make good choices for dishes where salty and spicy rule.

Keep Trying Until the Flavor Combination is Just Right

It can feel frustrating to look forward to a food and beverage combination only to miss the mark. The only way to find the perfect combination is to keep experimenting, which most people won’t mind at all.

How Anti Aging Cream Works

How Anti Aging Cream Works

Wouldn’t it be nice if anti-aging cream could magically stop the clock on aging, and maybe even turn it back? While we all wish we could be a little more youthful, there’s no magic that can stop or reverse aging—but a little science can help you trick the mirror and feel more confident. Look for these ingredients in anti aging cream:


A vitamin A compound, this antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can break down skin cells, resulting in wrinkles. An anti-aging cream with this ingredient will help prevent future wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant. This ingredient will help protect your skin from sun damage, but make sure the cream containing vitamin C is sealed tight and protected from air and sunlight.

Hydroxy Acids

Hydroxy acids can come in the form of alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, or polyhydroxy acids. They are exfoliants, removing the top layer of older, dead skin and encouraging smoother, evenly colored skin to grow.

Glycolic Acid

Another exfoliant, glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, reducing the effects of aging by smoothing the skin and reducing fine lines. It can also promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Green Tea

Green tea is an antioxidant and works against inflammation. It has been shown to reduce damage from the sun, promote healthy collagen levels, and even fight skin cancer. Anti-aging creams with green tea in the ingredients may also boost skin cell regeneration. 


Peptides have been used to treat wounds and stretch marks, and they work with wrinkles as well.


An antioxidant connected to vitamin B-3, this anti-aging cream ingredient may boost skin elasticity while reducing water loss.

While you can’t fight aging forever, if you take good care of your skin it will be healthy and look great for years to come. In addition to choosing an anti-aging cream with the right ingredients, make sure to clean, moisturize, and protect your skin from the sun.

Young Adult Novels You HAVE to Read

Young Adult Novels You HAVE to Read

If you’re a fan of Young Adult novels, 2019 is turning out to be a banner year.  From romance to magic spells, there are plenty of compelling and fun new books for you to read regardless of your taste. There’s even a dark love story with a young Edgar Allen Poe as the protagonist. Pretty cool.

Now, some of you may enjoy sticking with the trends while others get excited about referrals from friends.  That’s great! But what if you’re looking to find the next book that you can recommend. You’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few YA novels that are making waves this year:

The Engine Woman’s Light – by Laurel Anne Hill

Emotions run high in this action-packed tale as 15 year-old Juanita is charged with stopping a sinister plot perpetrated by the Director of a California Asylum. Set in the backdrop of an 1894 alternate world, the story is both marvelous and terrifying as we follow Laurel’s protagonist on her journey to save the victims from a horrible fate.  Juanita is a very well developed and insightful character filled with conflict and complexity.  As a reader you can’t help but root for her and empathize as she struggles through love, loss and the inhumanity of what she finds.

The Last of Will – by Sheryl Benko

Now Available: The Last of Will

Why would a normal teenage girl give up her summer vacation to deliver a stranger’s ashes out of state? Hilarity ensues when Greer Sarazen is forced to road trip with her father who’s on a mission for a local cemetery. A stranded van, a clown, a rodeo, a disco-dancing nerd and a belligerent dwarf threaten to throw off the itinerary, while the departed “passenger” becomes an unexpected friend … proving that, sometimes, the things we truly need are the last things we would ever expect in this truly heartfelt and wonderful novel.

The Lonely Heart’s Bar – by Konni Granma

What happens when Connie, a young woman filled with hope, travels to Los Angeles to study directing and screenwriting, but on the way, meets an unlikely traveler at a roadside bar?  Destinies are linked and our heroes haven given up everything to follow their dreams, team up for a wild adventure. What’s in store for the young rebels in Los Angeles? Does a dream have another side, one that’s just as enigmatic and invisible as the far side of the Moon?  This book is a fun ride with characters that come to life with every emotion they feel and every decision they make.

