How To Pick The Best Speaker For Your Event

How To Pick The Best Speaker For Your Event

Talented speakers are capable of taking an event from ordinary to extraordinary. Choosing an engaging and experienced speaker will help you achieve the objectives of your conference. A good speaker is supposed to deliver unique and thrilling experiences to attendees, providing them with essential lessons that can be applied at home or work.

Here are factors to consider when selecting a speaker in order to increase attendee satisfaction.

1.    Clarify Event Objectives

The event objectives should guide you when looking for the best speaker. The right speaker should be well versed with the topic at hand and help achieve KPIs.

You should kick off by analyzing the critical KPIs of your event and then look for a speaker who can deliver the best. Whether it’s an internal or international event, you should prioritize selecting the best speaker for the event rather than the most famous name.

The attendees’ expectations are always high; therefore, you should choose a speaker who matches the purpose of the conference. The speaker should seamlessly connect with the audience by keeping the content relevant.

2.    Budget

The days of freebies are long gone. Experienced and resourceful public speakers are knowledgeable and want to be compensated for their effort.

A professional public speaker’s cost depends on the length of the speech they are required to give. Setting a budget helps you to focus on speakers you can afford. It’s impressive to hire a celebrity speaker for your conference, but their price may be out of your reach.

When hiring a speaker from, specify the time allocated to them and any other duty they are required to perform. Also, clarify whether the speaker will need travel accommodations. Knowing all the costs prior to the event will help you avoid last-minute surprises that could increase your budget.

3.    Research Their Experience

When looking for a potential speaker, there are two options you can consider. The first option is choosing a reputable industry leader with vast knowledge in a specific topic. A knowledgeable speaker is conversant with emerging trends and is highly skilled in engaging attendees.

The second option is selecting a speaker who is not knowledgeable about the industry but can motivate and inspire the audience. These speakers are talented in exciting the attendees and are well acquainted with general conference themes.

4.    Have A Look at Their Previous Speeches?

Almost all public speakers post their previous on-stage videos on social media platforms. If you have never interacted with a potential speaker, it is imperative to watch their previous speeches. This way, you will gauge their confidence and interaction skills. If you have a list of potential speakers, ensure you watch their previous on-stage presentation to make an informed choice.

Besides, visit the comment section to see what previous clients say about them. If the speaker often gets positive engagement, there is no doubt they will draw valuable attention to your conference.

5.    Resources

Searching for potential speakers on the internet can go a long way in helping you identify the most suitable speaker for your event. Besides popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, customized applications enable you to track the most engaged public speakers.

Additionally, you can search for professional speakers in relevant LinkedIn groups. Lastly, get recommendations from colleagues and industry contacts. Event managers have several fantastic suggestions, so ask around.