University of Phoenix’s Approach to Community Goes the Distance

Through innovative curriculum and practitioner faculty, University of Phoenix strives to deliver academic excellence in a flexible, remote learning setting. The University is also committed to breaking down barriers in higher education through its flexible, online learning modality. This is reflected in the feedback that they receive from current students and alumni.

Making adult learning a reality

Did you know that University of Phoenix was one of the first universities to offer degree programs exclusively online? Its flexible online curricula allow students to complete their coursework into their busy lives.

University of Phoenix appeals especially to adult learners looking to return to the classroom while working, or managing family obligations or schedules. Take University of Phoenix alumnus Luis Manrique, for example. Manrique earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University and cited enrolling at University of Phoenix as “one of the best decisions” he ever made. Said Manrique, “Not only was it easy to go back to school after 20 [years] of not being in a school setting,” but it “was easy to be in a school setting especially online…School would work around my schedule.”

Because of his positive experience, Manrique recommends University of Phoenix to other adult learners “thinking of getting a new degree, working full time and having a family. The online program is perfect for those working a job from 9 am to 5 pm.”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the brain grow stronger

University of Phoenix student Ramon Torres-Gonzalez finds that the community support is palpable. Ramon shared that the University “is the only university where your academic counselors actually know your name and are always there to support you.” He confirmed that enrolling at University of Phoenix was the “best decision” he has ever made and “would recommend [enrolling] to anyone interested in higher learning. University of Phoenix is a leader while others follow.”

University of Phoenix learning occurs mostly remotely. Therefore, their practitioner faculty places an emphasis on creating a community beyond the miles between its students. Students recognize that emphasis when enrolled at the University. As a result, the quality of their education experience is strengthened. University of Phoenix student Glenda confirmed that “the staff was very helpful throughout the enrollment process. They communicate with you during your study program and as you embark toward your career goal after your graduation.”

A holistic academic experience that helps prepare students for the real world

Any quality post-secondary institution knows that higher education does not merely focus on academics. Quality educators also include a comprehensive, cohesive focus on the implications of earning a degree. More specifically, University of Phoenix implements resources to teach students about using their education as a tool for professional growth.

University of Phoenix student Razia Dean highlighted how a degree from the University can help empower its students for high-impact, public-facing careers. Dean affirmed that “after graduating from LVN to BSN at University of Phoenix in 2013, I never thought about going back to school. I have been an assistant nurse manager for a few years, and I decided my nursing goal would be an RN manager. I started thinking about the master’s program. Once I knew that the master’s program could advance my nursing career, I knew right away I would be attending University of Phoenix. I’m so excited that I will be graduating soon from University of Phoenix with an MBA in June 2021.”

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix offers hundreds of online and in-person courses across various subject areas such as business, education, healthcare, cybersecurity and technology. Programs include certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate coursework that can help prepare students for careers in over 300 professional occupations.

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix first offered online learning in 1989, well before most other universities. Its industry-leading commitment to accessible education empowers the University to accommodate the needs of adult learners. The flexible learning options at University of Phoenix encourage students to complete a degree program or industry-specific certification without necessarily impacting pre-existing commitments at home or work.

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