Growing Up Hollywood – by Tara Botel Doherty

Anything can happen in Hollywood, it can be both a dangerous place and a place where dreams come true. After all, Hollywood is the land of hopes, dreams, and make believe. On these tarnished and run-down streets, especially Hollywood Boulevard in the 1970’s you need to watch your back. Annie and Gracie live on a street above the Boulevard up in the Hollywood Hills in a California Craftsman with large picture windows. Although the picture looks perfect, pictures are often deceiving. With a mother and father on the edge of divorce, these two young girls are left to their own devices and try to make sense of their surroundings on this unfriendly, dead end street. Go on the adventures with these two sisters as they grow up among the famous landmarks, and meet the people who make Hollywood the destination to find fame and fortune among the stars on the Walk of Fame. 

As you can see, 2019 is truly a great time to be a fan of Young Adult novels.  So whether you’re heading off to some exotic location for vacation or just hanging on the patio on a hot summer night, grab a new book and let your imagination take over for a while.  You may even discover that a new author has become a new favorite.   

Setbacks You Can Encounter In Your Professional Life And How To Overcome Them

Setbacks You Can Encounter In Your Professional Life And How To Overcome Them

There are plenty of setbacks that you can run into in your professional life. The most important thing that you can do is not to panic or do anything that will damage your career out of spite. The best thing that any professional can do is to be ready and have a plan for setbacks when they do occur. Taking this proactive approach will help put the situation in perspective as not everything is as devastating as we might think. There are common setbacks that people often encounter and they are listed below along with how to overcome these professional dumpster fires.

Injury Preventing You From Working

People that are injured in an accident due to the negligence or carelessness of another that are rendered unable to work for an extended period need to seek help. In these cases picking a great a law firm by searching the term injury lawyer San Antonio or lawyer in your area. The best thing that an individual in this situation can do is to stay positive as it can be frustrating beyond comprehension. Focus on rehab of an injury as it is going to be a process you need to take seriously in order to fully recover.

Terminated For No Reason

There is a chance that you are terminated from a job for unjust cause but with management in agreement there is not much that you can do short of filing a lawsuit. Document everything that happens throughout this process as a grudge held by a manager could be enough for them to try to terminate you. While you do not want to go back to work for a company like that you could be entitled to wages for a while. Wrongful termination suits can be profitable and for those that have their lives changed by being fired for no reason they deserve every penny.

Passed Up For A Promotion Multiple Times

Being passed up multiple times for a promotion you feel you deserved can take up a substantial part of your professional career. For this reason it is always important to look for other opportunities while you are employed. Another company could value the work that you do far more and will be more than happy to pay you what you deserve. Leaving for a title upgrade can be a good way to climb the corporate ladder in a quicker way than you if you stay at one company. There might just not be a position open for years at a specific company so look into as many jobs as possible.

A Business You Started Is Struggling

A struggling business can be extremely stressful and ruin a person in terms of their personal finances. Cashing in personal and professional favors you have garnered over the years can make a huge difference. Even something as simple as an introduction to the right person at a certain company can change the trajectory of a small business permanently. Being too proud can lead you a company failing as not cashing in favors is a huge mistake.

Do not allow the above setbacks to permanently ruin your career path. Overcoming adversity can teach lessons that are invaluable in business so keep that in mind.

Get Qualified! 8 Professional Certifications to Make You More Marketable

Get Qualified! 8 Professional Certifications to Make You More Marketable

Do you want to be more competitive in the job market? Finding the best professional certifications is not always easy. You need to consider which career path you want to follow and look for the best certifications.

This allows you to have greater chances of securing your dream job. Additionally, professional business certifications help upgrade your resume.

Most certificate programs can be done in less than a year. Most of the job market career need someone with basic knowledge in the field. Around 78% of the well-paying middle-skilled job positions require you to have basic knowledge of technology.

Here are eight professional certifications to make you more marketable.

1. Human Resource Certifications

When looking for a job as a human resource, you don’t necessarily need a certificate in the field. But proving that you have qualifications makes you stand out in the job search market.

Every company would love to hire a qualified human resource manager. They need to be sure that you can do the job you are applying for. For this reason, you need to have a certificate that proves that you know what you are doing.

Nobody wants to hire someone who has no skills or know how to handle people in the company.

2. Sales Certifications

Being a successful salesperson is gained by experience. A great salesperson needs to have great convincing power and persuasion. You need to understand the people around you and know how you can convince them to buy.

However, having a certificate in sales is a great advantage in the job market. Getting professional business certifications allows you to have confidence when looking for employment.

Also, it makes you stand out to your potential employers. It allows them to have confidence in you and that you will do a great job.

