Imtazur Rahman: How to organize your perfect wedding with a limited budget – the insider tips of a Canadian Wedding Planner!

Imtazur Rahman: How to organize your perfect wedding with a limited budget – the insider tips of a Canadian Wedding Planner!

Every person has their own idea of what a dream wedding should look like! It’s all part the magic of this romantic wedding!

But! However… weddings can be expensive.

Over time, the costs will only increase. It is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of factors to consider, including the venue, the bridal gown, the cake and the honeymoon. Dinner & Entertainment, Wedding Photos to Print and Take and so on.

A lot of newlyweds spend too much money on their wedding plans, and end up in debt. It’s not the best way to begin a relationship!

We’re pleased to share some of our insider tips on organizing your dream wedding on a budget with Imtazur, a Canadian wedding planner.

How much do weddings typically cost?

Imtazur Rahman: Perhaps this will not be a surprise to those who read this, but weddings on budgets are becoming more frequent these daysand the average wedding budget getting lower and lower. For instance just a few years ago, the cost of an average wedding in the United States was $34,000. However, in 2019, that price rose to $28,000. (The average wedding budget was only $19,000).

What takes up the most money in wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman The venue is usually one of the more expensive. Most venues cost around $10,000 (so that’s around half your budget right there). If the venue provides food tables, drinks chairs, linens and tables the cost could be between $12,000 and $14,000.

Based on the location you decide to hold your wedding ceremony, you may be more costly or less costly on certain dates. Also, think about the size of your guest list. The more guests you have, the more space will be required!

What additional wedding expenses are there to be conscious of?

Imtazur Rahman: Apart from the catering/venue At least three of these can put a dent into the finances of newlyweds.

The Engagement Ring

  • Since they serve as the symbol of the partnership Engagement rings can be expensive. Your personal tastes will influence the cost, but you can expect to spend around $5,000 on the majority of engagement rings.

Music & Entertainment

  • Beyond the ceremony, the reception is also crucial. It’s all about the entertainment you’re seeking. The cost of a live band is $3,000, while DJs are slightly less at $2,200.

Photography and Videography

  • In order to immortalize the memories of your unforgettable day, photos and videos are a must! Professional photography can set you back about $2000, while videography service will cost about $1,000.

What is the most effective advice you can give to a couple planning a wedding within the budget?

Imtazur Rahman: I believe the most difficult thing that brides and grooms have to deal with when planning for their wedding is establishing the reasonable financial budget. I’ve had clients come to me with budgets as low $8,000 to $15,000, and that’s fine. Believe it or not, a wedding is still doable at that price point. They only need to determine whether this budget can be attainable within their expectations.

To put it another way, if you plan your own wedding, make sure that your budget is sufficient to afford the wedding you desire. It is not possible to make your dream wedding happen within any budget. Trust me, it will only result in you spending more. This is why I stress the word “realistic.”

What are the ways that grooms and brides could do to decrease the strain on their wedding spending budget?

Imtazur Rahman – Make concessions whenever you can You don’t have to sacrifice the things you absolutely should have or, at the very least, you don’t need to. You are able to offer concessions (and it could be any thing) Here are the definitions I have for concessions.

  1. Edit the wedding date Rather than selecting Sunday or Saturday as an instance, you may prefer to hold your wedding during the weekday to save on venue costs.
  2. Have your wedding and reception in the same place! Venues are among the most costly aspects of hosting an event, you could save up by having just one!
  3. Limit your guest list! What are the most important guests you must have available for your wedding day? Consider this: The more guests you invite, the more money you’ll need for the wedding (not just to have a larger venue but to also cover the cost of other wedding elements).
  4. Make your own favors!This is an activity that most of my clients are more than eager to take on — especially as wedding favors are pretty expensive.

I could continue to talk about the various options you have to make in order for your ideal day that works within your budget. But, you know what I mean! Give up things that won’t make the occasion more memorable for you.

Are you looking for last-minute advice to help someone plan an event on a limited budget?

Imtazur: Don’t be afraid to seek assistance! It doesn’t have to be your wedding planner. I’m talking about family and friends! Get them in on it and make it a day that everyone will keep in mind. They’ll be delighted to help you celebrate your special day, I’m certain.

Where can readers find you?

Imtazur Rahman: I have a website that allows you to get expert help planning your special day.

How To Use CBD For Arthritis

There have been some recent studies suggesting that cannabinoid oil (CBD) can be used to treat arthritis. Also known as hemp oil, CBD contains extracts from the cannabis plant that can have positive effects on people with chronic pain conditions.

This article will explain what CBD is, show the evidence behind these claims, as well as how to use CBD for arthritis.

