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How To Plan A Great Date In The Triangle Area

Planning a great date in the Triangle Area is not as big of a challenge as in other areas. There are so many options that can include outdoor dates due to the beautiful weather in the fall. The date will depend on the person you are going with and what they enjoy doing. Some people would want to take a nice bike ride while others would rather opt for dinner and drinks. Planning a great date in the Triangle Area is possible and use some of the ideas below if you do not know where to start. 

Visit One Of The Many Breweries

The number of breweries in the Triangle Area seems to grow weekly. The weather during certain times of the year makes it perfect for a brewery tour. There are options for ridesharing especially if you plan to drink quite a bit. Look into a brewery tour or pay a friend to drive you around that might need the money. The beauty of the breweries in the area is that most of them have great food options. 

Get Fresh Seafood In The Triangle Area?

Seafood in the Triangle Area is lacking for the most part. You can actually get fresh seafood even when you are a few hours from the coast. Finding the right seafood restaurant can be a challenge though so you will have to do your research. It only takes a few hours to drive to the coast so restaurants that want to focus on fresh seafood can manage it. Fresh seafood is truly the best option for a number of people as some think the freshness completely changes the meal in a positive way. 

Go To One Of The Many Events In The Area 

There are so many events that range from sports to bands coming to town. Chapel Hill is notorious for having some of the best bands of all perform at Cat’s Cradle. Doing a pub crawl for a date can be an option especially on a cool fall day. If you want to plan a date with a sports fan, you live in the right area as there is a seemingly endless amount of sporting events to attend. 

Nature Can Be Quite An Affordable Date Option

The beauty of North Carolina is no secret and is why a number of people move to the Tar Heel state. Going on a hike is not for everyone but for active people, this can be a great date. A picnic on a cool night can be perfect for a bottle of wine and lunch. Of course, you can make mulled wine if it is a cold day out as a great way to unwind and stay warm. 

Living in the Triangle Area gives you quite a few options to plan dates. The area is bustling with activities so nearly anyone can find something to do. The moderate winters make it possible to enjoy the outdoors for nearly the entire year.