Best Gifts for TV Lovers this Holiday Season

When the weather is gloomy outside or people just want to hang out at home, watching TV is one of their go-to pastimes. This has been true since the earliest days of television nearly 75 years ago. 

Technology has provided people with many options for TV viewing since then, from streaming their own movies to watching shows with closed captioning. As television technology continues to grow, the holiday gift options for TV lovers grows along with it.

Anti-Glare Protector When Watching TV on a Computer

Gone are the days when watching movies and TV shows meant gathering around a large television in the living room. As we enter into 2022, it is much more likely for people to watch media on their laptop computer or smartphone than an actual television set. 

While convenient, these options present one problem that the typical television screen did not. Glare from the sun can make it impossible to see the screen. An anti-glare screen that fits specifically to the gift recipient’s device can be the ideal solution.

Headphones with Bluetooth Capability

This gift can be perfect for someone with hearing loss because it enables them to watch TV without disturbing others in the household. TV headphones can also be a great gift when only one person in the house wants to watch something on TV.

Family members and roommates can pursue a quieter activity since only the person wearing the headphones can hear sounds coming from the television. Bluetooth capability gives users the ability to use the headphones while watching TV. The headphones operate on a battery that people will need to charge regularly to enjoy uninterrupted use.

Roku Ultra

This device makes it simple for gift recipients to upgrade their TV and movie streaming experience because it supports up to 4K of UHD streaming. Additionally, users can convert 1,080 HD footage into 4K Ultra HD quality for improved picture and sound. 

People with a large library of media content are sure to appreciate the voice activation search feature that saves significant time trying to locate what they want to watch.

Stay Warm with a Heated Massage Cushion

Blankets and quilts are warm and cozy, but they are not always enough to remain comfortable while watching a long program on TV. A heated massage cushion allows people to get the warmth they need while remaining comfortably in place. Convenient hand controls allow the user to control the temperature and massage pressure at all times.

Wedge Pillow for More Comfortable TV Viewing

Getting into a comfortable position on the couch or in a chair can be challenging, especially when sitting for several hours watching TV. A wedge pillow with memory foam supports the head, neck, and back to avoid discomfort while sitting for an extended period of time. 

For people who like to lie down when watching TV, placing a wedge pillow underneath their knees allows for elevation and increased comfort. The memory foam feature means that the pillow adjusts to the user’s body and becomes more comfortable with each use.

These gifts for TV lovers are sure to be popular, so shoppers should order or buy them as soon as possible to avoid disappointment this holiday season.