What Is CBD?

CBD oil is a concentrated liquid from the marijuana plant. It is similar to other herbal extracts and the chemicals in the CBD oil varies based on how the extract was created and whether there were any other chemicals in the plant.

Standard cannabis plants produce hundreds, if not thousands, of different chemical compounds but the most well-known and studied is called a cannabinoid. There are a lot of different cannabinoids but the most recognized among traditional consumers are CBD and THC.

Where CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, THC most certainly does and is what users are looking for when they seek out a product to get them ‘high’. This makes CBD an attractive supplement as they can experience the benefits from the cannabis plant without getting high.

CBD is mainly used as a source of pain relief and to reduce inflammation, while other research suggests that it can be used to treat acne and even cancer.

CBD And Arthritis

According to, more than 50 million people in the United States are affected by arthritis, making it the leading cause of disability in the country. There are two main types of arthritis, namely rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).

RA is an autoimmune disease; the immune system attacks their own joints as it believes the cells carry a threat to the rest of the body. It is common to affect people’s hands and feet and leaves them suffering pain from simple movements, as well as swelling and stiff joints.

OA is a degenerative disease that affects joint cartilage and bones. It causes great pain and stiffness and commonly affects joints in the hips, knees, and thumbs.

There are some animal studies that suggest CBD could be used to treat arthritis and they are as follows.

In 2011, a study showed CBD reduces inflammatory pain in rats:

“This study clearly shows that atypical cannabinoid receptors are involved in joint nociception and these novel targets may be advantageous for the treatment of inflammatory pain”

In 2014, a review of the existing body of research on animals found that CBD has potential for treating OA:

“This review summarizes the promising results that have been recently obtained in support of the therapeutic value of cannabinoids for osteoarthritis management.”

In 2016, another study found that topical application of CBD could potentially relieve pain and inflammation caused by arthritis:

“These studies demonstrate transdermal administration of CBD has long-lasting therapeutic effects without psychoactive side-effects. Thus, use of topical CBD has potential as effective treatment of arthritic symptomatology.”

Finally, in 2017, a study concluded that CBD could be a safe and useful treatment for OA joint pain:

“ Prophylactic CBD treatment prevented the later development of pain and nerve damage in these OA joints. These findings suggest that CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating OA joint neuropathic pain.”

However, even with these promising results, more research is needed to conclusively prove that CBS can be an effective treatment for arthritis in humans.

In 2006, a published study found that the Sativex mouth spray could help to relieve pain caused by arthritis. However, while the contents of Sativex was cannabis-based, it contained both CBD and THC compounds, meaning that it wasn’t clear if the pain relief was because of CBD or THC or a combination of the two.

Chronic Pain And CBD

According to CBDKyro, CBD attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the immune system. One of which is called CB2 and is responsible for managing pain and inflammation.

There is a theory that when CBD is consumed, it attaches itself to these CB2 receptors. Another theory is that when CBD is consumed, it triggers the body to produce its own natural cannabinoids that then attach to the CB2 receptors.

No matter which way it works, it’s commonly thought that CBD affects the way CB2 receptors respond to the signals, helping to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

In 2008, a review of the effects of CBD showed that it can have a great impact on those suffering from chronic pain:

Using CBD For Arthritis

CBD can be taken as an oil or powder. This means it can be used by manufacturers when making creams and gels so people can apply it directly onto the skin and affected areas; for people with arthritis, this would be the joints and places painful to touch.

Alternatively, it can also be taken orally in the form of a capsule or an oral spray.

No matter which way it is taken, it is always advised to speak to a doctor or other medical professional before using CBD treatments.

It is also a good idea to be aware of the legal implications of using CBD. Check with local authorities or research the local laws online as cannabis is not always considered a legal substance.

Side Effects Of CBD

While CBD seems to be a promising treatment for arthritis, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects. While studies have shown that most people can tolerate CBD well, it’s possible to experience symptoms such as nausea, being more irritable and increased fatigue.

However, unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive impact on the brain.


There are very promising signs that CBD and medical marijuana can be used to treat pain and inflammation caused by arthritis according to this Michigan dispensary. Again, check with your local authorities so that you have all the information you need to stay legal.

Did you know? CBD has been shown to help with arthritis in dogs as well! If you are looking for the a way to help your pooch, check out these best CBD oil for dogs options and start relieving their symptoms today.

Researchers are confident that they know how it reacts with the receptors in the brain and immune system but more studies are required before they can be certain.

It could be a while until CBD receives the all-clear for arthritis treatment but don’t be surprised if it gets approved sooner rather than later.
This article was written by Julian Gnatneco @ JGBilling