My Favorite Things About Princeton

My Favorite Things About Princeton

Reading and Grand Achievements

Alexander Djerassi has a list of favorite items to boast about in terms of students, Princeton and the many enjoyable aspects of this outstanding educational experience. He is known to have a love of reading and a grand list of achievements under his belt. Princeton is a favorite topic for him because it has so much to offer. This private university is spectacular and it is an enriching experience. The history has been evolving since 1746 and it is one of the oldest institutions around.

Things to Love About Princeton

There are so many things to love about Princeton. The educational opportunities are stimulating and reach beyond the average expectations. Djerassi, a lawyer, has been known to rave about the ideal environment for intellectual, intriguing and engaging encounters which are in abundance. All students are vividly shaped by this outstanding educational experience because many gaps are eliminated in terms of governmental agencies. Higher education has been made affordable and students do not miss out on a day of learning because funds and scholarships have been made available to enhance opportunities and ensure successful outcomes. The following things have made Princeton an outstanding educational and engaging opportunity:

* there is a reduced student versus instructor ratio

* engaging relationship opportunities

* individualized learning opportunities

* there is an emphasis on independent study styles and success

* it is a welcoming and successful environment

* the powerful sense of community

* more

Princeton has so much to offer and is an outstanding environment which allows individuals to excel and reach their goals. The opportunities lead to long-term excellence which enhance life and professional opportunities.

A Calm Learning Environment and Enjoyable Events

The calm and quieter learning environment adds to the entire educational opportunity. The many enjoyable events give students memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The engaging activities, the vivacious organizations and the powerful team spirit creates exhilarating opportunities to bond with others in mesmerizing ways. The very high-ranking graduate programs blend together nicely with the added activities and opportunities. The entire Princeton experience is filled with stimulating courses, extraordinary activities and so much more.

A Captivating Chapel

Princeton provides more than learning, events and activities. Education can include spiritual comfort and incorporate a spiritual connection with the Princeton University Chapel. Students and staff have the opportunity to relieve some of their own stressors by reflection and spiritual guidance. The chapel offers regularly scheduled events to accommodate those who would like to blend their education in with their spiritual side. Worship services tend to keep life in balance for students and staff. Choir and music tend to be very soothing and provide an outlet from studies.

Nature and Battlefield State Park

The Battlefield State Park allows students to breathe in some nature as they are embarking on their education endeavor. The superb architecture instills a powerful sense of awe and the added history further tickles the imagination. The opportunities are endless and engaging with nature is part of the educational experience for many.

My Favorite Gospel Singers

My Favorite Gospel Singers

George Rutler is an outspoken parish priest who is well known across the country. The Manhattan-based priest appears on many TV programs, and he is also an author with over nineteen published books. In addition, he also earned degrees from several universities across America and Europe, including John Hopkins, Dartmouth, Oxford, and the Angelicum in Rome.

But what happens when he wants is away from the public and the press? What are some of the things that make him happy? Not surprisingly, he loves to listen to gospel music, with a strong inclination towards hymns. His love for this genre of music is in fact so strong that he wrote an entire book about it, “The Stories of Hymns.” Through this book, he highlights and expounds on some of the greatest hymns written through the Christianity timeline, leading right up to the twentieth century. So, who are some of his favorite composers and artists?

  1. Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo was the Prince of Venosa, and his legacy was highly expressive madrigals and sacred music that uses chromatic language. Other than his extraordinary music, Carlo Gesualdo is known for the gruesome murder of his wife and her lover.

After his father died, he grew his estate into a center for music-making, even though it was for him alone. His vast fortune allowed him to hire instrumentalists and singers for personal entertainment.

Even now, Carlo’s music remains among the most expressive and experimental in the Renaissance. However, there is no doubt that he is the wildest chromatic.

  1. George Frideric Handel

This German-born composer is famous for his oratorios, operas, concerti Grossi, anthems, and concertos. Handel trained in Halle and went to practice as a composer in Italy and Hamburg before permanently relocating to London.

Messiah was a great success, even though it was the last Italian opera he composed. Some of his most popular work includes Music for the Royal Fireworks and Water Music. Over three decades, Handel composed well over forty opera series. Since the 60s, there has been increasing interest in his work, and his influence on classical era composers cannot be ignored.

  1. Gustav Mahler

This Austro-Bohemian composer is recognized as one of the best of his generation. As a composer, his work was the bridge between 19th-century Austro-German and the modernism of the 20th century. Throughout his career, his status as a conductor remained impeccable, but his music was only widely recognized after a considerable time frame of neglect.

  1. Edward Elgar

Edward’s father was a piano tuner who was also a decent violin player, and his son followed in his footsteps. During the 1890s, Edward’s reputation as a composer was growing fast, with successful works such as the English Midlands, King Olaf, and the Black Knight.

His significant breakthrough came with the production of the Enigma Variations. This is a musical sketch of his friend, August Jaeger. The solemnity of this variation has made it a set piece for thousands of commemorations and memorial services. There is also a choral setting that uses text from the Requiem Mass, so it’s not hard to see why Edward is Father Rutler’s favorite artist.