5 Perfect Gifts For Clients And Employees

5 Perfect Gifts For Clients And Employees

Maybe you want to thank an employee for a good quarter. Maybe you want to curry favor with an investor or court a new client or promising recruit. Whatever your reasons for thinking about workplace gifts, here are just a few ideas that are appropriate for the office while still being personal and meaningful.

1. Stationery

Stationery can be a great gift for someone that you know well enough. A client who loves dogs, for example, might be delighted to receive a notepad with her favorite breed on it. An employee with a meticulously organized desk might appreciate a leather-bound planner with a dozen tabs. With just a little knowledge of their likes, dreams, hobbies or goals, you can find a stationery gift that’s appropriate for the office but also personal enough to evoke warm and fuzzy feelings.

2. Planter

Flowers die, and they can be a risky gift due to allergies, anyway. A better alternative is some kind of flower-holding container. It can be a cute clay flowerpot; it can be an elegant vase or planter. You could even splurge for a fancy and contemporary terrarium made with glass, chrome and architectural-inspired geometric edges. There are endless models out there, so you can choose whichever would work best for the occasion. For extra thoughtfulness, throw in a gift card to a flower or seed shop.

3. Customized Promotional Products

Whether it’s a hat, bag, pen, thermos, coffee mug or key chain, there can be a lot of power in promotional products, especially when they’re customized with your company name. Another option is customizing them directly for the gift recipient with your brand or logo tucked into the corner. You’ll be giving them something with a personal touch, and what’s more, they’ll think of you every time that they use the ultra-practical item. It’s a easy way to reinforce brand awareness and positive associations with your company.

4. Sampler Kit

If you aren’t sure of their favorite coffee blend or tea type, a sampler kit can save the day. It’ll keep you from having to guess, and it’ll be a fun, fulfilling gift for someone who enjoys trying new things. You can buy sampler kits of just about anything, too, so don’t feel limited to foodie gifts like chocolates or cooking spices. Expand your horizons with lotions, soaps, stickers, bath bombs, incense sticks and anything else that comes in a multi-pack. If they like to travel, you can also look for “international” sampler kits with products from all around the world.

5. Books

Books are usually a safe bet when it comes to gift-giving in the corporate world. Everyone likes to feel smart and well-read! You can also customize your literary gift by giving someone a book that’s related to their hobbies, interests, location or industry. Stick to non-fiction, and make it relevant to their life or work in some way. If a client is from New York, for example, you can give them the Humans of New York coffee table book to display in their office or waiting room. It’ll keep you on their mind and in their workspace for years to come.

These are just a few gift ideas for customers, clients and employees. Whether you’re rewarding a superstar staffer or trying to woo an investor or industry leader, these presents will be work-appropriate while still having a warm, personal touch and genuine thoughtfulness behind them. It’s a winning combination of elements!