3. Help Desk or Desktop Analyst Professional Certifications

If you are looking for a more senior role in the IT field, then these certificates will not be that impressive. But if you want a job on an entry level in the IT field like a help desk or desktop analyst, then the certificates will boost your resume.

Having professional certifications proves that you can work under pressure, and you are a professional. The certificates allow your potential employees to see that you can be able to perform your duties well. Additionally, they make you stand out in comparison to other job candidates.

4. Network Certification

If your dream career is to be a network engineer, then getting a network certificate will be a great addition. The certificate shows that you can be able to handle the pressure of working in a networking environment.

Additionally, the certificate is a great addition to your resume. Your potential employer will love the fact that you have put a lot of dedication in getting the necessary certificates.

When you acquire this business certification, you go through lab training and undertake a written exam. This requires you to have enough knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, it requires you to be dedicated to this career path and have perseverance.

5. Project Management Certification

Being a project manager requires you to have leadership and organizational skills. This is what enables you to make tough decisions and be ready to take risks.

A project manager is responsible for taking charge of any undergoing project. They take it from the starting point to completion. The certification is not a requirement, but employees love it since it shows them that they can handle any projects and deliver great results.

This certification is also important when you want to take a career as a manager. Since the skills gained can help you take control of situations and solve problems.

6. FolkLift Certification

This is one of the most sought after certification. A trained employee saves the company time and money and also complies with OSHA regulations. It improves workplace safety, thus saving the company claims on injury and illnesses.

The certification program is offered online making it easier for you to access. It also offered in record time, within hours you can secure a forklift certification. Click on this page and learn more about the program

Employers look at such a certification favorably since it a trained employee will reduce the cost of insurance. It also boosts morale and lowers stress since health and safety are the top focus in the workplace.

7. Pharmacy Technician Certification

A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists in the field of medicine. You get roles like filling prescriptions and some administrative responsibilities. Also, you get a role in the customer service where you handle patients.

You can take a pharmacy technician program in less than a year. Having this certificate helps you update your resume. This gives you high chances of competing in the job market.

However, having this certificate does not guarantee you a job as a pharmacist technician. You need to get more certificates and licensing. But having a pharmacist technician certificate makes it easy for you to be licensed.

8. Event Planner Certification

Most event planners don’t require a certificate; talent is all that is needed. A great event planner needs to be talented and has a passion for what they do.

Everybody wants to hire an event planner who loves their job and dedicates all their energy in making the event a success. You need to come up with visions of an event. This keeps your clients happy and interested in seeing the result.

Getting this certificate can help you be prepared to handle any number of events and the size. You get to learn how to make each event stand out and be unique.

Professional Certifications – Summing It Up

Getting professional certifications gives you the required skills and knowledge of the career path you choose. You get to understand the technical skills of the field you are interested in. This puts you in a better position with your potential employer.

You can look for a list of certifications and licenses that you can apply and enroll. This will make you more marketable while looking for a job. Visit our blog and learn more about different certificates that can help you advance your career.

What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

Ultrasound technology has been around since the 1940s. And it has started to gain prevalence in recent decades for therapeutic use by physiotherapists.

More research is needed for ultrasound therapy when it comes to treating specific injuries. However, it is considered a safe and effective treatment for some forms of pain relief and tissue repair.  

So what exactly is ultrasound therapy? And is it right for your physiotherapy rehab clinic? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Ultrasound Therapy?

Commonly used in physiotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound is a type of treatment that uses sound waves and deep heating techniques to penetrate the skin’s soft tissue.

Areas of soft tissue most commonly treated by ultrasound therapy are tendons, muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

The treatment is intended to offer pain relief. And to expedite the healing process of damaged tissue. Ultrasound therapy is administered using a transducer head, also known as a sound head or a probe.

The probe is placed directly on the skin of the affected area. It then works in tandem with a transmission coupling gel. The gel is applied either to the head of the probe or directly to the skin.

The gel’s purpose is to control and moderate the sound waves. This ensures even distribution and penetration into the skin. Once the gel is applied, the therapist will slowly circle the probe around a small area, penetrating the skin to various degrees.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a pain-free procedure. Patients might feel a mild vibration or warm sensation during treatment. This is due to the coupling gel. Patients should not feel any type of pain whatsoever during the course of treatment. 

Make sure to do your research and review previous patient testimonials before agreeing to work with any physiotherapist. For those interested in a career in ultrasound therapy, visit the Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute.

