7 Best Free Websites To Stream Movies And TV Shows In 2022

Watching movies and TV shows is a fantastic way to spend your leisure time. But most of the streaming platforms available online, only offer paid services.

Why take a monthly subscription or go to the nearby theatre when you have free movie streaming platforms available online?

Simply visit any of the free online streaming sites where you can watch your favorite TV show or film without the need to sign up or provide your credit card details. To help you, here are seven of the best websites where you can stream movies and TV shows for free.

  1. AZmovies

AZmovies is one of the top streaming sites for free movies and shows and is estimated to have a visitor count of 604K every month! The site is VPN compatible with an ad-annoyance number of 6 out of ten. The site is absolutely free and offers the best services with supreme quality videos of 1080p and 720p. The website is built to provide the best user experience; they are embedded with easy navigation features that help you find the right movie or TV show. The AZmovies has an impressive collection of movies from the oldest to the latest, covering almost every genre. Their claims are high-quality content, no limits on content, a huge catalog, etc. However, to open a specific movie, you will need to click at least three times before the moves states play.

  • SolarMovie

 SolarMovie is a new streaming platform and has gained a lot of attention in a very brief period. The number of monthly visitors they get is 486k every month, they are VPN compatible, and the ad-annoyance rate is 6.  The website is famous for providing numerous high-quality links, and for the latest updates about shows and movies, you can also sign up to the website. SolarMovie owns a well-built website that offers an excellent range of movies and shows, personalization options, and user-friendly categorization. The movie listing of this website is unique, and you can filter out the movies you need based on the location. 

  • GoStream

GoStream is another best website that you shouldn’t miss out on. Once you land on their website, finding movie and streaming it quite easy as the response time is brilliant. The link offered by the site is a high quality of 720p, and the number of ads you might find on the site is nil. GoStream can be accessed on almost every device with a decent internet connection. The total number of monthly visitors of GoStream is 379K; it is VPN compatible with a quick load time, impressive library, and high definition videos.

  • 123moviesgo

123movies is always on the top list of free movie streaming sites. The contents the site offers are high definition with a video quality of 1080p, the ad annoyance is 6, but no ad interferes with your movies or shows.  With the easy navigation features, simple layout, and a decent catalog, 123moviesgo is one of the best movie streaming platforms.


IMDB is the most popular site for free movies and shows and is owned and operated by Amazon. The ad annoyance rate is 5, with 94K monthly visitors. To access the site, you need to have an amazon account.

  • Peacock TV

Peacock TV is another new streaming platform officially launched on July 15, 2020. With the fantastic features it offers, the website gained millions of subscribers in a concise period. The monthly visitor count is 578K, and the ad-annoyance is 3. The site is VPN compatible and requires a VPN to access outside the USA.

  • Tubi

Tubi is one of the top preferred websites for free movie streaming as it does not demand the users to get a subscription or sign up. The ad-annoyance number is relatively low; 4 out of 10 is VPN compatible and only available in the USA. You can access almost every TV show and movie on Tubi. The most outstanding feature of Tubi is that the app can be accessed on almost every device and is available for download on the Roku channel list, Amazon app store, Apple app store, and Google play store. Even though the site supports advertisements, these do not interfere with the contents.