Eterneva Provides a Truly Unique Way to Memorialize Your Pets

Eterneva Provides a Truly Unique Way to Memorialize Your Pets

Roughly 70 percent of people in the U.S. have pets in their homes, and most people consider these animals a part of their families. They provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and depth of acceptance that is impossible to replace. That’s why it’s so challenging for a family to lose a pet. The loss of a pet also means the loss of routine, comfort, and unconditional love, so companies like Eterneva pursue unique solutions to pay tribute to these valued members of our families.

Unfortunately, the loss of a pet isn’t typically accompanied by the kinds of rituals – memorial services, wakes, and time to grieve with family – that are associated with losing a person. Such rituals help us process grief and give our lives structure in difficult times. That’s part of the reason that Eterneva memorial diamonds can help pet owners move forward. 

Consider the Six Central Needs of Mourning

The stages of grief are not the same for everyone; it all depends on how an individual personally responds to a loss. However, for those who seek a path that they can identify and understand, it can help to have a label – a way to name what you’re going through. You might consider the six central needs of mourning. Acknowledging where you are in this process and using certain tools can help you move through the grieving process smoothly and transform it into a normal, healthy journey.

The first step is to acknowledge the pain and be kind to yourself while you learn to accept the reality of the loss. During this time, you will experience many emotional thoughts and feelings, but you will be moving toward the pain of loss. When you are ready, embrace your relationship with your pet through memories; for example, try writing a tribute to your pet or looking at some photos. The next phase involves growth and personal adjustment. As pet owners, we build part of our identities around the animals that we love, so you will need to rediscover who you are without your pet. Additionally, you might find new ways to search for meaning and connect to your spirituality. It is important to come to terms with the questions that arise. Lastly, try not to feel reluctant about receiving support from others, including friends, family, and support groups. If you take care of yourself, you can overcome the grief while honoring the memory of your pet.

The death care professionals at Eterneva have helped many grieving pet owners work through their losses. According to Eterneva, “the life we share with our pets is special and unique. Their only role while they are with us is to love us. Therefore, when that love is gone, our heart will be shattered.” The company also asserts that it is important to “give yourself permission to honor that love. Be kind to yourself. And know that your life was changed because of that pet, and your heart will never be the same because of your pet’s death.”

Memorialize Your Pet

Just as with anything else you love, you may also want to keep close to you the memories of your lost pet. For many, this includes keeping a photo of them on the mantel or fridge, hanging a tribute that you wrote about your pet, or even turning your pet’s ashes into a memento that you can keep forever, like a diamond.

This latter option may seem out of the ordinary – to have your pet turned into a diamond after they are gone – but it is an option that is seeing growing popularity among pet owners across the country.

Diamond From Ashes

The process, much like grieving, is a multi-step journey over 7 to 10 months that provides a way for pet owners to connect with their animals forever. The carbon from a cremated pet, which makes up the basic material for starting the diamond, is isolated. Then, through a custom, individualized process of heat and pressure, the diamond grows. The final stages of the transformation include cutting and polishing the diamond and, finally, delivering it to you. Pet owners can design a diamond that tells the loved one’s story through an array of unique designs and different colors.

In the end, it is never easy to lose a pet. Thankfully, though, there is now a way to carry them with you and honor their memory forever.

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