4 Items to Carry With You When Taking Your Kids to the Park

4 Items to Carry With You When Taking Your Kids to the Park

While taking your kids to the park may seem like a fun and easy outing, it can quickly turn into a big ordeal. Especially if far from your home, an afternoon at the park can turn into a burdensome outing. Many parents find themselves stranded at the park without the supplies they need. However, with just a few easy tools, you can be prepared for whatever adventure the park brings.

1- Bandaids and First Aid Supplies

Even though park managers attempt to make play structures as safe as possible, there are still numerous ways for children to get bumps and scrapes at the park. It may be as simple as tripping and falling in the wood chips. Otherwise, there may be structures that children may fall from or trip over.

In order to be prepared, carry a box of bandaids and other simple first aid supplies such as gauze and Neosporin with you. These simple supplies can save you from ending a day of fun, while also keeping your kids safe.

2- Water and Snacks

As you settle in and become comfortable on the park’s furniture, you may find yourself or your children becoming hungry and thirsty. As children run around under the heat of the sun, they will quickly find themselves in need of refreshment.

In order to keep the kids at the park for longer, carry a few simple snacks and bottles of water with you. This way, the children can enjoy a quick bite to eat and rehydrate before returning to play. This not only keeps the complaining to a minimum, but also keeps them safe! You can even pack a small picnic for lunch or dinner for further enjoyment at the park.

3- Extra Socks and Shoes

Kids always seem to find creative and unique ways to become dirty at the park. Especially if it’s rained recently, there may be puddles on a playground that become tempting watering holes for them to jump in and run through.

Other parks may have a small creek where children wish to hunt for frogs, turtles or other creatures. If so, you’re going to make sure you’re prepared for the ride home. If you don’t want the extra water and mud in your car, pack an extra pair of socks and shoes for the kids to change into before you begin your trip home. This will save you from having to clean up your vehicle when you get home.

4- A Camera

While the park may come with a few headaches and needs for extra equipment, it also comes with plenty of smiles and memories. As you watch your kids play, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to catch their special moments.

Bringing a camera with you can help capture these special moments as your kids grow and play. This is a simple tip to make the trip fun and memorable, as many phones come with the capability to take pictures and videos these days. It may even keep your kids distracted on the way home as they scroll through the pictures of their day. These simple pictures will help you build memories on your experiences for the days to come.