Essential Workers During the Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic hit the world by storm. People were fearful and it seemed like this virus made everything shut down. Entertainment, restaurants, and other non essential businesses were closed. Schools shut down and people were out of the world. There were some people that still had to go to work even if things were not safe. The first responders still had to show up for their job and most of them had to deal with the ill. George Rutler feels that these first responders should be given the respect they deserve.

Rutler knows that things have been scary and many people were afraid. There were even some people that were afraid to go to work. There were others that did not have the choice. These people had to be brave and went about helping others.

The medical profession does not stop. These people are on the front lines and they are risking their health to take care of people that were sick. Doctors and nurses had to report for work every day. They were dealing with the sick and came in contact with COVID daily. There were shortages of protective equipment and yet they still went to work to try to help those that were ill.

Teachers kept on working during the pandemic. They offer instruction in person and online. Teachers worked overtime to figure out new ways to reach students and families. The schools that opened up put the teachers at risk and exposed them to students and the COVID yet they still went to work.

George Rutler believes that food service workers do not get the respect that they deserve. The one thing that the COVID pandemic did for these workers is to show how important they were. Grocery stores were experiencing shortages and people still had to eat. Food service workers were there cooking and serving the customers. They worked hard to keep the business going. Many of them have seen a decrease in hours and they are still working hard to make sure people get a hot meal. There are many other first responders that helped the community. There is the grocery store staff that had to check people out and make sure they were able to get the food.

During the pandemic, workers have really come together to keep the communities going. The essential workers did not stop. They did not have the option of giving up. Essential workers risked their lives for others. They were on the front lines when the COVID was the worst and was spreading like crazy. People did not know much about this condition and people still went to work to help others. They worked for the great good of the community. They were not worried about themselves but rather everyone else. These people kept the community going and were strong while everyone else was scared.