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Best Restaurant Options For An Important Couples Date

Picking a restaurant has led to a number of conflicts between couples as people have different tastes. Being in the mood for a certain type of food also impacts this as everyone has gone to a restaurant where nothing looked appetizing. Going to dinner can be a great experience even if the date is subpar. Finding an unknown gem in your city that you can continually visit is a huge bonus like a quality seafood restaurant. The following are the best options in terms of restaurants for an important date night. 

First Date

First dates can be tricky but everyone knows not to eat Italian in case you are a messy eater. Understanding what the other person likes is important as you don’t know them well yet. Picking a generic place or asking what type of food a date enjoys is important. Assuming people will like a certain type of food with allergies, restrictions, and diets is a bit presumptuous. Depending on how you met, this should be a relaxed setting. Grabbing drinks first to gauge interest can be a good way to get out of a bad date if one or both parties are no longer interested. 


Anniversaries differ by the couple as some people want to take it easy while others love to celebrate. Going out to dinner is one of the staples of an anniversary so picking a restaurant that means something can be important. Getting a reservation at a top restaurant has to be done months in advance so make sure you plan accordingly. The last thing you want is to be scrambling at the last minute to find a suitable place for an anniversary. With top restaurants offering delivery, you could stay in and have a gourmet meal without having to worry about dishes. 


A proposal is going to be one of the most important yet stressful events in your life. Picking a restaurant after a proposal for family and friends can be a nice idea. Trying to coordinate a proposal with a restaurant can be a bit tougher and some might think the idea is cliche. This will be a night that both remember together for the rest of your lives. Take it seriously and do something special. 

A Surprise Night Out

A surprise night out could be the most fun out of all of the options as the others have pressure that come along with them. Seeing a place with your significant other you’ve always wanted to try or just opened can be fun. Springing this as a surprise is even more fun especially if you have kids and have arranged to have a babysitter. These nights out are what keeps a lot of relationships healthy as it can be easy to become resentful towards your partner if you don’t have spontaneous fun.

Finding the right restaurant can make a special occasion that much more enjoyable. Take the time to research restaurants in your area to plan your next date night.