How Does It Work?

Inside the ultrasound probe is a small, vibrating crystal. The vibration is initiated by an electrical charge, which produces piezoelectric waves.

These waves are then transmitted as ultrasound waves, which increase blood flow in the area of treatment. The hypothesized benefits of ultrasound therapy are linked to these vibrating ultrasound waves. 

Ultrasound therapy is used to promote tissue healing rates, local blood flow, breakdown of scar tissue, and tissue relaxation. 

Types of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is generally used to produce one of two desired effects. Depending on the type of injury being treated, physiotherapists will either administer deep heating or non-thermal treatment. 

Deep heating treatment works by raising the temperature of the soft tissue, which can reduce pain. It also improves blood flow, circulation, and elasticity of muscles. Which some studies have linked to expedited healing.  

This effect is achieved using thermal ultrasound therapy, which is administered by applying continuous sound waves to the affected area. 

Non-thermal treatment, also known as cavitation, works by transmitting energy in the body which produces tiny gas bubbles. This causes soft tissue to expand and contract, which is thought to aid in the recovery of damaged tissue. 

This is achieved by applying the sound waves to the skin in sporadic pulses rather than continuous contact. 

Which Type of Treatment Is Best?

Both deep heating (thermal) and non-thermal (mechanical) treatments are safe and are thought to be effective in treating different types of injuries.

People who suffer from myofascial pain or an unhealed muscle strain or sprain are likely to benefit most from deep heating ultrasound treatment.

Whereas people who suffer from injuries due to swelling or scarring are presumed to benefit more from non-thermal treatment. 

These differences are due to the way the sound waves penetrate the skin. Continuous penetration as seen in thermal treatments are more likely to reduce pain by improving circulation, which can positively impact unhealed strains. 

Pulsing treatment as found in mechanical (non-thermal) treatments are more effective at causing the tissue to expand and contract which can be more beneficial to reduce swelling and promote healing of scar tissue. 

Types of Injuries Treated 

Ultrasound therapy primarily treats injuries related to the body’s soft tissue. People suffering from back and neck pain, ligament tears and muscle sprains can potentially benefit.

Specifically, people with injuries and ailments like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, muscle strains, tendon tears, ligament injuries, and joint contractures might be able to find reprieve with ultrasound therapy. 

What Not to Treat

This type of treatment is only meant for orthopedic injuries, and should never be used over open wounds or lesions, around the eyes or sexual organs. 

Therapeutic ultrasound should never be used on parts of the body with metal implants such as knee or hip replacements, or near a pacemaker. It should also never be used over fractured bones or metastatic lesions. 

Supporting Research

Though ultrasound therapy is a common and safe physiotherapy treatment, research is limited as to its long-term effectiveness in treating chronic pain. 

Studies have found that therapeutic ultrasound can demonstrate positive results in decreasing swelling and promoting blood flow, and some patients have reported experiencing reduced pain after receiving treatment. 

Some experts believe that the sound waves emitted by ultrasound therapy are effective in improving tissue elasticity and circulation, which can in some cases result in improved mobility and decreased pain. 

A contrary belief is that the benefits of ultrasound therapy are largely contributed to the placebo effect. However, if those suffering from long term pain experience benefits from this type of therapy, there is no reason not to try it. 

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that more research is needed to prove any long-term effects of ultrasound therapy.

However, the proven effects of ultrasound therapy are increased blood flow, circulation and muscle relaxation. This, in some cases, can be linked to pain relief and faster muscle healing rates. 

Studies are inconclusive to the effectiveness of treating certain chronic pain conditions with therapeutic ultrasound, but some patients have experienced positive results after receiving the treatment. 

Regardless of the lack of research, both thermal and mechanical therapeutic ultrasound treatments are safe and common practices that have helped some patients achieve relief for injuries relating to soft tissue damage. 

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

The utterance of words like cockroaches, fleas, rats, bedbugs, and ants causes fear in some people. If you’re in this group, then you need information on the pest control methods.

Pests pose a serious threat to human beings and other living organisms. For example, cockroaches carry disease-causing allergens, and rats contaminate and destroy food across the world that could feed 200 million people every year.

There are numerous kinds of pests like; rats, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, squirrels, and fungus. Any living organism that hurts people, the surroundings, food supplies, and stock is considered a pest.

