Planning Your Revenge Travel

Planning Your Revenge Travel

Many people are planning for what they call “revenge travel.” Now that the pandemic is subsiding, for the most part, people aren’t trapped inside, forced to stay home. What is revenge traveling, one may ask? They take a much-needed vacation or a few and spend a little more money than they would generally before the pandemic. Being told one can’t travel is devastating to most and puts a damper on their wellbeing.

Helen Lee Schifter is big into traveling. She believes that by traveling, people can revitalize and restructure. Going on a vacation at least once a year can help lead to a healthier and happier life. Allowing the body and mind to rest will enable one to let go of panic and solicitousness.

Travelers are excited about the fact of being able to go to the beach and relax in the sun without a face covering. They want to have an extravagant hotel escapement, where they can wine and dine out, enjoy spas, and decompress. Many believe everyone deserves a vacation after the hell they endured last year.

The ones in retirement have planned to enjoy their infirmity years for so long, to have their precious time taken away. They are focusing on making their future monumental. They understand how precious time can be here on earth, and they don’t want to waste another minute.

Helen Lee Schifter knows how vital traveling is and wants the world to know. Taking a vacation can improve relationships with friends and family and improve one’s physical and mental health. Other benefits of traveling are helping people live longer when they enjoy admirable experiences.

When planning for any trip, there are things everyone should know:

  • Flying

If air traveling, be sure to call ahead on what their policies are. Some are continuing to keep a seat empty between passengers. Depending on your destination and airline you choose, the rules and regulations may vary. 

  • Cruise Lines

Speak with travel planners to see the available options, as some may not move from docking in certain areas.

  • Car Rentals

Car rental businesses report a higher demand for rentals but have limited rentals; this means the cost of renting is increasing. It’s a good idea to plan to ensure availability.

Prepare for fully booked and congested locations. People will more than likely fill every place to the brim, whether it may be hotels, airports, restaurants, or any site to visit. The prices for rentals, hotels, cruises, vacation properties, and more will rise due to the high demand. Some of the best getaway spots of the year have COVID under wraps. Be prepared for a new, crowded, version of traveling to your favorite places. Here are some destinations Helen Lee Schifter recommends to those who are fully vaccinated and eager to travel afar:

Lake Tahoe, California offers spectacular mountain views.

Maine offers miles of coastal land ready for exploring.

Puerto Rico offers white sandy beaches for a Caribbean experience.
Bahamas offer sandy beaches, great food, and impeccable hospitality.

Revenge Traveling Post Pandemic

Revenge Traveling Post Pandemic

With the pandemic winding down, one can emerge stronger from the crisis and make the most of the return on demand. Judge Napolitano has predicted that tourism, both domestic and international, will proliferate as the pandemic winds down. Revenge travel is a polarizing subject, but it is a form of travel that is already underway and showing no signs of slowing down.

Travelers making a big statement with their holiday bookings after the closure are following a new trend, and it’s a great trend. The term was coined by someone known as the vengeful, and it suggests that it is the latest buzzword to know that the holidays are coming and that people can travel freely again.

Nearly everyone cancelled trips, parties, and family reunions last year. People are ready to take a dream vacation, but they have not yet been able to travel.

With COVID-19, many people cancelled travel plans they loved, be it a weekend getaway or the trip of a lifetime. Either way, recent surveys and a conversation with Judge Napolitano show that people want to catch up on missed travel opportunities before the crisis subsides. This has led the hotel and tourism industry to hope for a wave of “revenge trips,” with people taking extra trips and bragging, like Corona during the crisis, when they were denied these opportunities.

A survey by US hotel software provider Fuel Travel received similar responses from 10,500 respondents. A majority (55%) of respondents who cancelled trips due to COVID-19 indicated that they were considering rebooking. Overall, 59% said they planned to travel in 2020 and 14% planned to travel in 2021. Only 3% said they wanted to stay at home.

Many hope that a vaccine will restore normality, but it is impossible to say with certainty how it will affect safety and regulation. The pandemic has brought unexpected closures and sudden restrictions, and professional short-term landlords who understand the needs of their guests have introduced flexible cancellation policies to allow travelers to book their stay in an unpredictable landscape with confidence. If COVID-19 has taught anything, it is that although people try as hard as they can, they cannot control their own circumstances.

The global introduction of vaccines has helped to boost consumer confidence. The number of COVID-19 cases is lower, hospitalizations are declining, and positive tests are decreasing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Travelers’ confidence is growing and this is good news for the travel industry.

One thing people have done is plan where they will go once the travel restrictions of COVID-19 are relaxed. Most Americans have been in the house much of the past year, cut off from relatives who live in different states. One source of freedom is that people go on beach holidays in the Caribbean, which is nice.

Despite the uneasy mood, many travel-friendly experts predict that revenge travelers will bring recreational tourism back with a bang, but others warn that revenge may not be as sweet as many would like.