Below are the 7 common pest control methods that you need to know:

1. Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of pests, their lifestyle, and potential threats is crucial in determining the pest control strategy. Mistakes in identifying pests are costly as they lead to wastages of time, effort, and money.

You should also learn about the breeding grounds of the specific pests. Jordan Larson from says that an effective way to get rid of bedbugs is to kill them with a heat treatment, which includes heating your home to between 130 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It will prevent them from growing and eliminate them.

It takes a lot to gain effective knowledge of pests, and some people are not courageous enough to deal with pests. If you’re not able to deal with all these, then you need help from professional pest control companies.

2. Proper Hygiene

Dirty surroundings attract the majority of the pests. So, the best method of preventing the growth and reproduction of pests is by practicing good hygiene at home and also in the office.

Always ensure that you clean the table and kitchen after every meal — secure leftover food and residue in wraps before throwing them in the trash bin. The communal trash should be properly disposed of or recycled.

You should also wash all the dishes and keep the stove, cupboard, and floor clean and dry. Clear all weeds in your garden and drain all holes.

You should also store your food correctly in lid fitted containers. Proper storage of food prevents rodents such as rats from destroying it. It also preserves the food preventing it from decaying and becoming a breeding ground for other pests.

3. Chemical Methods

There are numerous pesticides effective in killing pesticides at home, stores, farms, offices, and other places. But, pesticides contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate the air, food, land, and water.

Pesticides reduce the quality of air leading, thus leading to respiratory diseases. Pesticides sip into the ground damaging the soil and aquifers. Rainwater water also washes the pesticides into water bodies such as rivers and lakes damaging aquatic life.

They kill pests through the oral, respiratory, and dermal entry. They are available in solid, liquid, or spray form. Pesticides are also grouped based on the pests they kill. Herbicides are for plants, insecticides kill insects, and bactericides kill bacteria.

Pesticides can be dangerous for you. Before using them, make sure that you read the label on them. Wear protective clothing the cover food, drinks, and dishes lying around. If you’re not comfortable handling pesticides, then you need professional pest control services.

4. Biological Methods

Biological pest control methods are commonly used in a greenhouse, but they are also effective outdoors.

Biological methods involve the introduction of natural pests’ enemies into the environment to interfere with their breeding ability or infect them with a deadly disease. Enemies of pests include parasites, pathogens, and predators.

For example, insects are used to feed on the pests’ larvae preventing them from growing further. This method controls pests, and it’s also safe for the environment as compared to pesticides. The Australian native fish is also used to feed on mosquito larvae.

The effectiveness of biological methods depends on the use of the correct enemies of the pests and good conditions. You should also control the natural enemies as they may become an issue after killing the pests.

5. Physical Methods

Physical methods are preferred because they kill only the pests preserving the animals and plants in the surroundings. They involve the use of physical and mechanical tools to capture and destroy pests. These tools include predator traps used to catch pets or baits to kill them.

For example, some people mix baits with biodegradable poison to attract and kill pests. Other examples include; insecticidal soap, oil sprays, and parasitic nematodes.

The main issue with this method is they are not safe for kids. Kids may ingest some of the poisonous kids risking their lives instead of killing the rodents. Make sure that you hide the baits in places where kids cannot reach.

6. Electronic Pest Control Methods

Advances in technology have made it easy to pick up and eliminate pests permanently. The primary electric pest control methods are ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

Ultrasonic produces sound waves to attract and kill pests. Electromagnetic kills insects and rodents by affecting their nervous systems.

Electronic methods kill pests and are not harmful to the environment. They are also best for people with kids. But, they only repel insects and rodents.

7. Professional Services

If you don’t know how to control pests or you don’t’ have the time, then you need the services of a professional. Professional pest control companies have the knowledge, expertise, and tools required to control pests.

They will identify the breeding grounds to kill the young ones and eggs, kill the visible pests, and also eliminate all conditions favoring their existence.

Eliminate Pests Today

There are several methods that you can use to eliminate pests from your home, office, garden, or store. However, each method is suited for specific pests. You need a good understanding of the pests to select the best control method.

Safety first! Before selecting any pest control method, consider the people and other living organisms in the surroundings. Don’t select a method that will put the lives of your kids at risk or harm other living organisms.

Pests are not only unsightly but also harmful. Eliminate pests to avoid the embarrassment and also protect yourself and your kids from diseases.

Please explore our blog for more insightful information on pest control methods.